50 Cent Talks "Tycoon Houston Comedy Fest, YK Osiris, Love For Houston, Mending Relationships & More

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    1. Rob Madden Shot Ya

      I see a 50 Cent interview and I watch immediately. 50 NEVER disappoints in his interviews.

    2. Aayla Breast Vlogs

      50 Cent throughout his career has given the most authentic, unpolitical answers while educating and entertaining! I will continue “being that fly on the wall”,absorbing all and continuous support!

    3. Patrícia Carvalho

      50 is that type of people that every time they speak is always teaching stuff. Some people charge for this. Thanks 50 and the breakfast club for giving us powerful content.

    4. Dieta em Casa

      God bless whoever is reading this comment. 50 Cent is show!

    5. Knew J

      50 is just a pivotal person who I repeatedly lock into throughout my life. He brings the knowledge, the hustle, the comedy, the motivation, the dominance, everything you need to hear to push further in your path 🙌🏼👑

    6. HiddenRo2

      Love love love 50’s evolution as a man a business man and an artist he always dropping gems for us to pay attention and Win ❤️🙏🏼💪🏽💨💨💨

    7. GeohGald

      Never get tired of hearing about the late 90s/early 00s hip hop era. Especially from artists who were in the middle of it. That era was special.

    8. Victoria Love

      I could listen to 50 talk all day. He knows the game like no other and has some of the best stories to tell. He definitely needs his own documentary!

    9. Jackie Williams

      The amount of knowledge, experience, and savvy that Fif has is unparalleled- it feels like he’s only just beginning to truly grind.

    10. Grace B. Addey

      I couldn't click fast enough when I saw 50 Cent in the thumbnail cos he gives great interviews and shares useful information about growing in the business environment. And the fact that he doesn't mince words when sharing his experiences no matter who's involved makes his interviews quite interesting. He's definitely one of those who's business endeavours are motivating. Keep soaring 👏

    11. Will T. Jolley

      50 has thee BEST INTERVIEWS. THE HONESTY, the humor, the wisdom. Can’t wait to interview him 🙌🏾

    12. Me You & Blue

      50 Cent interviews are hands down the best. Never miss any of his on platforms.

    13. Nathaniel Singleton

      50 Cent is a marketing genius. He knows exactly what his audience/ demographic wants.

    14. Patrícia Carvalho

      50 is in a position where his music can have a life of its own whether it's a solo album, or soundtrack, attached to a video game, etc. He cracked the code.

    15. Late Notice

      50 has so much knowledge to share. Dude lived enough to live 5 lives. His interviews are so insightful. From a street dude to a boardroom

    16. Bianca Fonseca

      His intelligence and accountability combined with personality.. 50 is Admirable!! Not too many rappers not even Jay is this likeable or charming 👍🏾

    17. Diverse Mentality

      I always love 50 Cent interviews, Charlamange was asking the PERFECT questions. Great interview.

    18. Luxurious Minds

      50 is one of the GOATS, NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY even to this day, has come into the rap game and took the world by storm like he did facts!!!!!!!

    19. SupaNatural28

      50 cent's Breakfast Club Interviews are like our Favorite TV shows or Sitcoms. INSTANTLY CLICK ON, Watch, Learn, Laugh and I'll watch them over n over waiting for the next one.

    20. Haddingtonian GCP

      50 always gives solid interviews. Love them!