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  1. Pedro Torres

    tenia que ser negra

  2. Bruce Cleveland

    great job 👌

  3. Vernia Williams

    Wow!!!! A Great Job

  4. juana campuzano

    God... This is a horrible pain,,,he look everybody

  5. Лёша Кучин

    красотюля.победа сней всегда!!!!

  6. gingmar salid


  7. Игорь Владимирович Баранов

    отслужил товарищ!

  8. Bonnie Sometimes


  9. Loz McOz

    She's gonna be World Champion runner one day😃💜🤗💐👏👏👏

  10. Maria James


  11. f didn't do anything wrong


  12. Michael Rodriguez


  13. Michael Rodriguez

    Damn kid's got talent. You can hear the tears of joy in the mother's voice. No doubt that's ma ma shouting😢👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🌋

  14. Ey

    Impossible be like how it's possible, Possible be like how can you think that it's impossible.

  15. tigist Hailemariam

    Good job ,Never give up. 👏

  16. Мухаммед Фатхуддинов


  17. my chanel

    It's her boys supporters running aside for me❤️

  18. Anjie Marie

    I would buy all of my meat from this butcher.

  19. heygirl1004거울속야경

    사육사가 아기가 안에 있다고 제스처로 알려줘서 들어왔는데 아기가 없어 당황해하다가 아기의 팔을 보고는 그제서야 화들짝 놀라며 허겁지겁 아가를 품에 꼭 안는모습에 촬영하시던 분들 전부 울먹 하시네요 사람이나 짐승이나 모성애는 정말 위대한것 같아요 ㅠㅠ

  20. Dayang Senandung


  21. Alok

    What a loss, he is killing an animal to feed another

  22. Mary K Pahmiyer


  23. Eric Teo

    She would had won without the shoe.

  24. Kaye Sy

    When you're kindhearted ❤️🥰

  25. Grace Udofia

    Congrats beautiful princess... I just learnt to persist from you because I've got it in me

  26. Nicole Christiansen


  27. Nele Smolders


  28. Yoly Kelany

    Los últimos serán primeros. Esa niña sabe bien lo q quiere y como lograrlo. Dios la bendiga siempre.

  29. Erik Markos

    I wonder how many cars that dog falsely checked because the spiteful cops wanted to bust someone for no reason.