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  1. D C

    Did I just watch the whole plot in this trailer

  2. Monica Kraut

    I barely made it through the trailer!

  3. SaeternGaming

    I didn't even come for the trailer, but thought I would just post a comment saying that i saw it on another KZsection video as an AD and right off the bat, I knew it was good when I finished the 2 minute trailer when I could've skipped it after 5 seconds. This is gonna be good..

  4. FazeRage101

    Maybe they should have included a Karen

  5. Addam Robin2

    What is this It with black balloons? 😂

  6. Proteinhead92

    Now this looks like it's gonna be a great movie


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  8. HalloweenKing


  9. Jacob Kooistra

    I feel like I just saw the whole movie

  10. HalloweenKing


  11. matias chavez

    va continuar halloween ensx

  12. hektorlinko

    Okay this looks good. Finally some more scary dark movies. Hell Yes!

  13. 5150eruption

    Watched it today, literally the worst one in the entire franchise. Insanely badly written, so predictable destroyed all the momentum.

  14. Tom Hathaway

    Good movie , i give it 3 stars, wonder what movie i can watch next? Lol

  15. Ritul Katoch

    Doctors strange’s director making a horror… Doctor Strange 2 supposed to be somewhat horror genre… Hmmmmmmm…

  16. TheLadybones01

    Took me two movies to ask… why is Judy Greer wearing a Christmas sweater?

  17. Tyler Crouch

    Naked Brothers Band for the win!

  18. k p

    Big disappointment. Already knew what was gonna happen in the following scenes. Characters were…. plain.

  19. Perfectly IMperfect

    IT vibes with a Realistic ID channel flair 😩 the release timing is completely wrong! Blumhouse 🗣 You missed your window!

  20. Austin S.

    Ethan Hawke is extremely slept on.

  21. Eva Sparda

    this one is a mockery ... my op

  22. Speccy Boo

    Looks like I'm one of the few who actually disliked this movie lol it was so cheesy and a lot of times where moments that didn't make any sense.

  23. Christoper Fleming

    What is King Kong doing?

  24. Christoper Fleming

    What was the guy thinking?

  25. Eledhwen Mare

    Do we really need more crap like this?



  27. Alec Stewart

    as a person. who doesn’t scare easily, well done.

  28. Docroy

    that thumbnail looks a little like Jeffery Epstein

  29. Sour Drop

    I love how they show the past victims helping him escape! This movie looks so cool!

  30. Gemini no Saga

    *I bet in the turn of events those spirits are evil and he was guarding them so he turns to be the good guy at the end but he dies.*

  31. MrBigstick25

    The movie had a lot of corny actors and moments. Micheal Myers stabbed a dude 4-5 different times with 4-5 different knives, I mean c’mon. Myers himself was even corny. It was more about the town’s residents instead of the actual star. Nothing like the good ole scary as hell Halloween movies.

  32. L K D

    Another Feminist propaganda going to be a SUPER FLOP 👎

  33. Dewey

    This trailer saved me 10 bucks. It was like a free movie.


    This is what Heaven is. xoxo The Clarences

  35. Zer0 C00l


  36. Ryan Mullins

    The fact their making a movie like this around the time everyone is learning his bad child trafficking should be alarming.

    1. Ryan Mullins

      How not his

  37. Paul Duarte

    The fact that they basically show you the entire movie and spoil the ending just goes to show how little respect most hollywood studios have for the intelligence of their audiences. Perhaps they are right to think so considering the state of this country.

  38. Dana Buckholz

    I really enjoyed this movie and I loved that they brought back some of the cast members from the first Halloween!

  39. Nicholas Heredia

    Perfect for Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  40. MatteBlacke

    how did they possibly let this see the light of day?

  41. Mamiak

    Reminds me of Split combined with IT if that makes sense? Either way it looks great!!

  42. Nicholas Heredia

    5:11 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

  43. Jazz Wilson


  44. Shajuan Collins

    All these negative reviews and I watched it last night and concluded this was one of the best ones.

