Among Us - OUT - Animation - 1 ~ 5



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    Among Us 1~5 📌📺📟🎬
    Animation Program : CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX

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    1. Aryan K

      Imagine having that much teamwork in among us

      1. Amber Sieren

        Do you comic is good

    2. Polat Kamber

      When you see the clock and look be like: ...

    3. GamerSnake3738

      Alan Becker: Finally a worthy opponent

    4. Floppa


    5. Katie Urbanic

      what animation platform do you use?

      1. SDous


    6. MusicaMan

      This was actually pretty well made!

      1. Sonic Roshy

        He just copied Alan Becker!

      2. Eating clock is very time consuming Please stop

        Despite the cringe its true

      3. Isaac Joseph


      4. Müyesser İlgü

        Abi bu nasıl iş cböyle

      5. Karam Elalfi

        Your rite

    7. elite mtf soldier

      Can we all just sit down and think about how smooth thw fighting animation was

      1. xaivera shropshire

        @Kalka Dutta jams,msoaaoksks wisjsjsjjsjsjsmmsmsmsjsjkkkkkssiskxjdmsooskksooookkk🧐😟🧐👹👹🤪💩🤨💩🤨😇😇😇😇😇👹🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😋🤨

      2. Kalka Dutta


    8. Larva and Friends

      Thank you your animated videos are always cool and funny, I really like them

    9. Jordanian Ball

      This turned from a normal animation to top 10 anime fights

      1. Sonic Roshy

        literally just copied Alan’s Ideas But Add Among us to it!

      2. Sonic Roshy

        Alan’s fights Were Way Better

      3. claudiotrunks


    10. Tha5 rendom traen gi

      Fs to pay respect to yellow

    11. Collins Content

      If I could list everything I like about this I would but my favorite this has to be the fights they have so much detail put into them

    12. Fallay

      Alternative title : timeskip vs ultra instinct

    13. adriel gamers

      Hola gois tus videos seven mejor😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😎👍😎👍😎👍

    14. soviet russian ball

      2:50 is where a totally "real" obsidian staircase

      1. jayden __-_-


      2. Vishesh Singh

        Yes you are right

    15. Mozambique #Roadto1k [ANTI TYLER] [ABV] [AUCR]

      Thats why you should always plays among us on full screen when someone is ejected

    16. Saevierre

      We want this to cross-over with Alan Becker's animation

      1. kennko3

        @Formex326 link please?

      2. Formex326

        your dreams may come true watch AvM ep20

      3. A Sophisticated Hat


      4. Youdaily

        YES PLEASE!

    17. Orange Yea

      The power of friendship awakes

    18. Keane Trundell

      is anyone gonna talk about how in the world they made obsidian stairs?

      1. jayden __-_-


      2. XavierReady ;D

        Me :c

    19. Jonh Yt

      He's better than Alan Becker :0

    20. Cobalt27

      Not a fan of some of the meme sound effects but good job.

    21. ijn yamato-sink


    22. lord lem

      If I could list everything I like about this I would but my favorite this has to be the fights they have so much detail put into them

      1. Sophia Grace


    23. Patricio Martínez

      Alan backer: at last someone worthy of confronting someone better than

      1. Punk Pixie_Bound

        Alan Becker*

    24. Super Mario

      When you watched this and forgot everything was happening on the windows desktop:

    25. SussyDesy

      I still remember that time when among us was actually good instead of trash today. Moment of silence...

      1. DlovanSl 2

        @SussyDesy the game is now better

      2. SussyDesy

        @Yisel-YAAZ okay

      3. Yisel-YAAZ

        Ok no more silence

    26. Caspian Berkman

      Great I love it Keep up the good work😉

    27. Iuri Brites Brites

      Que estranho o branco começou a da pancada no Roxo E como que todo mundo não acordou de ouvir esses batimentos da porta?

    28. Steve Moriarty

      chary will change his mind about the deadlyist impostor

    29. Supercar2009

      Looks like SOMEONE's been watching Alan Becker.

      1. Dianne Russell

        All of us is late. This CAME OUT A YEAR AGO

      2. Lucky Dragon TV

        You think like me

    30. your local pichu

      legends say that yellows still crying in that cage today...

