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      1.8 million likes ?!

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      Cómo se llama el juego

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      This is the first mobile game ad I’ve seen where the person playing isn’t completely retarded

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      I need to lose some myself to

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      Me when I’m hungry lol

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      If you eat 100 kg of vegetables at once, you lose 50% of your weight. Logic.

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      Bro what happened to the good Mobile games this game is targeted for little kids

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      Remember a magical time when you didn't know this existed

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      Im fluent in english so i dont know what the word cringe is, now that i've watched this video, i know what the word cringe is now

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      W T F

    52. BEAST :v

      Wow eating vegetables making a person skinny in a 25 second video is #2 on trending for gaming? Dang the world is going downhill

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      Whats the game called?

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      This is the first ad that they didn’t purposely pick the bad one and lose

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      When this gets millions of likes, yet a video that's spent hours on, only get 10 thousands

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      Ojalá comer frutas y verduras en exceso lo hiciera a uno bajar de peso

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      I feel So much pain after this video that even death cant stop.

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      Cómo se llama el juego

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      This is fat shaming

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      1.7 mil likes?

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      ;-; In 1934 they came up with the idea of a flying car..here in 2021 we've come up with the idea of vegetables with faces ;-;

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