1. Flor Madrigal

    *Satanic twerking

  2. Loading Username

    * *asexual twerking* *

  3. Amy Pittman

    Lil nas x: giving satan a lap dance Editor: is this a little extreme

  4. kishira jones

    as much as your gay i still like u umy favort gay rapper

  5. 1 2

    ابلع ديسلايك

  6. Miriami Ubiria

    Im really curious what great Freddie would say about this “song” and video

  7. douglas oconnell

    I'm scared

  8. Camila Costa

    Este cara e doente tem demência mano e louco pelo dois chifres Ave Maria doido

  9. Kai

    God this deserves so much more attention

  10. Dylan Rozak

    * questionable twerking *

  11. paulina 0-0

    *twerking because everyone is twerking*

  12. derfin javier sierra d'oleo

    Escucha Lina montero hijo del diablo tu ta descario3744vese

  13. ChefDinoMEOW123

    [Intro: Nessly] D-D-Daytrip took it to ten (Hey) [Verse 1] Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie Thought you wanted me to go up Why you tryna keep me teeny? I It's a dream, he wished it on a genie I got fans finally, ain't you wanting them to see me? I [Refrain] I thought you want this for my life, for my life Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied [Chorus] Just say to me what you want from me Just say to me what you want from me [Verse 2] Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie Thought you wanted me to go up Why you tryna keep me teeny now? Now they need me, number one on streaming Oh yeah, you used to love me So what happened, what's the meaning? I

  14. Alvarez Ava

    this is proof that anyone can wear acrylics and look hot.

  15. Eddy Evangelista

    **asexual and non-binary twerking**

  16. ugur tunc

    That is look nive movie

  17. Kwai Ofc

    My favorite video😍

  18. Daniel avare mots299


  19. Luca Fawaz

    2019: Cowboy / Western 2020: Christmas 2021: twerking on Satan

  20. L L

    This video is so pretty

  21. Amy Pittman

    Who else misses the old lil nas x

  22. ChefDinoMEOW123

    Ay panini

  23. lemonpuff

    Why is everyone twerking-

  24. Sr. Snowman

    *rare twerking*

  25. STR Madness

    *perfect virgo twerking*

  26. Abywiesa

    What percentage of your battery now?

  27. Kwai Ofc

    Bealtiful song 😍

  28. Kendzou


  29. Luca Fawaz

    *twerking twerking*

  30. Jeline Agas


  31. Dark Foxy

    is agreessif

  32. Defender of The Faith

    So... you accumulated a very young audience by releasing 'old town road', touring schools etc... and then you release this? Irresponsible at best.

    1. Dremodicus

      So how many comments of yours have you deleted now?

  33. Taher Huzefa

    Everyday we stray further from god.

  34. Pradeep Roblox - and more

    This new lil has x is more different than the one in old town road... WHAT HAPPENED

  35. Djogbessi Afi Hélène

    Jesus ,the only way, the truth and life

  36. Yvette nimenya

    Man little not sex you burned your song on fire it is number one number one top King

  37. Frédéric DORMOY


  38. Razika Dehamnia

    No u can leave.

  39. { Triple [Z] }

    * Comments Twerking *

  40. MVP Turtle

    The beginning part kinda reminds me of the dream realm in shark boy and lava girl...

  41. Nolasha Cusub


  42. Luke Buchanan

    1:57 me heading down to fight wall of flesh

  43. Nyaira McMichael

    The way he said mama I still can't take it

  44. Jared Motzl

    Oi! Cheers

  45. notsohyper

    Satan been kinda quiet since this dropped

  46. Jared Motzl

    Much obliged tip of my hat sir AKA Adam and Steve logical and analytical Adam & St,Eve my beautiful lovely gay cousins out in Sydney Australia which I called but, fucked kangaroo town

  47. Cione Alves de Souza Belga Almeida

    Tu é mano?