      1. Mariano Ancona


      2. ΓGe

        i cannot even understand anymore

      3. 珊珊


      4. 熊木一幸


      5. просто фортнайтер


    31. Dark716

      I get what’s going on with White and Yellow! When they glitched, they changed bodies. White’s body is Yellow’s soul, and Yellow’s body is White’s soul. That’s why White went bad! And White’s soul was in an imposter body, that’s why he had a cavity when he was in the prison. Though I’m not sure how White’s body became an imposter; maybe Yellow’s soul can transform bodies into imposter ones? Also, in the end they finally switched bodies back to normal, which confirms my theory.

      1. Renomiz

        Lol nah, they just forgot they made white an imposter

      2. Urjka Urjee


    32. Stacey Vasilovich

      I love how no one is talking about the time being only 99

    33. gunadi geo

      When among us break the rules in windows :

    34. Paradeykie

      Gois keep up the good work!

    35. sorbedy

      I love seeing the lil’ beans running around placing things

      1. Oliverplayz


      2. Anbinh Nguyen


    36. Yohan Lavarro

      Alan Becker: Finally. A worthy opponent

    37. ◆𝑇𝑜𝑟𝑦◆

      Владелец компьютера который видел эту драму: не хватает пиво и чипсов)

    38. Chrissycat5000 4 life!

      This was one my my best and favorite 12:50 seconds of my life

    39. Jack The Ripper

      every anime reference that i know 1. 0:53 - jojo bizzare adventure golden wind - giorno 7 page muda probb 2. 4:16 - jojo stardust crusaders - jotaro steely dan ora but only with ora 3. 6:53 - jojo stardust crusaders - dio "THE WORLD" and "And time will move once more 4. 10:01 dragon ball - goku ultra instinct / mastered ultra instinct and thats all


      If only the ultra instinct theme was playing


        But multiple people use it and they don't have a problem

      2. Paul Kids

        He would've got copyright

    41. green avm shorts [main]「⚒」

      This animation is so good 🔥

    42. Kian Marcus Ricohermoso

      Alan becker: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary!

      1. Hilma Zizoo


      2. ~félix~

        In my opnion alan becker is better

      3. Ayman Ayman

        he is gois

    43. Funny-Craft-Animation


    44. Roger Benjamin

      This is why you always play among us with full screen on

    45. rockshack165

      He could just divid the impostor by 0

    46. ADIOS

      wow you are one of the best animators

    47. Tripod

      Nobody's gonna mind the PC owner has 99:99Pm?


      Ngl this animation is kinda 🔥

    49. Ê

      "i should have placed bedrock instead of obsidian" R i p Red-2020-2020

    50. Артем Кузнецов

      А почему жолтый предатель выполняет задание

    51. cruz ibarra

      Imagine seeing this on your laptop what I would do is just sit and just watch

      1. Dexter McSnook

        And stop mayhem

      2. Dexter McSnook

        I would interact build a economy with them

    52. Noah Noriega

      The whole time I was watching this I kept on thinking: OMG IS THAT A JOJO REFRENCE!

    53. Ascended china ball

      Alan Becker: finally, a worthy opponent

      1. Stephanie Mooneyham

        @Phantomized 🍗 YES r/whoosh

      2. Stephanie Mooneyham

        @fERZUMMY shut up

      3. Stephanie Mooneyham

        @aryan kr second of all, he doesnt ripoff game characters and use popular trends just for views



      5. fshsidvh

        Bro Alan Becker is animating stickmans

    54. ¶Galaxy A21S!¶

      Ah yes, obsidian stairs are there

    55. Adan Jair Acuña

      la animacion es increible

    56. GamerMaxx

      10:01 bro just went ultra instinct

    57. SahaiTheDog

      What animator do u use?

    58. Tariq Ali

      Ok now I know what happens when the round is finished

      1. Tariq Ali


      2. tyvang

        Me is yellow

    59. darrenjustin

      The fact that it says the time is 99:99 is cool

    60. Grace Sun

      When most of them became unconscious when they are fully healed they forgot about red

    61. Xodabeef

      2:48 ah yes, obsidian stairs!

    62. FlotDinso_YT

      2:48 I was like “THERE ARE NO OBSIDIAN STAIRS”

    63. Moodii

      This was amazing

    64. Philippines (injured)

      The Jojo references are just good

    65. Tigyz

      Your animation skills are insane.

