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  1. Dees nuts


  2. Dees nuts


  3. Dees nuts


  4. Dees nuts


  5. Dees nuts


  6. Dees nuts


  7. Dees nuts


  8. Dees nuts


  9. swxggyNAE

    Don't quit I love your videos and blaza be like ૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა ./づᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘~~~~♡

  10. IamLordCrimson


  11. XxStxrlyy


  12. Legendf0x

    My name jeff

  13. Sangwon Hong

    Did he die he hasn't posted a new video on this

  14. Lol123


  15. Rebecca Agnew

    Can i have one

  16. S Hughes

    I want a youtoos

  17. The sir.warden

    6:20 that nadwe character has me dead

  18. JelloMcFello

    Mans using the sky factory mods

  19. ThatOneShinySylveon

    4:45 Tip for kids: dont drink hot stew.

  20. Yvosyfo fj

    Please play tabs and download the light you are in it so am I and are two of me mine is called the angel and your is called sockssfor1

  21. Darth_Samus77


  22. Ryan Smith


  23. All explorer two


  24. DRAKE Whitaker

    I wanted to go to 500 Days and make the Junior days now because it's got 378k likes so you better start uploading I'm a big fan I've been subscribed for 5 years and I'm eight and I and I've seen your videos since I was three and I've been subscribed in the bed and like every single one of them ever since you made them

  25. Logan Gordon

    Your never leaving laff... 1:47

  26. DRAKE Whitaker

    Shut up meme 😂😂

  27. ST3MF0

    Very gus

  28. Helen Planas

    Sus omg

  29. William alatorre

    Just like your minecraft sever

  30. mental

    Now we need this but with the full gang

  31. Dark Gamer685

    MY TEA!

  32. The epic big little games

    Let’s go

  33. Blaze


  34. Chrozo Leafers

    Alternate title: North Korea simulator

  35. Joaquin Alvarez

    Adopt Nadwe! I'm sure he feels left out.

  36. Cameron Cahill


  37. Nicky J


  38. Mr. Mysterious

    I want a youtooz!

  39. KoriCat Gamer

    One time Nadwe said something but he put it as tbh

  40. Dupantheman2

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that tbh who is 14 is now living with 2 grown men who he has never met irl

    1. pikkivs np

      Did u have stroke

  41. Emma Dries


  42. EC Studios


  43. Gbati Nadjombe

    I want free youtooz

  44. Baron Of Cool

    I’m glad your back Mr. Socks.

  45. Sidki Mohamed

    I needed iiit

  46. That one guy

    Me want youtooz

  47. The Lightning X Gamer

    Where did this series go?

  48. Alpha Wolf3981 on Xbox

    please give me a youtooz socksfor1

  49. Pixel Glitch

    bro i was going to join the chanal but i think is to late can you add me

  50. Lorenzo y Jill

    I dont think so

  51. E S

    What’s it called!?

  52. Lorena Jimenez


  53. Jevil


  54. WolfLinkGames

    I would like a free yootooz And I was wondering when you were gonna come back

  55. Nick Porter

    How do I get socksgear on sockcraft?

  56. Alyssa Oliver

    Cactus is god

  57. Sockas

    Free youtuze

  58. Louis Bayliss

    Nice to see you back

  59. emandoesethings

    Can i have one bro

  60. WJ, SD, & BR Hurley


  61. WJ, SD, & BR Hurley


  62. WJ, SD, & BR Hurley


  63. Loley

    I want yootooz

  64. Travel Adventures with Heather

    Make them Record

  65. cqvio doli

    "I would rather drown than die" -Joocie HMM yes this floor is made up of floor

  66. Max the little kid

    Think about Enders man and crepers

  67. Mr.nuggets

    can i get a youtuze?

  68. Isaiah Greer

    i think i see s laser

  69. SpencerM007


  70. hassan ugly

    Wanna play call of duty one match please I’ve been asking for so long please my name in call of duty is yemeniwarrior

  71. Grizzlygainz Johnson

    Ummm laff you never laff

  72. Bmx_pro_and_gaming

    TBHhonest: shoot the Metor Me: it is a moon

  73. Roman Valenzuela

    Did anyone notice DanTDM in the thumbnail

  74. CR1MS0N ACE

    That's cool

  75. blon

    0:48 cow was ejected *Wai-*

  76. Roenjeff Romano

    Or they could’ve fox is it void in the end