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  1. Ursula Painter

    May she receive future healing!

  2. Андрей

    White race!

  3. Hanisha Mirani

    so. cute

  4. Cheryl Thomas

    These babies are MOVING OUT.

  5. Leila glissom

    What a typical yt people torture device.....tf....wow leashes and restraints but you love them...

  6. Helia Avelar

    Com a mamãe cuidando … tudo em paz!!

  7. Rosa Gallego

    Limpieza general muy bien. 👏👏👏

  8. Susie

    She realized that she had an arm, and she just quietly raise it up like she realized I have my arm what a beautiful story

  9. Catherine Eveleigh

    I would never put such a thing on my baby everytime the child sleeps unless I get someone to bind me up just like that everytime I slept for about 2 weeks. I just could not do that to my child ,it's way too confining.

  10. tenofive

    Yeah made my day. Thanks ❤️

  11. Sherina A.

    Poor baby got to wait to stretch the f*** smh That a HELL NO for me

  12. Catherine Eveleigh

    Hey mom ,how would you feel if someone put a straight jacket on you everytime you slept.Poor babe can't even stretch ,can't scratch an itch.i truly think these wraps are horribly wrong. Just saying. Such a beautiful child.

  13. Rita Howard

    Brave tot

  14. لا اله الا الله

    ما شاء الله

  15. Catherine Eveleigh


  16. Teté Escalante

    Ya sabemos su vocación 😇🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  17. Алиса патрикеева

    Ну,а кто ещё порядок наведёт?

  18. bulterrier San Roman Gomez

    Son Angelucos

  19. allan Quiñones

    Brave baby

  20. Ольга Ситникова

    Почему-то все дети любят кидать и смотрят внимательно как оно падает с грохотом

  21. Alone Gaming

    The amount of self confidence she had knowing the mother is supporting her! I bet she couldn't have done it otherwise.

  22. Jumpam Mampam

    Men at work

  23. Swati Patil


  24. Oche Adeka

    It's in the genes.

  25. Luis Guevara

    Que lindos y que tristeza da ver a estos nenes que asta pueden caerse digo a los niños se les ama y proteje y los padres grabando solo por lakers Dios los proteja y luego están llorando

  26. Laure Sharafi

    Muito perigoso! Afff...

  27. Basheer Kung-fu


  28. Maria Alles

    Ох уж эти близнецы ,делаем все вместе ,наши также , они понимают друг друга без слов.

  29. Cira Andrade

    Gente do céu, que bando de irresponsáveis são esses.

  30. Piyali Sarkhel