      1. Ysaac anthony Aranzaso


    66. Joedeli

      It had a lot of random events but it's awesome

    67. Whim

      This is actually how among us maps are made, they just take the crewmates build the maps, it’s actually very efficient

      1. Dd ddphone


      2. Dd ddphone

        Laugh heavy

      3. Dd ddphone

        Yellow Angrying white laughing

      4. Dd ddphone


      5. Dd ddphone

        Close or open

    68. nagatogames:v

      Wow existe among us en anime :(

    69. NoobRobloxMobile

      Me and my brother listening ASMR

    70. Adrian Alleyne

      Fun fact: you cannot put down obsidian stairs on the emergency meeting obsidian😂

    71. Ryan Lybarger

      This is possibly the greatest Alan Becker fan animation I've ever seen; Not because the Amogus, but frankly because of the quality of animation. Also: 5:08 Greatest anime plot twist of all time.

      1. Ryan Lybarger

        @prince assin okay

      2. prince assin

        @Ryan Lybarger this isnt a fan animation not all minecraft animations are alan becker didnt invent animating minecraft

      3. Ryan Lybarger

        @Timae I did say "FAN ANIMATION," didn't I?

      4. Timae

        this isnt alan becker

      5. MrBones


    72. Chris Bacon

      Cyan is the best Among us swords man ever. You can't change my mind on that

      1. harsh pandey points

        @nahav nakasungu oh my god But wait even you purchase minecraft?

    73. enzosupersmash

      Alan becker:hm pets make Money with a crossover Creator of animation:OK

    74. Andrés Baptiste

      He even saved among us from the zombies

    75. James :)

      Alan becker be like: your so good bro

    76. Møøn Teaa

      The final battle was like avengers endgame

    77. Helmy Izham Juraimi


    78. sebas el pro

      8:18 my part favorite

    79. Anu Playzz

      Good animations!

    80. Dan Drougas

      At 2:48 Red literally places an “OBSIDIAN STAIR???”

    81. Amo Gus

      4:18 thats is how to use shapeshifter in old version

    82. てとみらーる!teto-miral

      このストーリー展開は熱い!! This story is very exciting!

      1. Egg

        Idk what ur saying guys

      2. аралаш видео

        @LittleAlex1012 щщшщв🛌👭👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👧‍👧

      3. insert corruptive YouTube

        ok pay

      4. FrancisC Games

        Pretty much

      5. Delete Channel

        @H S. Hi

    83. Owen Toomey

      Love how the time says 99:99

    84. soviet russian ball

      i like how yellow watchea cyan and purple fight he would be like "this is gonna be so much fun" at 4:46

    85. TimeToGame

      i think its heavily inspired by alan becker

    86. бутерброд

      White actually got ultra instinct💀

    87. DistantShadow127

      Alan Becker was definitely an inspiration for this vid, I can see it

      1. Kurenai_ shinzo20

        Yeah lol

      2. cloud

        True man

      3. Jennifer Pignotti

        I think you’re the only one who can speak my language

    88. Leon Soul

      I like the soulsborne reference

    89. 김주미

      어몽어스 +마인크래프트ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    90. Jason Anderson

      Did anybody realize that used obsidian Stairs

    91. SkaTcho

      I love this video!

    92. Pablo the Cat

      When crewmates build a society in your desktop

      1. lol hasui YT

        @Pablo the Cat yes

      2. Pablo the Cat

        @lol hasui YT among us was a popular game from late 2020 to mid 2021

      3. lol hasui YT

        @Pablo the Cat lol

      4. lol hasui YT


      5. lol hasui YT

        Hi Marmmmmm

    93. クリスタル


    94. -_- James and his team°

      they should've used bedrock

    95. KrakenTackler

      Almost perfect

    96. Henry Stickmin

      If the date was 99/99/9999, we would be older than 7,000 years

    97. Jaeden Lok

      Memes beside, let's admire the work in the animation.

      1. Michomichaice

        @TheLuckyZoe omg

      2. Franky gaming(@Indonesiaku)

        @Jood underrated

      3. FilmAfricaTv


      4. Jood


      5. Jood


    98. RFM

      0:46 is this like matt's boxing match??😳

    99. Ashley Edmondson

      the animation is amazing but there are no obsidian stairs in Minecraft but the animation is amazing

    100. BES

      You can't compare to Alan Becker