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  1. Catchlightstories

    The way they used music in this sequence is genius... it adds thousand times excitement to the scene

  2. The Cat In The Hat

    Is that the guy who asked Spider Man to do a flip?

  3. Abdullah Zaidi

    Cant belive 4 years have passed

  4. Moriah Perez

    Can Kim’s convenience come back now? The cliffhanger is slowly killing me.

  5. agn- slayer

    This is the 17th time i see this

  6. Sue Ladd

    Opening To Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 2017

  7. Shayan Cidi


  8. PompiTube

    Another boring nonsense.

  9. Malik

    It’s crazy how a trailer is doing music video views

  10. Senpai Aki

    Can't stop watching trailer. So excited for the movie, pretty sure this will break the cinema when it finally release!

  11. Mahi Singhvi

    Idk why they didn’t use this score in the movie it’s awesome

  12. Rishima Kar

    I seriously can't get enough of this movie!!!!! hopefully I get to work in a marvel movie!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Senpai Aki

    He's the reason why I'm a fan of MCU now. I'm so happy he have a show now.

  14. Vasavi Pallapothu

    I've been recommended this after endgame 😭❤️


    Hawkeye Deserve This Position

  16. Priyant Singh

    what song is that

  17. xy_aep


  18. K Suki

    New avenger... ❤❤❤

  19. Kirana

    Love it 💕 thank you 🙏😊

  20. DudtSpeed

    Just When I Thouhgt I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

  21. Hariharan J

    Sometimes we have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are I made my choice… I am done running - Black widow 2021

  22. Odoroku

    i feel like these guy suit the name guardians of the galaxy more

  23. Hariharan J

    Natasha waited WAYYY too long to her her own solo film I have now watched the movie and it’s fire 🔥 She deserved this !!!

  24. ElectroShockzipp


  25. Crocshield

    When I watched this film, till halfway of the final fight, I remembered it was a Marvel film

  26. Sumit Bansal

    I think they r trying to make streaks of movies first black widow then Shang chi then spider man no way home then Hawkeye 😂

  27. Scott Madej

    Shang Chi is the *only* movie in the world. 3. Weeks. In a row.

  28. Marvel Friend

    Who makes that voice at the starting?

  29. rad

    im out here thinking the comic books copied the mcu suits.

  30. Karan Kumar

    Ooo marvel when you will dubb it in hindi language i am eagerly waiting for this

  31. Kamaljit Banger

    Emotions and feelings of 10 years by ❣️

  32. Magee Aaron

    Excellent movie!!! So happy that my favorite superhero finally gets his shine!!! 🙏🏽🙌💪

  33. Jannah Miraballes


  34. Pandot Gaming

    The time when all the real fun started

  35. Avtar FF


  36. FiveM Killer


  37. Rajendra Solanki

    Hello marvel i am big fan of yours movies. I ask a question that is after this phase can we get Avengers Assemble I watch your flacon and the winter soldier and wanda and vision both series are awesome and i also watch black widow that is excellent and I watch what if now Thank you We are always with you

  38. Galan Akbar

    Brian is freaking dove

  39. Rylade475

    Imagine Taskmaster copying Shang-Chi’s moves. I’d love to see that fight

  40. BEAST


  41. Makaveli.777

    This scene gives me mortal Kombat vibes

  42. Rubi

    Okay.... this looks good. 🏹

  43. Palestinian Win

    Yes. If he is an actor.

  44. Gaby

    One year ago 🥺😭 This wasn’t a show, it was an experience ❤️

  45. Penhas Michael

    I'm certain the DCEU need this book more than us

  46. S P I D E R

    I came here and wait for the next trailer. 😄

  47. Gordo4pro Games

    Wakanda for ever

  48. Mouaz Dar

    Sasha Banks love you mohabbat

  49. Adnan Zarrar

    Fake account of Optimus Prime .

  50. Azlan CubaTryTest

    I’m 9 years late into the book. Read issues 1-5. Dazzler as the lead character? Since when has she been this powerful? Another alternate Wolverine (spoiler: he’s in a relationship with Hercules)? Though i’m into alternate universes, this is not a recommend.

  51. Thaya Len


  52. Juki Doang

    I'm from Indonesia, I'm learning to be a motovlog, for the sake of my family

  53. Arpit jayant Pahan

    Feels like yesterday....

  54. xQROOZ

    Hulk 😞

  55. Caleb bessinger

    I want to see the green goblin



  57. Nicholas Supino

    And Hawkeye will now play second fiddle to a woman in his own show.

  58. ℙ𝕒𝕟𝕜𝕒𝕛 ℙ𝕒𝕤𝕚

    After watching this film, many Indians think that Marvel has been sold to China. Nowadays it has been heard that Bollywood is also in the hands of China.

  59. Carter Greene

    This is a top 5 mcu movie for me i hope spiderman no way home and eternals are as good as this one.

  60. Ben Dover

    Shang chi and the legend of the ten shower curtain rings.

  61. Syed Deyan Plays Games

    Hey cap can’t die because of the solder serm

  62. InsanoRider777

    Katy: "Whoa... have I been besties with Jackie Chan this whole time?"

  63. kpk prudhvi

    Fans: Waited for NWH the trailer to get a glimpse of Tobey and Andrew. Legends : Waiting for Tom Holland's interview to getting leaks 🤣

  64. muskdeep

    good song

  65. miguelgplay

    shang chi best musics

  66. Leigh Cubar


  67. Woren

    the last monster is look like hulk's enemy in incredible hulk movie. Am i the only one who think like that ?

  68. °☆Offical Ichikaa☆°

    R.I.P. Chadwick boseman. it's sad how he died. He deserves the biggest R.i.p. ever :(

  69. Chris Unknown

    Damm groot look cool

  70. Nolan Neistadt

    this will without a doubt be the best disney plus show


    Y the heck does Dr strange have the eye of agimoto

  72. Damiøn

    I’m confused is Shang chi connected to the main universe we know or different

  73. O Crítico

    Xbox is dead...

  74. ZéToGaMeR

    Spider manière légende TOM HOLLAND

  75. N8njaskyo

    I watched is yesterday and my g it was the lit tense

  76. Yash Thapa

    Plz. Do fast lounch spider man in tv 🤤🤤😦

  77. The Unknown Guy

    Why is the spider man suit still black.. It should be blue

  78. Marius Vasiliunas

    This gonna be lit

  79. Jordan Harrison

    As soon as I played the first Spider-Man game I knew Insomniac get it. They just get it with superhero games. They followed up with Miles Morales and now we have this to look forward to as well as the Wolverine game. It's gonna be awesome. They should be the main superhero content creators. I would love to see them do a Doctor Strange game and a Hulk one as well!

  80. Pamela Merino