Among Us - OUT - Animation - 1 ~ 5



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    Among Us 1~5 📌📺📟🎬

    Animation Program : CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX

    Жарияланды Жыл бұрын

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    1. Francisco nilson Silva de souza

      It Was Good In Fantasy, Good In The Fighting Scenes, And Good In The Drama. Conculsion THIS WAS EPIC

    2. [Элпис]

      God, man, this is great what you do. Don't finish this miniseries, it's amazing. I just get crazy about him. Great animation, sound, plot ... I fell in love with it. If you want to quit this project, then please don't quit it. He's gorgeous. By the way, I'm from Russia)

    3. F

      Absolute MASTERPIECE.

    4. Memestermind

      This is heavily inspired by Alan Becker.

    5. jcharmaine1

      One quick question: why does every among character in the 5th OUT episode have to do with strength and power and flying? 😕

    6. B. Caio Germano

      I think this is one of the best Alan Becker based series I've ever seen!

    7. Jaeden Lok

      Memes beside, let's admire the work in the animation.

    8. Whim

      This is actually how among us maps are made, they just take the crewmates build the maps, it’s actually very efficient

    9. Megha Singh

      It was good in fantasy, good in the fighting scenes, and good in the drama. Conculsion THIS WAS EPIC

    10. Mr. Noobsy

      Why does this part look so good

    11. Collins Content

      If I could list everything I like about this I would but my favorite this has to be the fights they have so much detail put into them

    12. :P n :L


    13. てー督!


    14. honestman1960

      perfectly goes with ultra instinct theme at

    15. Forliar

      Wait, if he closed the tab, doesnt that mean that hes killing the other crewmates over and over again?

    16. ajolotico corazon de ajolote


    17. Cam Chau Nguyen

      This is the best Among Us animation and no one can change my mind

    18. :P n :L


    19. 高音厨音域テストをクリアした人?


    20. Felipe N

      Seus videos são simples, mas são muito bons!