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  1. Phong Le

    No no..

  2. ruth hipolito

    Wow good edit so good 2011-2019-2021-is squid game so good squid game sakalam haha I'm spiking Tagalog sorry haha so good edit in squid game so good I'm can out in this video so good😍🤩🤡😆😌😀😃😁😅😆😋😛😝😜🤔🤨🧐

  3. Rashmi

    Now I get it why uncle in neighbourhood died😬

  4. Minecraft Survival



    they don't stick back the bones in the neck?


    Naruto need this

  7. Lakshya Awasthi

    God bless you

  8. •Sxmply sxar•

    Im eating fuvking dinner.STAWP

  9. Saffyk Vicuna DrDba

    what the fock

  10. Keith N. H. M

    0mg gUyz th eymad et ugof war from squid gmae!1!1!!11!!!1!11!1!!1!1!😳😳🥵😂🥵🥵😤🥵😤🥵😂😔😳🥵😳🥵😤😔😤😱😱😤🥵😤😔😂😔😤😔😤😱😂😔😳😱🥶🥵🥶😔🥶😔🥶😔🥵😱🥶😱🥶🥶😱😱😂😔😂🥵😳🥵😳🥶😔😂😔🥵😤😱😱😱😱😱😂😔😳😔😳🥵😂😳😳😤😤

  11. Danycrack_07

    pongamoslo a prueba

  12. ReitzNime 1.0

    Imagine doing that and the tumor is on the other pat

  13. Fared ___

    Even its animated, i still got goosebumps

  14. Among Us Proz

    Yeah there’d definitely be no blood. Absolutely none.


    i got goosebumps 👌

  16. Jason Marinangeli

    Ma la vertebra va rimassa in teoria...

  17. BEVARS gaming yt

    U missed last bone of neck 😂

  18. джамиля хаметова

    Игра в кольмара

  19. Edwin Figueroa

    Fck no that looks so f*cked

  20. velociraptor alpha br 🦎(chaos effect)


  21. Polakkox exe


  22. Ishani Guhathakurta

    That was painful to watch .

  23. Srpski maper

    What about the holes on the skull

  24. Družina Karat

    Pls harley quinn 1990vs2021

  25. Ela☻︎


  26. Fuerza de DIOS. C. B. cvp

    Esta bueno broder es la mejor

  27. gaek

    Satisfaction full 🥵

  28. Gilcilene Maria


  29. kasansay

    Suyagi qopkettiku qaytip quyishmadi

  30. SaGar Shahani

    Where is jared letoo

  31. Anirudh

    This makes my head pain

  32. xenovibes

    Wtf with the music bruh

  33. Lunoxieee

    Quiet triggered how the song doesn't start at all.

  34. soping..beregoi


  35. foxy gamer 1

    The old man from squid game watching this in heaven rn 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👴👴

  36. Nanou Benaz


  37. Ellianna Willy

    Ew but this is the reason why we should respect doctors they go threw this and also what if you have hair….

  38. leonardo vieira

    E o osso do pescoço?

  39. Виктория Мелехина


  40. Jennifer Kossebau

    Öööh have they forget a bone?



  42. Astad G

    Hey doctor we missed one piecee😂

  43. Wojtek Lewy

    Trudne a nie straszne

  44. Moramba Konsam

    You Forget to put A piece of Bond 😂😂

  45. Sir. Nuking

    어? 뼈하나 안넣었?


    Dude u forgot one bone behind .

  47. Wasanthi Mangalika

    Bruh what happen to that bone?

  48. ♣️Mr_NoobyBXC0ns♠️

    whyyyy i was Going to sleep -

  49. Dreams status

    Its not just a 39 sec process it takes 12+hours to complete this surgery

  50. Nanou Benaz

    Squid game

  51. i do

    خطيرة وتحتاج قلب قوي

  52. Yandi Adi saputra

    Ngilu bgt njir

  53. K go


  54. IronMan 2.0

    They forgot to put that bone there !!

  55. Crawly Boi

    Stick 2019 big stick 2020 big co-

  56. M64 Serrano

    Wait they did not do anything about the bone that was removed?

  57. Muskaan Muhammed

    Seriously there tug of war is dangerous

  58. Master Scrappy

    “Tug of war is from squid game” “Chocolate milk comes from brown cows”

  59. Furkan Derin

    Adamda beyin yokki

  60. Rozania Souza

    E aí é isso

  61. Vivek Handique

    Heee? What about the cuted bone

  62. Jupe Dave Auditor

    Cringe as hell lol and stupid to

  63. Крістіна Черкасова

    Штоета такое

  64. S&Q


  65. Ubidi Prashanth

    So simple. It's my turn to do. 🤣

  66. Rayin Ravi

    The cross bone which was removed was not replaced.. it is that unnecessary???

  67. Seif San

    God said :You have been given only a little knowledge Just think with me what if they can use nanotechnology to do such hard surgery in les than minute s ❤️

  68. Крістіна Черкасова

    А штоета такое

  69. 🔥FirelightxX4🔥

    That would hurt

  70. Nurhanaa 'n friends

    Oh no its gonna be painfull

  71. srikar kanduri


  72. Kamran Ali

    I got goose bamps man 🥵

  73. Noah Matthew

    it's not from squid game it's from a country named SOUTH KOREA understand?

  74. AtomiX gaming

    Doctor:now thats alot of damage let's put flex on it

  75. Rendy Ard

    Gaje bngt nih yang ngedit

  76. Yohanna Barandiaran

    i like bendy

  77. Joni777 Jon777

    Кост забил б#@₽ где кост