  48. yarely cardenas

    I cant stop waching it

  49. x B A N D I T

    Even comments twerking 😂😂😂

  50. Didei Mituta

    You are gay

  51. -

    "Oh, oh, oh, why me?" "A sign of the times every time that I speak" Clearly lil nas x is trying to say that his honest opinion doesn't matter and society only wants to hear him say things that won't hurt them.

  52. Badr Badr

    M bottom but the devil is so fucking lucky

  53. Nyaira McMichael

    I cant

  54. Severino Pereira


    1. Wesley yyy

      Obrigado pela visualização

  55. BillieEilish Edits

    Can we appreciate the amazing special affects that went into this Ya thank you bai

  56. Camryn McIntosh

    *Mortified twerking*

  57. Jared Motzl

    It's the most beautiful thing from outer space from Dubai or the state of Emirates and Arabs But he didn't build it from me Palm Beach Palm islands but I don't do water

  58. Andrea Campos

    Soy la única persona que ADORA cuando viene la parte en la que dice Call me by your name ?

  59. faiza aouir

    Nice song ♥️

  60. Zavia

    Did he just kiss him self

  61. Mega mary

    We just relise that he's going to fire😂😂😂😂

  62. Aubrey Ryan



    **everyone is twerking at this point**

  64. Jared Motzl

    None of my friends should be living underneath a freeway or railroad or whatever except a roof over our heads together is also fine with me

  65. Lianna

    *farts* devil: Bro what the fu-

  66. •Miku Maika•

    **lesbian twerking**

  67. なさいごめん

    **lesbian twerking**

    1. •Miku Maika•

      same lol

  68. ellieplays12

    Me wondering how the fuck they flim this

  69. Roblox gaming with Joel

    I guess that lil nas x is gay 😱😱😱😱

    1. groovy cooli

      Yeah we already knew tho 😭

  70. なさいごめん

    I'm deadass going to hell foe watching this

    1. groovy cooli

      No you arent trust me it’ll be okay

  71. Jared Motzl

    I remember the Chinese said oh we don't care about Jared's Church the one down the street towards big Al the big apartment complex Disney snack the s*** out of them it was easier just to eliminate everyone and then let them do what they wanted with the church that my Jesus preachers Congo fighters know which direction I'm going to take and not only that I have you surrounded to Ecuador to Canada to China Hawaii the Yucatan Antarctica to the North Pole position I'm not staging a front but I am not dealing with you here.

  72. alan Campos

    Pov you are a minecraft player in the nether.

  73. Nife Olusanwo

    I don’t give a FUCK this song is a BOP

  74. Rochy Ortega

    Quisiera aprender a bailar en tubo como él :)

  75. Maggie Bank

    You should make another song

  76. Jesus Lehmann

    qué miedo en v1.5 JAHJAH

  77. Iam_phantxm

    begining all the fans go crazy about old town road now he losing his fans because he belive in satan hate all you want on this comment rily lil if you reading his comment you rily do not not belive in GOD he gave you life the devils did not gave you life

    1. Iam_phantxm

      @Dremodicus dude he gave you life look what it says about satan in internet satan, the prince of evil spirits and adversary of God in the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Satan is traditionally understood as an angel who rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven before the creation of humankind. He was the catalyst for the fall of humanity. bruh are you that dum DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN HIS EVIL FIRE NO IF YOU WANT TO YOU WILL REGRET WHAT I SAID

    2. Dremodicus

      _"you rily do not not belive in GOD he gav you life the devils did not gave you life"_ Only one of them wants to actively punish us for simply being alive.

  78. Sc. Ruby

    The music : 🔥😝🥰 The video : 😱🍆👨‍❤️‍👨 Amn’t homophobic just so you know

    1. Doll Gashes

      This isn’t homophobic lmao

  79. Jared Motzl

    How many cars went by my street when I was asleep for two days is what I want to know if we could put a secret license plate checker invisible in the middle of the street so it captures every wood capture everyone or what-have-youeven LAX Boeing aircraft going over my head and El Monte airport so small single-engine props I want to know I usually sleep for 2 days at at minimum stay up for 2 days also and felt and you really feel good today is not the case

  80. Dart Roofoos

    Мои глаза... их больше нет