Justin Flom is the magician. From touring with Country Superstars Florida Georgia Line and creating magic for other stars including Lady Antebellum, Super Bowl Coach Pete Carroll and the entire Seattle Seahawks team, John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Chrissy Teigen, Flom finds himself in front of as diverse an audience as any entertainer. His tours take him to buildings like Madison Square Garden to mega-churches as well as Amphitheaters across the US and world. He truly has the ability to entertain anyone, anywhere!

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  1. Reyaki Sakura

    He has 2 wives?

  2. Ícaro Henrique Lucena ribeiro

    -"Oi quem é vc ?" Tô gravando.aja normalmente

  3. OuterGoose3210

    Dad fixes a hole he just made

  4. Khowang songthing

    She put himself and acting like don't know anything

  5. Louis Vuitton

    R u “high”

  6. Jorge Lopez

    It's all staged

  7. Rolan King Tiongson

    How to do it is add a Marshmello and squeeze it and then do something with it like blow it looks like it's growing

  8. dansza

    Tackiest thing but if it replaces you all killing trees for your living room… genius

  9. Murilo

    He breaking the wall just for that

  10. Lyn Brooks

    your all full of crap

  11. LEXH M.

    “I love you” * slams door *

  12. MissPandaButt


  13. Boxing troll

    Report this fake content …

  14. Lukas Bonnaud

    Allez aveugle ou quoi c'est trop classe aussi comment tu as fait pour mettre la grave comme ça tu as mis ton nom en dessous non ça doit faire mal ça bon à plus tard #Twitter.

  15. PSX_ Gustavo

    Americano só tem piada sem graça ;-;

  16. Arfa Pattekari

    What is this

  17. zaim wong


  18. C Bill

    Or go to Home Depot and spend $5 to fix the drywall.

  19. Sandra Sews “ Let’s keep on sewing”

    I love that idea

  20. Reginald Stokes



    F in the chats who actually beleive and gonna try 🤦

  22. Kristela Hernandez

    He could’ve just drawn a whole

  23. alezander_11

    The things people do for views now 🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. 𖧷 Aesthetex 𖧷

    *Cream has lefted the chat* *marshmallow has entered the chat*

  25. Vanessa Bouyea

    I was told by a tow truck driver that Teslas are easy to break in to 😅

  26. DjhartbeatProd

    Oh God not these people 😑 On to the next story I go.

  27. Toneàloke

    Or you can just pay a drywall finisher like me 50 bucks to fix it it's not that hard bro spent way more time on that than you needed to


    Thx for telling ima broke into Tesla I like who he said 'I love u'

  29. Chin Ja

    I want there and can tell it was a watch

  30. Hector Calleros

    Fuck wasted life watching this