Hey, my name's Jeff Chan and I am a mixed martial artist fighting for ONE Championship.

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  1. Gracelike rain

    I could do this to myself

  2. Carlos Ribeiro

    Minha vó briga melhor que estas duas aí

  3. Horizon

    Looks so fun lol

  4. john tran

    If you keep doing mma then there is no point doing all these.

  5. Night Time

    Perfect ending

  6. C. HC

    Erm I was literally in hospital with cauliflower ear that turned out to be a source of blood poisoning. Don't try this at home, kids.

  7. Alexander Park

    what gloves are you using here? the black ones

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  8. fluffyfeetbmf

    He’s also handsome 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Wayne

    Hyper aware. Skilled hands

  10. IT GURU

    Chan. I got a tip for you. My 357 magnum. I erase that 15 years in a second. It’s stupid to advise people to street fight.

    1. IT GURU

      @MMAShredded Jeff Chan you’re showing techniques for street fighting. That implies advising. Maybe you have been hit too many times in the head to understand.

    2. MMAShredded Jeff Chan

      nobody advised anybody to street fight.

  11. Rotscrek

    Gym politics are always sad to witness when they lead to people and teams splitting up. Good luck on your preparation and I'll watch the fight with great interest!

    1. Rotscrek

      @MMAShredded Jeff Chan ahahahah, this is hella embarassing, it got recommended to me just know and I didn't look at the date it came out XD. oh well, not the first time i made a blunder

    2. MMAShredded Jeff Chan

      thanks bro! this was a while back , you can find the fight on my channel tho!

  12. You Tube

    Worst advice ever.. what you SHOULD do is work on being flexible… your going to pull something or someone will take advantage of that weakness…

  13. Youssef Rabat

    نقطة ضعف جمال 😥

  14. Paul Carnevale

    Beautiful 👌

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  15. Jess Burrow

    i need to know

  16. Gregory Martinez-Torres

    Ryan Hall approves of this technique

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  17. Two Toes

    So I'm hyper aware that you are dumb. I'm not sure that this was the right choice of a friend to do this because your ear still looks like a dumpling at the end of the clip...

  18. Christopher Suarez

    Is you friend Ben Shapiro?

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  19. Def NY

    “I watched a video” ahahahahaha. Ya and I watched a training video on Botox, doesn’t mean I’m gonna go inject myself with Botox. Go to the fucking dr, and have it done right the first time. Not only is this a huge risk for infection, but it’s not going to look nearly as good as if a dr does it.

  20. Yeah But Can I Sniff Ur Pants First

    oh, i didnt even know they could be drained!

  21. Domino

    As someone who works in the medical field your friend is horrible at this

  22. Antoni

    When having a procedure, if at any point the person says "I watched a video"... just gtfo.

  23. snake & eagle69

    I hate accupunture

  24. oO Onaeko Oo


  25. ETX 213

    *Don't squeeze it? Omg no you need to cut and squeeze everything out*

  26. Lindsay Childers

    God, he talks fast

  27. Jordan rock

    Beautiful, love this technique.

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  28. Sergej Appelhans

    😂🤣🤗🤔😏Хороший сюрприз, очень красивый поединок, хорошая реакция и подготовка, отлично держит удар ,в результате тистая победа ,Браво Брависсимо !!!

  29. Levi Godinez

    Was it difficult to punch to the body? Or were you trying to stay on the outside?

  30. Kasmn

    Nice…I want to learn

  31. The Devil

    I can't begin to describe why this is a bad idea

  32. Dracula

    UFC ears

  33. Drew Parish

    Yea it will go right back but nice job trying to play dr? Your friend is supper weird and you should never do this bc yea he has NO IDEA WHAT HE IS DOING, “well the internet said” = close door in his face

  34. scorpion

    A bunch of posers try getting cauliflower ear on purpose cause they wanna look cool or experienced TRUST ME you DO NOT want it, I got head butted in my ear and had to compete that weekend By the the time I had a chance to drain it it was too late Now I have a permanent ring in my ear, can’t wear ear phones comfortably, there’s an air/sound delay with sudden loud noises(claps, bangs etc.) and my ear gets numb in cold weather

