And the crowd goes wild 😂👏 |


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    And the crowd goes wild 😂👏 (via frostwoods75/TikTok)

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    1. Washim Hussain

      Someone hurted him badly I think 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. Excellent Ngwa

      Humanity behaves good sometimes ...

    3. Elaine Tafili

      I love this.

    4. Bhavya Trehan

      So idk why but the music they palyed after was the kind of music used in Indian marriages and the way they were all standing on the truck is very common in india, I feel like they're all going to an Indian wedding

    5. Арди Флей



      Awwwww...What a beautiful WHITE and CLEAN neighborhood!! It must be nice🙂

    7. ace

      Bro must of been so stressed


      What a kind crowd :)

    9. Vinay Kiran

      Nobody sees his face properly, and comments that he is not happy with that

    10. arlyn joy dadlis grabello

      The real thing here is , he's deaf actually 🤣🤣

    11. seiom jvony

      He's so good at B-ball, he wasn't even phased by a cheering crowed. Like he's done it a million times before, no biggie.

    12. Imomify Support

      You no what they say about that early worm?

    13. Jay Hawk 901

      Kid : not again..

    14. Aayilya Kunju


    15. Bogdan Krajewski


    16. Shannon Ward


    17. Rand Burkey


      1. seiom jvony

        The time your realise the talibans are cheering for you.



    19. justlittlebe


    20. Breme Supreme

      Not only did it make his made mine too :)

    21. Rihsyan Adam Riansyah

      they made his day 🤣

    22. Dennis Demenis


    23. Omni_Krux

      That's the spirit! 🇺🇸

    24. Teacha Tami

      Love it

    25. Mikekramma Official

      Now that is what you call humanity

    26. MarczYT

      Only in Foreign countries

    27. sorayda acapulco


    28. fire Blu

      They should just drive around all day doing this

    29. Aman Sharma

      The time your realise the talibans are cheering for you.

    30. Gabriel Wilson

      That looks like ohs high school band when they’re doing the parade

    31. Jenight

      This reminds of Dora the explorer...

    32. Amy Elizabeth

      🤔............😆😆😆 😎

    33. Boon Kiong Er


    34. Fahmi A

      Nice 🤗😆

    35. By'tl Solomon

      He look like this has been going on for weeks

    36. Gamer INCOMING


    37. Vast Shorts

      He's like: WHY ARE THEY SCREAMING???

    38. Larkin Tyler

      ah yes. *band kids*

    39. Cassandra F

      How random and wholesome is this?!

    40. Godschild40


    41. Miriam Gonzalez

      What the? Lol

    42. Devin Burris

      Thats lit

    43. ODC Sports

      My brother was on the wagon he is a trumpet player for grove city high school

    44. [ YESSS YESSS ]

      I need homies like these

    45. Beluga's Sister

      I have my crowd, am proud.

    46. blondiexo

      Too funny lol

    47. anavan7

      Hahaha! Lol

    48. SamMuri31


    49. Paige Stegeman


    50. Cora Doornbos

      Aww that's sweet

    51. J Chappy


    52. Ramil Magistrado


    53. Robert Emery

      1234 !!!

    54. Hector Salas

      Jajajajajajajaja eeeeeeeee

    55. Michael H.


    56. Annette P

      Right on!🙂

    57. But Bean


    58. Typically Me

      Imagine missing. Oh my😖

    59. Skribbles sk8

      This is what humanity needs

    60. Chelsea S


    61. Jerry’s Trokiando

      Big difference on white neighborhoods lol

    62. gameing wit ur bro


    63. the dude

      Awww i bet that made his whole year

    64. Chance Ford


    65. SUS777

      Meanwhile in New Jersey

    66. Triveom

      This is one of those stories that your friend told to you in middle/highschool that was so crazy but true lmfao

    67. Matt Turner

      Nerds.... Band geeks God bless em

    68. Sarah Allgood


    69. Freddy Camba

      He turned tomato red 🤣

    70. Julez Jaramillo

      How can return all those kids

    71. Carbi

      I somehow wish I have this kind of support in my neighborhood…..ಥ‿ಥ

    72. Empty Carousels

      This is awesome! This is the kind of positivity we need in this world!

    73. famzao

      Random my ass

    74. Ben Williams

      This must happen often. Kid didn’t even flinch

    75. tuan nguyen


    76. Nevio Tarrach

      Imagine he failed that shot

    77. Shanda Gentile


    78. Nick Kimbell

      They just made that kids whole year

    79. Nature Niche for You

      That's awesome 😉

    80. Eglacia Sargent

      Love it😁

    81. Alex Sharker

      Kid is like ( whatever)

    82. Kelsey Finlayson

      This needs to be in a band memes compilation

    83. Jim Bennett

      Lmao 🤣😆 I freaking love it 👍

    84. Jerry Zhao

      Next Kobe

    85. Jaded Roses

      What on earth?! Lol. Why is that truck hauling band members like cattle?

    86. Christ K

      Nice !😆

    87. °•Grxcie•°

      Is this guy Shrek or something?-

    88. Goddess ByBirth

      This was wholesome 🤣👌🏾

    89. s subramanian

      That is hilarious....

    90. Ahamed 7

      This is life some people celebrate. And others moving

    91. meetmytwinsCliknClak

      They must do this often. Kid wasnt even fazed.

    92. Hünchœ Rûbën


    93. shuntell mathis


    94. Beni Ciobanu

      Have Real god Feeling today this boy

    95. Cesar Cruz

      The best

    96. Lamorris Dillard

      They had to be drunk lol

    97. Michael Real


    98. Bam Bam727

      Lol the band

    99. Avery Joycelyn Barakuda Block

      ssweet. Really REALLY SWEEET!!🌿

    100. Arlene Trujillo

      That's so totally COOL 😎 😁👍