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  1. kim gysen

    This was extremely impressive. I really want to see a rematch with Teo. I think he will bulldozer him next time after having become smarter. I think he may have underestimated his power and the weight difference the first time, but that's not gonna make a difference next time.

  2. Adgey uk

    Hahaha it’s funny how fury’s got Americans saying dosser, tehyed never heard of the word before he stepped on there shores now wilder will be known as the big Alabama dosser

  3. Rolonda Edgeston

    So radical!!!!! 🔥

  4. Desmond Allin

    Bad sportsmanship….. is not the only thing here…. He has another chip on his shoulder which is the elephant in the room…. He is ….,,, watch, it will still come to light…..

  5. J P

    Deontay Wilder lost this third fight cause he was already 76 years old, but some people who know him very well say that he is really 137 year’s old. Deontay Wilder is known for lying about his age.

  6. Joseph Wheeler

    Anyone noticed shaq looked real sad. Must be a wilder fan lol

  7. hunnid dub hunnid stack

    I’m still looking for a promoter

  8. Azim Lit.


  9. David Calhoun

    Wilder.great boxer.crappy loser

  10. Omegaman 1

    Jacob said it best. Had the feel of a Rocky movie. Fans got their money's worth. Opposite of Mike Tyson's vs Michael Spinks fight 91 second KO in 1988.

  11. Arjai

    Tyson Fury... "he's got a lot of hate for me, I don't know why". Probably cos you keep beating him up Tyson, ya big bully. Lol.

  12. Fleezy

    Herring is about to get stopped

  13. Adela Bautista

    People ard talking like caceres was a chump fighter shich hes not. Berlanga is too young n still in a learning process so chill out critics cause he will improve fast. Look at Tyzon how he waz shaking early on by Bowed

  14. Michael Centeno Silva

    He deflated his nuts! A man without nuts

  15. Thomas Patton III

    Not enough people excited for this fight. Navarette has been a beast, tonight I predict he gets the respect he's earned.

  16. Undi Mumba

    A Brit out talking an American

  17. Romanov Kislowski


  18. Chris Dale

    Big respect from lennox another true fighter big up the gypsy king

  19. Jeff Taylor

    I am 66 years old and have been following Boxing for over 55 years now. I am really surprised that his father got his son to listen and follow his methods of training him. His Father Gave Away One Of his Secrets. That He was trained in sword fighting

  20. GHOST FACE Killa_SD619

    Just beacause your black dont mean your always gonna win

  21. Pranay Singh

    What a dummy wilder was, said no respect???

  22. Patricius Borealis

    why show stale fights from years ago instead of the most recent one as your headlines. suggest is on offer? Isn't this cheating?

  23. alex

    No legs. I like speed that's why lower weight class is more action. Heavy weights like watching a slow motion fight.

  24. Whoneeds Toknow

    Maybe Mike tyson

  25. Whoneeds Toknow

    Ali was better

  26. Charles Edward

    I guess what a person looks real fit and conditioned that's not always the case where's your guard someone teaches this man how to box real life one punch man Wilder hang it up bro you done

  27. david brock

    Morrison fight should have been stopped after second knock down.

  28. RonnG3

    Joet the silent killer baby Gonzalez cmon let’s get This win 🥇

  29. mixy85dc dc

    This is one of the best fights I’ve ever seen

  30. Solo Jad

    Fury took Wilder into the deep water and drowned him and returned home leaving Wilder drowning there.

  31. Michael Jimenez

    For the love of God, can someone please tell me what a dosser is?

  32. 7sergio6


  33. Henry Leme

    Imagine what would be a jacked and 100% healthy Fury... Oh mannn

  34. Steve Blesson

    I understand Wilder.

  35. Pete Rivera

    Soy Boricua y me voy por el vaquero Navarrete buen y respetuozo pugil👊🏾

  36. Shinigami Eyes

    Too notch production 💪🏾 I’m excited for this one

  37. speed demon955

    Wilder talks in rehearsed cliche's. and Tyson's brothers are caught up in the moment, huge statements saying that Tyson is the best in history, Tyson beat a guy with a huge right hand, that's it, Wilder can't box to save himself, if you avoid his right you win the fight, most of Wilders opponents have been ahead on points till his haymaker comes in to play. i would say that Fury belongs in the upper echelon of fighters past, but no way Wilder belongs up there, as Lennox Lewis said of David Tua " you need more than a bad haircut and a big left hook to beat me " or in Wilders case " a big right " Wilder is a bad loser with guts and a big ticker.

  38. AJ Lang

    How tyson is so calm before big fights like this is amazing, sat there singing and smiling doesn't seem nervous one bit!

  39. Joao MALHO

    Very well edited!

  40. Jed Clampett

    Timothy Bradley.... shut up!

  41. Bingo

    Not the greatest heavy weight fight ever

  42. Connor Myles-Peire

    Absolute disgusting behavior from Wilder... can't wait for him to hang his gloves up... boxing doesn't need this dosser. Absolute zero class.

