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  1. J Q

    Give. Me. Part. 3

  2. Molten

    Sonic movie, arcane and that dota series: I'm about to ruin this mans whole career.

  3. Gulyash

    Oh yeah... Sister's location

  4. Audrey Longhurst

    wait the kids name is greg... SUPERSTAR GREGORY?!?!?

  5. Joshua Philip THomas

    I think fetch is mangle


    Gregory actually is the Evan afton soul so he still can respawn after get jumpscare and killed

  7. Tiare Henry

    I mean it makes most sense in FNAF that he's a robot I wouldn't be surprised if it were right

  8. Adriel renjo Tia

    Crying child i think so aso tiktok family real name even Atfon

  9. Super Mario_kid

    Of old models of animatronic eyes can’t see Vanny, how can Gregory see her, I mean Gregory is an old animatronic because he’s probably built before glamrock Freddy.

  10. Sourpuss0w0

    Theory: No one talks about the fact that in the eleventh tape the Therapist was talking about getting fake fur Vanessa mumbled it's for a secret costume. The therapist wanted to talk about it but she hesitates saying "I can't about this.He said he would always be watching he could be there or anywhere in between".The " He" I think is referring to glichtrap . Also the fourth therapist said that 3 or 2 of Vanessa's past therapist where MISSING, One detected DEAD!!!She said " The women's body was pretty messed up it looked like it was mangled by machinery" Maybe one of the bots did it?🤔🤔🤔

  11. Yahya Ay

    Intro seems like the glitch is the original

  12. under the seafoam

    Well, someone needs to step up as the new Geo Archon soon so I can keep up with my endless character and weapon building.

  13. Curt. Zedricko. A. Padaoano

    Its vanny


    I love the idea of gregory being the crying child "reincarnated" as an animatronic bc it works with how the FNAF series works, it may as well be canon

  15. Hansley Alonzo

    I mean crazy things have happened in FNaF so the last theory isn’t really bad.

    1. Hansley Alonzo

      FNaF 6 ending was perfect tho, it felt like the best way to end a game.

  16. Burn - Toast

    We all knew this video was coming

  17. Jadelyn Laufinson

    Finally I caught up after 3 days of watching

  18. IvanTheScratcher

    actually gregory isnt a robot, there was an alternate line, instead of freddy feeling that gregory is broken and that something is wrong, freddy would say "I am detecting blood. You are injured." and "Your arm is cut badly. I will take you to a first aid station."

  19. Mr Rat Man Kool 23

    wow this is gaming's scaries story. im so glad its solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Gigi is a Weirdo

    I feel so old this was 6 years ago and I watched it then and I watch it now

  21. Quibee

    My question to everyone who is hating on this theory: What other explanation do you have for everything? SB is such a random game *if* you don’t link Gregory, Freddy, or anyone in the new game to the old games. The only thing that links back to the old games in SB is the posters of the old animatronics and Gregory abruptly bringing up missing disappearances at the end

  22. Dark Death

    What about this channel? kzsection.info/auto/JRJ0UymMLfutSy0RBxYH4w.html

  23. Kenspeakable Gaming


  24. Jelly dumb dog

    it will never end matpat

  25. Varg Vikernes ThuleanPerspective official


  26. kominioo

    I don’t genuinely agree to some theories of mats but I respect the effort to it especially this one I mean idc if this is wrong or right I genuinely liked the content well some evidence are rlly accurate to the lore it self but some or not rlly but I have my respect for him and it’s just a theory why y’all mad abt it and it’s not even sure if it is right 💀⁉️

  27. Hugo Goldenbeld

    But the power goes way tho fast

  28. Blake Obrien

    This is not relevant to the video but did you know that none of the fnaf 1 animatronics have upper teeth? Well that’s so the bite of 83 and 87 don’t happen again and don’t say that the fnaf 2 animatronics have upper teeth the only reason for that is because fnaf 2 lorewise takes place before fnaf1

  29. OdDEK

    10:21 is the computer displaying discord???????

  30. Arva_2008

    not wrong venom gonna be in the game clearly shown there’s venom