Лунтик - главный герой анимационного сериала «Лунтик и его друзья». Родившись на Луне,он сразу же падает на Землю и попадает в Пруд. Его появление нарушает спокойную жизнь Пруда и паника охватывает его жителей. Смотрите новые серии про Лунтика и его друзей-Кузю, Милу, Пчеленка, дедушку Шера и бабушку Капу!
The Adventures of Moonzy&Friends is a fun and funny educational animated series for preschoolers and their caregivers. Moonzy is a small fluffy Moonchild who has come to Earth and learns about our similarities. He shares moondust and moonbeams, or as we earthlings call it “Love,” with all of his new friends. Because Moonzy is new to earth, everything is new and exhilarating. In each episode, he and his friends explore and share together. Even the smallest discovery is HUGELY exciting for Moonzy and his enthusiasm is surely contagious. These fun-filled kind-hearted adventures with Moonzy & Friends are told from the child's perspective and are meant to teach as well as be entertaining.

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