  43. jcentricity

    Dirty boxing Fury uses his bigger weight to sap Wilder’s energy to prevail in heavyweight title bout. Like Lewis, he leaned and used the smaller Wilder as a body rest, wearing him down, getting a moment’s rest and setting up combinations with a jab. And like Wladimir Klitschko, he snapped to the back foot, taking the sting out of Wilder’s right hand. The gameplan inherently employs dirty boxing. The clinches - keeping arms over the opponent’s, putting forehead on their shoulder and holding tight - often devolved into headlocks. Like Lewis, Fury frequently pushed down on Wilder’s neck and snapped him back with close uppercuts. During the last fight, he was penalised a point for the tactic and on Sunday too, he was cautioned. But Fury made Wilder feel all 277 lbs of him and took his legs away. And that’s the Kronk way.

  44. Broadway M

    Wonder how Wilder is feeling, to be undefeated & then get outclassed by the same man three times. I’d be going crazy

  45. Mike J

    No Rocky or Smoken Joe KO's

  46. Joel Halliday

    I went to Düsseldorf when Tyson beat wlad and I was up in the nosebleeds to to see a man that big glide round the ring like that was unbelievable after seeing him in action I knew he would reign again guys a freak ! Big up fury guys a living legend

  47. Mainman Mademan

    Great Fight 👍🏿

  48. guiltseeker

    Boxer VS Fighter = Fighter wins

  49. Lambda Lambda Lambda

    Jamell Herring TKO'd Carl Frampton in April? Wow... This guy is going to be a serious test.

  50. Mel De Jesus

    Wilder a sore loser. Why? It was such a great fight. I thought both guys did a great job.

  51. Daniel Hernandez

    I hope Herring end this little clown's career quick

  52. Makilyo Maulion

    shakur is another floyd mayweather wanna be

  53. Mel De Jesus

    Is tommy fury adopted?

  54. Basil Carpenter jr

    I don't see any heavywwight beating him he's the best by far I know it's heavywwight so anything possible but it take a hell of a fighter to beat him

  55. that guy

    My favourite Hagler fight.

  56. Elijah Stewart

    It was kinda annoying how the commentator kept talking about a “4 inch reach advantage” when the tale of the tape only shows a half inch difference. He even read the tale of the tape out loud in the very beginning 😂

  57. Cappy 22

    Wilder is toxic

  58. Drew


  59. Black Sheep


  60. MrLobatoMan

    Wilder is the biggest crybaby in recent memory... and Mcgregor the biggest angry toddler... set them up with a play date as a social experiment.

  61. AlejandroRasmussen7

    Wilder already posted yesterday congratulating Fury, it was the heat of the moment after the figth, dude has a big ego but he corrected yesterday, good for me, after that valiant display. Respect to both warriors

  62. mrk00lguyy

    why dont boxers train legs, looks like twigs bout to snap at any moment.

  63. M W

    Tyson was right again lol

  64. Brad Stine

    It's not! All that behavior his true colors that's all! What he got to hate you to fight you!

  65. Eddie Yoshida

    Thought for once Booker T is Shakur's trainer 😂

  66. Alfred Hitchcook

    I dunno why Fury doesn’t put on some muscles. I get that the fat offers some cushion, but man, if he was actually built he would have insane power on top of his skill.

  67. Musica Mamalona

    Navarrete by KO👊👊🔥🔥🇲🇽

  68. Ysoo Ysoo

    Wilder is a bum and a sore loser for not having any respect at the end despite everything u shake a mans hand after fighting it out like that u meant to have bad blood before and respect after ✌🏾

  69. Ramon Aviles Lizardo

    I first I thought wilder ego it’s taking over him but I now see wilder it’s just racist

  70. SEBBY-D

    It's the essence of all sport being a sportsman and showing sportsmanship, theres always winners & losers in the end...but we all hope that hes had the deludedness knocked out of him but no still a prick but to be fair to Wilder what I saw was a seriously concussed man who was all in his emotions too much jibbering from his own subconsciousness & spouting the same jibberish, he could barely sit on the stool & had a just taken a beating so bad that the commission now banned him from fighting for 6 months until April after his post fight medical (compared to the 6 wks Fury got) had. Wilder must regret that now surely like I say we all had hoped he had that knocked out of him....I mean no1 ever truly great in any sport is/was a bad sport..

  71. Joseph Suliveras

    Would love to see Shakur vs Navarrete next

  72. Stocky Guru Porter vs Crawford prediction 👀👀

  73. Stocky Guru

    Porter vs Crawford prediction 👀👀

  74. Will Singh

    I saw Wilders tweet today and thought he’s been told to write that or someone else wrote it but after seeing this vid and the way he acting I’m 100% sure now he didn’t write it! Dosser

  75. Brad Stine

    My man look like crunchy black kind of

  76. Louis Henton


  77. Eddie Yoshida

    This is The Prince v The Flash Kevin Kelly 2!

  78. Edgardo Labraña


  79. carlos lopez

    i hope herring pulls this off, i dont see why not..he got skills too and has grown man strength over this boy. let go! OORAHHH!!!