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  1. Santonia Harris

    Yall sleeping on Mac Jones... Who Mac Jones lol, but seriously I think he will best the best QB in the class and future wise mark my words!

  2. Gelato

    He might be but he got the wrong combination of all three

  3. Faydene Reed

    Mac is smarter and better!

  4. bilisha coli

    Troy a real one for showing support & encouragement to Deion & an HBCU in Jackson St.

  5. Big Be Jar

    What league starts its season in February??? I'm confused right now...

  6. Wesley Edwards

    IDK about Fields. It's always hard picking a QB because in the NFL you need a franchise player in the first round and the quarterbacks are always hit or miss. If you get a solid backup sometimes you are lucky. Your first round pick could be playing in a fan controlled league in a few years. If Fields had put together one season like Mac Jones did he would be a unanimous #1 pick. Probably he was hampered because he played for a team that lacked talent. Maybe he was hurt and that affected his passing, but he sailed two easy touchdowns in the championship game. IDK about drafting a QB early in the first that throws ducks like that. He is not that high on my board.

  7. Joe Smith

    Bro can suck his own ear lobe with how big they’re. That could be a Guinness world record.

  8. King Heem

    Hold up football season startred


    There's no way the Falcons are trading up to get a qb when Matt Ryan still has a few years and they can get a qb like Fields/Lance/Jones

  10. Slime

    Mac Jones won’t be taken in the top 10 😭😭😭

  11. Sesoma

    Glad to see Deion doing his thing! Would love to see him coaching at SC (Gamecocks)!

    1. bilisha coli

      So we not gone talk about number 36 getting killed at 3:34

  12. Smokeythebear010

    Feel like Mac Jones is the most disrespected qb in the draft. They don’t put him higher because of his mobility, and that’s pretty much it. Dude literally came out of nowhere and took a team to the natty AND dominated. Pretty similar to Joe burrow

    1. Dare to be humble Nate

      Facts 💯.

  13. Bigmofo Outdoors


  14. Gene Cole


  15. javier book shadows contributor du

    12th comment

  16. Sadat Alam

    This is the first time ever that ESPN actually showed some love to Justin fields. Thank you Mel and Dan

    1. Dare to be humble Nate

      Lol what? Fields, Lawrence and Wilson have been on espn boards forever

  17. I am Arbiter

    No white players on deion's team.. smh

  18. Eric Prieto

    Justin Fields to Atlanta yuuup #4

  19. Tank Driver

    I know no one here will believe me but I PERSONLY know Todd, Hey Todd it’s AJ

  20. Richard Kulig

    What the NFL was ?? Tom Brady sits and throws As does Mac Jones Justin Fields is good , but predictable Mac Jones is a traditional QB

  21. Volsboy

    I think you should pump the brakes until he plays at least one down in the NFL don't you. Burrow will be better than all these guys when he gets a team around him.

  22. DBA_ Luke

    Mels a simp

  23. L.J. Russ

    Great to see Troy showing love like that.

  24. Nathan LunchBox Rogers

    Atlanta better not draft Zach Wilson. He plays with & against good high school teams.

  25. Steelers Fan111168

    Why Is Landon Dickerson Being Mock In The a First Round He Has Injury History Mel their is No First Round center This Year Mel

  26. Christopher Woodard

    Mel Kiper Jr is the one leading us to believe that he's falling all the way down he lost money he trying to pay him back Justin Fields all the way

  27. Benjamln Lewis



      Because they are -90 million dollars in cap space

  28. Antonio Dupree

    Has a man open .. ooops it’s picked off 😂😂😂

  29. Brett K

    This just in Mel Kiper 3.0 Mock draft Jimmy Clausen will be the #1 pick in the 2021 draft!

  30. Leon R

    6:15 that kid was like 🤯

  31. Brett K

    Mel Kiper does more trading than I do in Madden!

  32. Leon R

    I’m confused. There season just now starting?

  33. statesmen15

    Did this man really offer to buy her a car

  34. Eric Pennington

    Mac Jones shouldn’t even get drafted dude not nfl quality

    1. Nathan LunchBox Rogers

      That going way to far.

  35. Trevor Lawrence


  36. javier book shadows contributor du

    63rd comment roll tide from wash D.C.

  37. Stephen H. Smith


  38. St Sm

    Wonder if ESPN will talk about a certain bill that made federal funding to HBCUs permanent?

  39. Scottie Pimpin

    Why would the falcons trade up for a QB

  40. Michael Newton

    Is this just a one-season thing due to the coronavirus? Or will HBCUs play football in the spring from here on out?

  41. GL Rustic Design

    It is more about going to the right organization compared to how good you are

  42. Cedric mcpeak

    Are those high-school players,everyone's so small

  43. whitey McWhiterson

    Mel's mock draft 3.0 Justin Fields-undrafted

  44. Miles Morris

    Put some respect on his NAME. Let’s go J. Fields stomp the haters

  45. Sneaky Castro

    How long before he ends up on a NFL coaching staff?

  46. Jay Goodman

    Prime time knows coaching😳

  47. kyle frost

    Mac has ok mobility and moves great in the pocket. Moving in the pocket is more important than running speed.

    1. 1

      and IQ and accuracy > arm strength, dont want to draft another tebow or jamarcus

    2. statesmen15

      This is true depending on the scheme

  48. Kev Odd

    ESPN has been hyping up Lawrence so much it’s like they want him to be a bust.

