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    1. Jairo Silva

      Bro your dad just needed 2 coins 💀

    2. The funny squad

      I love my dad more than anything

    3. Zan Man

      I love my Dad forever!

    4. Teng Teng Ng

      i love my dad

    5. AndrjejZ🇷🇺

      KZsection shorts in Ohio at 3am:

    6. Govinda Yenni

      I love my mom and dad💓💓💓

    7. jessica private

      People are lucky they have one 😢

    8. Ahmed Cabdinaasir

      I love my father every where

    9. Nya W

      I love both of my parents

    10. Teng Teng Ng

      i wish i want a dad

    11. ana ormeno

      LOVE IT!


      I Love my dad

    13. philipmilo2014

      Love both mom and dad

    14. BlackPortrait

      Bro can make a hot dog just by rolling his hands

    15. Ily Brooks

      I love my dad and my mom ❤️

    16. Rakesh Kumar

      "Just then, a wild corrupted Blue appeared. He wanted a hot dog"

    17. Cerreza Dahl

      I love my dad so much ❤❤❤❤❤

    18. Rabia Lone

      i love u dada forever

    19. Kislie mermelada REAL

      Games in ohio be like:

    20. Leticiajcc Cruz

      Love Ur dad.. mine left to get milk 😭😭💀