  35. Uncle Grandpah


  36. gloking was masked masked

    Good doctor

  37. james seven6

    It'll just fill back up so pointless

  38. David Choi

    It’s honestly really impressive that he took that many liver shots and still kept going

  39. DylanG10P

    Dude, just use 30 gauge insulin needles. Both my ears are completely cauliflowered id have kill myself if I used that big of a needle every time to drain them

  40. OneHandedGamer

    I don’t think that’s. also something you don’t wanna hear from someone.. “no no I watched the video and it says don’t squeeze it out” 😂

  41. CJ Young

    Performed by Ben Shapearo

  42. AM

    Jesus is King!

  43. TeylaDex

    Oh, I had no idea this wasn't just a permanent state of things once you have it... interesting.. but why is youtibe shwoing me this?

  44. MANTAP Official


  45. Tukity

    I see a lot of value in the "failed attempts." They let me see alternative outcomes. Good work here!

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  46. Jay Jun

    You are brave 😀💪

  47. jamesha175

    probably best to just not make the cops angry in the first place

  48. TheSheepDogPatriot1776

    KZsection University

  49. william enrique delfs downs

    Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan

      haha yes!

  50. tyler cory

    Your shot selection is beautiful

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan

      thank you!

  51. Amari

    This happened to me last month ,my piercing got effected really bad to the point that i started to get fever, was an idiot cause i waited for 2 day before going to the doctors ,my dr. was like "i told you to not get pierced again next time you do it, your going to end up with boxer ears " 🤣 he put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks my ears went back to normal .

  52. SAYSOE'

    "I'm hyper aware of the situation" lmaooooo 😂😂

  53. Angelic Flare

    “Ow mother fu” this video is funny without it trying to be

  54. Schmutzke

    Just go to a doctor instead of risking a sepsis (if you don't know: sepsis = red line comming from an infected wound or else and 20 minutes or less until it reaches your heart and you die)

  55. jessim


    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan

      thank you!

  56. Guilherme Caiado

    UNESCO: Judo is the best martial art for kids development. Judo first day lesson: "Roll".

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  57. Sereg4 G

    Супер файтинг 👍

  58. Brandon Glander

    I love it

  59. juntjoo nunya

    They one is sweet.

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  60. Abin Sunny 01


  61. QuezDaGod

    UFC or MMA maybe?

  62. Abt1n3

    Once I saw it, I can't unsee it

  63. AYoung Lad

    "I watched the video they say do not-" Me: wait what? Video?

  64. Saddam Hussain

    That's when you fight with your juniors to showbiz 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Tom Cursed

    Why tf he looks like Asian Charlie(cr1tikal)?

  66. Dan Fisher

    This is a great coach. One of my coaches was the same way. Wouldnt have it any other way

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  67. Aziz

    That does not feel good and it never goes away unfortunately and getting it drained is always leaving a chance for infection. You handled it like a champ.

  68. MoneyBread

    I do the same but I usually pull it if I see that they're not doing anything to block it or leaning towards it

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  69. creepypastas

    Your friend is a real singer!

  70. Jeremiah Young

    Anyone else thinks the Dr sounds like Ben Shapiro lol



    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  72. Callum The Judo

    Quite a random and personal question but I've been wondering for a while does youtube pay you more then fighting?

    1. Callum The Judo

      @MMAShredded Jeff Chan damn, thanks for the honest response Jeff I appreciate it. 💯

    2. MMAShredded Jeff Chan

      fighting pays you absolute garbage unless you are Connor mcgrgor haha

  73. Reshen♡

    244 from Viral Hit:

  74. Chris R

    Ben Shapiro?!

  75. JnR_

    Theres only one rule really: you can only quit after you got punched

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan


  76. Cesar Galan

    Love your channel Jeff. Your videos are amazingly instructive. I practice boxing and get a lot from your sparring sessions.

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan

      thank you brother!

  77. joao pedro aires silva

    That was a great berimbolo

    1. MMAShredded Jeff Chan

      its K guard to Matrix!