“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” - Ephesians 2:8-9

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  1. Алия Рахмалина

    Какое счастье!

  2. elizabeth davis

    She is beautiful!! Congratulations!!!

  3. C. Smith

    God Bless You Seewald Family, Congratulations, Beautiful Baby!

  4. Natalie

    You certainly have beautiful children! Congratulations!

  5. Lyn Flom

    Beautiful Momma & Fern!!

  6. Gina Victoria

    I think Ferny or Fernie would be a really cute nickname. It also works because her middle inicial is E. So she *is* Fern E. 😄

  7. Carrieann Chetcuti

    Gonna miss your show, keep videos coming, god bless all your family,🙋‍♀️👍

  8. Catherine Russell Russell

    I hope that every one's happy now that your baby girl was born.i really hope that the media is wrong of adevorce .I really hope that is not true well I hope all is well.goodnight .

  9. Mikaela Kelly

    It's such a beautiful name 🥰🥰

  10. Sly14kt


  11. Suzanne Venkataraman

    Fern? Really

  12. Biswaraj Bhowmik

    So kiyot baby

  13. Alohaq Allison

    So cute!!!

  14. Michelle Herrera

    SO SO Precious!!!!!

  15. Jessica Alexandra

    God a king size bed with just two pillows lol I have like 10 on mine

  16. Lori Davis

    What a beautiful baby!!!

  17. Wendy White

    She is beautiful Jessa and Ben congradulations 🥰

  18. Lydia Lau

    Congrats to the Seewald family 🥰

  19. Tabitha Joy Mitchell

    Pilgrim name 😂😂

  20. Valorie Oathout

    Congrats, beautiful baby!

  21. April Bremer

    She is beautiful. Congratulations to the family.

  22. Melinda Hoffman

    Where is ferns sleeper from? That’s adorable

  23. Barbara Anderson

    Since your show was cancelled on TLC maybe you could have your crew that videoed still continue to post your show on you tube for all your followers to watch and get to continue to watch your family’s journey

  24. Kimberly Anne

    Congratulations 🎊💖🎀🎁✝️ Fern was born on my 🎂 Birthday.l Happy Birthday Fern 💖💗💖💓💖💓💖 Cancer baby she is, she’ll love the water and sun.

  25. Sonya marsh

    Congratulations!! Out of the mouth of Babes awww

  26. Sarah Barnett

    Happy bday Henry 🎂🎂🥳🥳

  27. Katherin Weiss

    She is so adorable!

  28. C ruff

    All of her children are so beautiful

  29. Sophiamia

    So sweet! Congratulations to y’all! Baby Fern is perfect! Ivy definitely loves her baby sister.

  30. Teresa Smith

    Beautiful! Congratulations!

  31. Lovemypurple

    Damn that’s a lot of kids for two young parents, congratulations!

  32. Sophiamia

    Oh my goodness too funny!

  33. Sophiamia

    That was hysterical 🤣

  34. Katherin Weiss

    Why does your mother call herself Lolly?

  35. yasminr

    Congratulations on the birth of your child. Hearing your mum thank Jesus ❤️

  36. Matthew Mullins

    I'm glad you tried a hospital birth with an epidural! After three at home labors I'm sure that was a great change! Congratulations, she's adorable!

  37. Coastal Farmhouse

    Beautiful family

  38. Carol Trimble

    You all have a Beautiful Baby.

  39. Shelly Bell

    Jess you’re so beautiful. Nothing like the love of a momma.

  40. Lisa Howard

    thank you for sharing your family is 😍😘

  41. Dumpster Diving Moe

  42. curtleigh widemon

    she is gorgeous.

  43. KonniMechelle

    Congratulations! She’s perfect and I love her name!!

  44. Jennifer

    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. May god continue blessing you and your family.

  45. Christina Rodriguez

    After touching raw eggs the kids should really wash their hands, and before cooking too. They can get sick from touching raw eggs, no different from touching raw meat. I personally won't eat anything made by kids other than my kids bcuz they're just one big walking germ. They pick their noses, and other equally gross stuff.

  46. chloe peters

    She reminds me sooooo much of her brother, Spurgeon.

  47. Amber Rivera

    Spurge: I thought it’d get little right away. Me too, buddy!!! I had those same thoughts after I had my son. 😂

  48. Pam Stephens

    Beautiful baby love the name

  49. LeeAnn Heck

    Now I want toast!!

  50. tammy coleman

    Awe such precious moment's. That last family pic it turned out real good after how many tries😂 congrats to y'all

  51. At Home with Mandi

    Now that baby girl looks like her daddy. 🤗

  52. cqvio doli

    i love how every single kid has gorgeous eyes 😩❤️

  53. Kendall Carey

    I love her name!!

  54. Korah Davis

    Your kids are adorable

  55. Natalee Kelly

    Jessa, thank you!! Thank you for being real and raw, honest and unafraid to share part of your personal journey with anyone willing to listen. Your explanations, especially regarding Justification and Sanctification, were brilliant! The reference of biblical scriptures really helped me understand things that I have questioned and have been confused about, and unable to get them explained appropriately so I could walk closer and more accurately with what God/Jesus has already done for me and what gifts I already possess from Him. You have certainly helped me and in turn I will help others with this knowledge, eg my own children. It will continue to bless others as it is shared and explained to them. Well done Jessa! I'm sure the Lord is pleased and proud of you! God bless you sweetie! Nat from Australia.

  56. Cynthia Thurston

    Fern looks like Jess's mom, grandma Duggar

  57. Dee Pestanio

    She is so alert and awake. Just beautiful! Thank you for letting us in on the birth. I’ve so enjoyed all your kid’s birthdays ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. The Artsy Nurse

    Runk? Haha thats too cute! All your kiddos are adorable

  59. Debbie Appleby

    Hi Jessa and Ben. Thank you so much for sharing your birth stories with us. You and your little family are so sweet together. God bless you all.

  60. Norma Clayton

    Congratulations Jessa and Ben.

  61. LeeAnn Heck

    I'd love you to put out a part 4!! Especially because that KZsection pain KJ said you were putting out 3 parts. I wish KJ would just STOP with her "reporting" ....

  62. LeeAnn Heck

    So precious im watching again!!

    1. dolimi jotoo

      Ivy has Betty Davis eyes

  63. user

    Fern Fern Mariana😝😆

  64. Kim C

    Hahaha that photo session and the captions over the kids 😂 "the nose picker" cracked me up! Thanks for uploading these, Jessa! Congrats to your family 😍♥️

  65. Minimalism by An

    It is so cool that Ivy has the same birthday as Great Grandma Mary, and Fern has the same birthday as Grandpa JB. Maybe the next baby will have the same birthday as Grandma Michelle.

  66. Sami Eyl

    So much sweetness! I love the sweet way Henry looked at Ben when he was holding Fern in the hospital <3

  67. Kristen Robinson

    Congratulations 🎉 she is beautiful!

  68. Laura White

    Very creative! Thank you for sharing.

  69. Ashim Palak

    Congrats to the mother, father, and the child. God bless you all.

  70. Pàtty Rainwater

    Beautiful, beautiful Children

  71. sydney sebastian

    Good job Jessa! Love you guys!!!

  72. Cait

    so cute ivy absolutely loved being a grown up in the front seat with mama 😂

  73. Kayla Jewell

    Omg I love the family picture montage 😆😆🥰

  74. Marjorie mesidor Joseph

    Congratulations, God bless your family

  75. 2445 Ego

    2:43 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  76. 2445 Ego

    I’m laughing out loud at 1:00 haha men. Amiright!!! Hahaa a so funny