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    Hey Alan Army! This video is called A Story About Greed. What lesson did you learn? With @Steven Dux

    Steven is a real life multimillionaire! Check out Steven Dux's finance course here: www.stevenduxi.com/freedom-ch...

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    Hey friends, I'm Alan Chikin Chow!!
    I'm a creator, actor \u0026 writer. My mission is to inspire people of all backgrounds and identities to unite through laughter. 🤍

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    1. Bhea Santos

      Quiz way 🏠

    2. Dan TheKawaiiest

      What the hell is this.

    3. Gerey Yerimbetov

      This is aids

    4. Eluyera Mosinmiloluwa

      Lost some brain cells watching this shit

    5. Amjad Hanna

      The fact that this got 4 million likes tells how much of low IQ and silly people have gotten



    7. marian andricioaei

      this video caused me diarrhea

    8. Aiman Ba-Makhramah


    9. Bungmeen Mobile


    10. Paola Cubillan

      NEVER BE GREEDY 😡😡😡😡

    11. Novagunner

      4m likes on this dog shit?

    12. วิลาวัลย์ สุดใจ


    13. Pavee Saturno


    14. Ramkichu

      Well He had Money to buy New phone he buyed Mac Book Air,I phone.etc then why he throw that. Well that's not greed Its Smart.LoL

    15. TCGamerOfficial

      Who tf just lets go of their phone like that

    16. VISAL EB

      ഫോൺ അബദ്ധം പറ്റി താഴെ വീണതാണെന്ന് പറയെതേയില്ല അത്രക്കും artificial ആയിട്ടുണ്ട് 😂

    17. abdul Galih

      Maksud nya klo udah kaya jangan serakah

    18. •Ginger•

      He's a villager human: Hæ


      Alguien canta así la canción quiero una iPhone tenis Nike soy muy chulo

    20. Erfan Ballew

      That’s so fake

    21. Eduardo Lopez

      When I drop my phone by "accident"

    22. Crethe

      Wh… what?

    23. An Asshole

      I mean, it is greed, but obviously not the malicious kind that literally everyone thinks of. Disappointing at best, sorry to be blunt. I’m not gonna shame people who did like it, but just… not for me

    24. Mehmet Ali Baraçlı

      Bitcoin 😁

    25. 4our7evens


    26. sherman g


    27. Idk

      Honest I've would have stopped at the Master Sword. I just found it very fascinating and would just spend most of my time admiring it.

    28. Lunngaihkim B

      Stupid shit... Worst acting

    29. Random guy whatifer

      3 letters WTF

    30. INSHA & Hannan CLUB

      Song name

    31. INSHA & Hannan CLUB

      Song name

    32. Gloria Kim

      Btw, this is a Korean folk story.

      1. Lets learn somethin Musical

        @Creissant yes

      2. Creissant

        @Areen Shtayah the golden axe right?

      3. Areen Shtayah


    33. Максим Ткачёв

      Я один русский а не какой то китаец?

    34. Ofelia Sosa


    35. king_borger

      Maybe morgz wasn't so bad

    36. Denis Oliveira

      Tá. Não entendi nada.

    37. remus5785

      Its about online voin lol

      1. remus5785


    38. YOULEEYAH Taunuu


    39. 。ミソカツ


    40. Ghulam abbas Ghulam abbas

      Very nice

    41. Unknown Person

      First of all why this sad song? Second why is there drug dealer giving him stuff that isn’t drugs?

    42. It'sreallyJae

      Its the acting for me

    43. julidrox


    44. Milea Jhonson

      THE GIRLS:18+ ARE DRISEX.UNO KZsection: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾...

    45. Johnathon Rinchack

      KZsection's employments going up apparently.

    46. محمد العلوي

      ما الذي يجري هنا

    47. Rod Angel

      Thats why never be greedy kids and adults

    48. TheGaminShooter

      Wtf is this

    49. C N

      Delete this please

    50. وعد العيون


    51. Letegy

      Is it me or is the song not matching the story or whatever this.. thing or video is…

    52. Trash

      That’s how mafia works

    53. Edelmira Figueredo


    54. paula quiroz zazueta


    55. Syed Muhamma

      Alternative title: maybe stock marketing wasn't that good

    56. Flex

      Or just get a samsung they are my Durable

    57. Joana Pinto


    58. dababy

      Wtf is this

    59. Faith Kageha

      Jjdjjxxkjz Jd Jj Djdj

    60. kAjalQueEn121

      Alan just teleported to the man lol 😂 xd

    61. guillermo lozada


    62. Karla Rios

      Si pones una canción sad si va ser divertido el viedeo😂😂

    63. Dreamer

      Bruh, asian people make really wierd contant

    64. RedElixer

      Tf did I just watch

    65. knight_gamer

      Abhi to ticket hi book Karuga

    66. knight_gamer

      Abhi mujhe udar anna hai

    67. knight_gamer


    68. Susana Perez

      Que bueno el chico

    69. Tricky Tea

      KZsection shorts are getting much wierder everydag

    70. slashmane

      what the acutal fuck did i just watch

    71. Graceshill Vargas


    72. Nobody Important

      This video is exactly why KZsection needs to get rid of KZsection Shorts, like now

      1. bowen voowy

        Hahaha 😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. myo zaw oo


    74. EcrinxKpop


    75. Patrick Houghton

      First…why the hell is a sword a fork 2nd….why are you throwing stuff of the edge….there could be a car and 3rd what the hell is this

    76. K D

      It's so bad that it can't get any worse than this, i mean the video n acting

    77. Xxasherxx Gacha


    78. Xxasherxx Gacha

      It's trick

    79. parakala hema



      Que falso vc mesmo joga o celular no chão

    81. Cherry Garcia


    82. Xan Ray

      His genius

    83. Shetia Spriggs

      Leg Dj Yes y

      1. Shetia Spriggs

        How do you do that yes

    84. Milka Simanungkalit

      The kaca mata

    85. Milka Simanungkalit

      That people clothes black is like asmr omgg

    86. Daniel Jantai

      This si no good she si give all dem

    87. Anonym Funny Channel

      Wtf im watching

    88. Muhammad Alfian

      Kena tipu

    89. Gitarani Harijan

      Good Day😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

    90. Goomba Animations

      What the actual fuck is this

    91. Danis Haidar

      Wawww ko bisa kaya itu ya

    92. Yuni Brilliantcoach

      Disengajain hp nya jatuh

    93. adriano fer


    94. Ba By


    95. Edwin Panis


    96. KingOfTheHill