Animation vs. Arcade Games (official)

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    1. Alan Becker

      DJ's ears can't handle Qbert's potty mouth:

    2. LucasRPDJ

      This is funny to know how creative you get to blend multiple arcade games together. Good job! ^^

    3. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      Alan brought me unparalleled nostalgia from all of these games, and amazement from the animation, all at the same time with just one video.

    4. Kyle Allen Music

      This person deserves a Netflix series

    5. skylerwickedvan

      I love it! As a 46 year old retro junkie, I'd like to say I'm so happy people haven't forgotten about the classic 80's games! Thank you for making this!

    6. killeing

      This guy is living proof that you can make Stick Figures one of the most entertaining things in the world- i've watched it since the very first "Animator vs Animation" video on newgrounds and have never been bored of his work since X)

    7. 한서엘

      It's amazing how this person can blend so many different games into a beautiful masterpiece.

    8. Renegade Media Group

      From Donkey Kong to Pac Man. From Tetris to Pong. The memories cause an overflow of emotion that harkens me back to when I first played these games. Thank you Alan and the team for making this. It was truly an amazing experience.

    9. Zezorak

      Alan is an animation legend at this point, I bet pixar regrets turning down his application

    10. Kikinth

      The insane amount of work that had to be put into this is stunning.

    11. ღʙʀᴜɴᴀღ

      This series deserves to be on netflix. Alan, you have such a talent!

    12. killeing

      I simply love the Tom 'n Jerry-ness to these shows; there's virtually no dialogue at all and yet, like the infamous cartoon, all the story is told through the movement and the animation, so you still know what's going on! Bravo Work Alan ^^!!!

    13. dkcb

      there are no adjectives that can describe how TALENTED you and your team are.

    14. Rotorious

      his dedication to making entertaining animations is crazy.

    15. Cyrribrae

      SO FREAKING CREATIVE. Alan and the team, ya'll have outdone yourselves in creativity and storytelling in the tiny details once again. Recreating AND remixing all of these games so well is seriously amazing.

    16. superequinox

      It's crazy how much character u can give a stickman without even giving him a scarf or sword, honestly inspiring

    17. Challenger 20

      This is creativity, ridiculous in a good way, thinking outside the box entertainment. Absolutely incredible Alan Becker is. The creative mind which I hope will continue to inspire and motivate other Editors alike. ❤️

    18. AwesomeApollo 42

      Wow, I recently tried making a stick figure animation using Adobe Animate and it is a lot harder then it looks. Great job Alan! keep up the outstanding work!!!

    19. David wenal

      wow the hard difficulty mode that you've made was phenomenal, hopefully you will make another masterpiece like this

    20.  ShortHax

      This is the Pixels movie we never knew we needed. Still, it needs more Adam Sandler