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  1. Naslk

    Кукла негр

  2. мирка лисичка


  3. IDK

    Belk school but doesn't it hurt your hand🤔


    These guys are creeping me out🫣

  5. Ritaj Ayman

    It would be better to give it to a poor child than to ruin it. At least he'll be happy with it

  6. KisyaMar

    барби понегрела...

  7. Eda Nur

    Çocuk olsam Barbie'nin yüzünden korkardım😂😂

  8. Pingu

    Me getting revenge when my sister is mean:

  9. Kelli Berry

    Those position was sus

  10. scaredy_cat

    you ruined my childhood😭

  11. Анна Владимировна Леонтьева


  12. ♡LovedbyLisa♡

    Abi barbie bebeğin ağzına ettin cidden ya

  13. elisa_ drawz

    I'm traumatized now lol jk

  14. bunnix


  15. KEIv4

    Good job💯

  16. zepzep


  17. baaws

    i kinda do like it

  18. Luciene Lopes

    Não sabe comprar vela 🚫🤬

  19. Szabó Szonja

    Ez nagyon morbid!!!!😶‍🌫️

  20. София Колганова

    -У кого трипофобия? - У меня

  21. After Dark

    Me at 5 years old giving the ultimate *makeover*

  22. Федор Клименко


  23. Василиса Рогоза

    Бедная кукла!😂🤣😂

  24. Nastikaaa

    Здесь охота сказать только одно...негр

  25. hamra🧷

    Colourful Kim Kardashian ✨

  26. Asya


    1. Asya

      Yanlışlıkla yaptım

  27. Ömer Metincan

    Kız bu insanın psikolojisini bozar ayol

  28. Арина Полудницына


    1. Арина Полудницына


  29. Caroline Kirk

    If u r aboriginal i will let this slide but if ur not this is a hole new story...💀

  30. Caroline Kirk

    Bro changed races