    1. Ashish Lakhanpal

      bro the man has been hyped up since he started high school

  49. Dylan Reed

    I see dat lil deshaun Watson

  50. Lucky Rose


  51. Anthony Vega

    I'm sorry but mel kepers mock draft is trash

  52. Cryptum404

    Wilson > fields.


      Bruh, he plays no competition, o-line is great, and did good for 1 year, settle down, Fields has had 1 bad game this whole entire year! Lawrence had more INTs this season than Fields whole career

    2. kigk kin

      yea ylets compare a 3 year qb to a qb who has not even been drafted yet

  53. Dan Loomis

    Thought this was high-school with that grass

  54. Golden griZZ


  55. InSight-Worldwide

    This was awesome to watch 🎥👏🏽

  56. Doink Productions

    Mel looks like that mean bird from the movie RIO 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂

    1. 904HURRICANE

      I am dead 😭

    2. Golden griZZ

      Yeah lol😂😂😂

  57. mike newbill

    Mac jones.then lawrence then fields

    1. Santonia Harris

      Facts Mac Jones is better and it shows but he isn't getting love bc of only having 1 true season under his belt smh. Ppl are really sleeping on this dude, he has all the intangibles too be a great QB, and believe he will produce in the NFL.

    2. Hummus Hero


    3. Eric Hopkins

      Say no to drugs

    4. FroggyFN


  58. mike newbill

    Why yall slobin on this guy.he ain't that good as we seen in the last 2 playoffs.mac jones is miles better

    1. Fitsar Rahadian

      Lol pass me the weed

  59. Malik Dismukes

    So we not gone talk about number 36 getting killed at 3:34

  60. t.rippy pancakes

    Fields gonna make this man mel look stupid yet again

    1. Alex Drain

      @Brett K i all think it depends on the coach and who is running the offense

    2. Brett K

      @Alex Drain I think he will be out of league in a couple of years he reminds me of that one guy what was his name oh yeah Dwayne Haskins he was Ohio St and he is great!

    3. Alex Drain

      @t.rippy pancakes tell me how tho lol

    4. t.rippy pancakes

      @Alex Drain you’ll see

    5. Alex Drain


  61. DJVizkiller

    Justin Fields is the best QB in this draft. Yes over Lawrence. Y’all will see.

  62. RobTheNotary

    Jackson State: Walter Payton went there?

  63. Andrew Smith


  64. Larri Lindsey

    Dan is right! These scouts are wrong about Justin

  65. anthony martinez

    Peewee football?

  66. V L K V

    that gatorade bath made me laugh, deion made me love football as a kid, he'll keep bringing people to love a great game.

  67. CLiPPZZoRiTO

    Has Kiper got a medical condition? his body shakes out of control.

    1. Fitsar Rahadian


  68. Jacorey Haskins

    Bro I like Dan and Mike they know what they talking about

  69. L.O.V.E

    Trade Trevor For Watson On Duuuuuval

  70. bigdap100

    Justin Fields LITERALLY ran down RB Trey Sermon from 10yds back to block and save a touchdown against Michigan state...BEAST!!

  71. bssni touir

    I didn’t see one defensive snap 😂

  72. Cheese & The Fat Man

    Between those 3 they only have 2 superbowls 😂😂😂😂😂

  73. bigdap100

    Justin Fields was beating Clemson so bad, that they tried to break him physically...and STILL he completely destroyed them!! The kid is amazing!

  74. Green Wolf

    It is all about decision making and accuracy. Mac, Trevor, Zack, the rest are all behind.

    1. Scottie Pimpin

      @1 that's not even remotely true y'all only saying that because he can scramble and he's black

    2. 1

      @Scottie Pimpin fields cant read a defense

    3. Scottie Pimpin

      The black QBs aren't accurate ?

  75. mike mike


  76. King Slim202

    Wait til Deion get those 5 star recruits. This is 🖤

  77. Alfredo Rodriguez

    Wow great team

  78. Joel A

    Guys I came here to say something (Joel A) See if jets pick Devonta Smith They can use their 2 pick in first round for Mac Jones and if he is picked, trade him for Sam Darnold Mac and Devonta together in NFL And Devante prefer Mac over Tua (Joel A)

  79. bigdap100

    Fields has had bigger games on bigger stages than Trevor Lawrence.

    1. cwalke3408

      3-2 in the playoffs with a Title vs 1-2 in the playoffs 🤔

    2. Michael Libby

      @bigdap100 who cares about clemson they woulda got curb stomped. But your boy ran into a real team with real players not a bunch of long in the tooth 6th year senoirs. and he got macked around he wasnt equal to the task truth is he never was. that was his shot on the biggest stage all the chips and saint nick said rooooooooooool tide

    3. mike newbill

      Mac is the best qb in draft

    4. bigdap100

      @Michael Libby he was hurt number 1, and number 2 how many touchdowns did Trevor throw against LSU??? How good was he against North Carolina??? how did TL match up with Fields in their head to heads??? Y’all playing dumb but you know what’s up, Fields is the best QB in college football with stats to prove it...against real teams unlike Clemson.

    5. Michael Libby

      Except the biggest he got smacked up roooool tide

  80. BThreatTV

    Finally some Justin Fields defense. This hate was getting outta hand.

    1. Two Dogs

      @Brett K Terrelle Pryor switched to WR so why not.

    2. Brett K

      @bigdap100 Cool he should convert to WR or RB maybe then in NFL? Since his decision making and progressions is why is he is falling.

    3. bigdap100

      Justin Fields LITERALLY ran down RB Trey Sermon from 10yds back to block and save a touchdown against Michigan state...BEAST!!