  45. Janiya Victoria Ann Ross

    Just finished watching this at the movies, I like it better than the 2018 one.

  46. Kandy Black

    I will make sure my son watches this one with me. He is a very hard headed and stubborn child so I want him to see this for educational purposes because the truth is that not everyone means well.

  47. Neil Dohi

    "When the Firefighters saved Micheal form the burning house. It was at that moment. They knew... they Fucked up" Jamie Lee looks like Dr. Oken.

  48. MsAverielle

    Wow this look great.

  49. Prisilla Cope

    Finally!!! People listening to children!!!

  50. Deanh

    Damn. Serious child snatcher vibes from Chiddy bang bang. Ethan Hawke is such a sick actor

  51. Raul Victores

    Wow looks good

  52. グーグルアース

    i like it

  53. Trm Trm

    Now this is a movie

  54. sexy buns

    Welp. No need to watch the movie now.

  55. ChosenOneJd

    I was watching some fun video then seen this trailer and for once I didn’t skip, I’m glad I didn’t. This movie looks amazing 🔥

  56. X_KILL POP_X

    This is a straight up pile of shit. Hope the Hollywood strike never ends.

  57. =hidro=

    This movie looks too good. Cant wait

  58. William Conrad

    Too scary!

  59. TheBlaggert

    it wasn't that bad, but could have and should have been much better

  60. john doe

    They showed way too much in this trailer

  61. Denniszen

    Is this a remake of the original Hollywood film drama that was turned into a horror thriller by the Spaniards and then the Koreans in The Call. Remake after remake after remake after remake?

  62. I AM Beanos

    That kill with the saw though jeez

  63. tanner babbs

    i can’t believe myers has tried to kill laurie and has failed for 5 movies now

  64. marialiyubman

    That thumbnail, it’s Epstein.

  65. John Boko

    Hollywoke can't get it through their thick skull yet that these sexist feminist empowerment agenda led action films isn't gonna work without a Male side character or a Male lead incorporated to the film, Atomic Blonde fail, Kate fail, Gunpowder Milkshake fail, Anna fail, The Protégé fail, Just stop it's getting sad at this point, Stop trying to appease the Twitter puritans because they don't care about what you do and only like to bitch about anything just to feel powerful, Doing this is not helping your bottom line at all.

  66. KTChelsea Family


  67. Mark0869

    Wow! They're really trying to make 2022 the year that everyone goes back to the cinema. I'm ok with that!

  68. Gay Moderate

    MAJOR spoilers

  69. SUPERPOD Gaming

    Nowadays all males die in movies.. my guess is that this boy , using all the clues the other kids left in order to escape will die and proceed to help the girl when she is abducted

  70. King Purcival

    Much like the second Halloween I expect this to be disappointing.

  71. Glow Rodriguez

    Wow.. just saw the movie, I have to say this was so much better then the last one. But. I wish they would use a little more original Carpenter's Halloween Theme music..when he is comming up on someone or when he's killed someone. Please keep it more to the original story line and themed music. Its more scarier that way.. Also, where is her son , Josh Hartnett????? Bring him back he's part of the story line as well. Anyhow I thought the movie was pretty damn good more exciting kills and gruesome. Great job...

    1. Glow Rodriguez

      Thanks for bring back some old characters from the first Halloweens. AWESOME 👌

  72. Gipsy Danger

    Looks awesome, don't even need to see it now since the whole thing was in the trailer; what a deal!

  73. Brooklyn

    This movie to me was kind of wack just my opinion

  74. Andrew riley Painting and carpentry services

    Omg this takes me back to my childhood, lol. In the 90s people were terrified of this happening to theyre kids across america....

  75. Aussie Bloke

    I appreciated the story line and the killings were amazing but fuck me in 2018 in america not one semi auto rifle was seen not one person aim for his head like what the fuck 😒 im no expert if a fucker keeps coming at ya aim for the face

  76. Vernon LazaruS (Laz)


  77. cynthia rouse


  78. Johnny Blaze

    Dracula just wasted time on talk lol otherwise the clear winner is dracula.