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  1. why we play-

    It's now on ps4 and xbox one :D

  2. Animax vibes

    Why can’t doom slayer be hunter hunter just like to rip and tear

  3. Ted Dainter

    I'd just like to point out how he spelled 'swAOs' wrong

  4. Kris Gibbon

    So far the best mod I have found for this game turns the jockey sound bites into quagmire's giggadies

  5. Tyler Ledford

    I mean he’s wrong his Face IS funny

  6. DaWrecka

    Badger spent Halloween 2019 as Sir Sic?

  7. Dark Void


  8. gopnikkiller

    Did you move to Seattle

  9. ruiner2k19

    I am from the future and tachanka has an elite

  10. Dash McGhee

    What do you mean you didn’t run MineCraft zombies and JJJameson jockey mod

  11. nawt

    i wonder what swaws backwards is

  12. Guy Ameling

    Badger: No! Don’t turn me into a voice pack in a noodle game! Also Badger: On second thought… M O N E Y

  13. nawt


  14. TheDarkLord204

    The number after glock is patient number, sorry that side of me crawled out.

  15. Brbdogking

    Don't know what minecraft bed wars is? Good, everyone who plays that needs to stay there as a prison for those kinds of people.

  16. misuyy fong

    "Here here, come step on me" - Badger

  17. Mr.Dankbudz 710

    Badger: "look's Like your Going to be banned to the shadow realm jimbo." Yu-gi: "the Shadow Realm? No... I am Banishing you to Tampa, Florida."

    1. misuyy fong

      if this doesn’t get a console release ill kill 3 children

  18. Imma _BIRD

    I m also fascinated by sharks lol

  19. axlotl

    as a Florida person I am in deep agreeance with all that was said.

  20. geoffrey rolan

    Muh...Muh....Much Frebrahms!!!

  21. Aku9466

    “Anime is for nerds.” Says the man who is doing a review for a Star Wars game to disco music for a heavy mounted cannon. He’s not entirely wrong, but still. Nerds of all fandoms, unite!

  22. Gaetano

    Oh God. This makes me hate myself for being subbed for this long. Thanks for coming out. Maybe you'll get my sub next time.

  23. Henry Hudson


  24. xd sledgi

    Video idea: (hear me out) mod doom or left for dead to pretty much make it this And I guess this

  25. Gavin Newton

    I want to lorn how Chicken

  26. Deus Vult

    When these Americans think that Tonnes are imperial system....

  27. Seppe De Boever

    Badger can you bully respawn in to fixing titanfall

  28. MS8 Studios

    WHY ARE WE JUST STANDING HERE?! GOD DAMN IT, SOMEONE TELL COMMAND WE NEED TO MOVE! i absolutely spit water i was drinking all over the place and flooded my monitor at this part of the video.

  29. GLISP

    hey badger can you be a teacher i would pay way more attention if you were my teacher.

  30. SpartanTemplar9

    When are you gonna do back 4 blood??

  31. Jack G

    Badger you can program the horn to not honk when you lock it should be in the car manual somewhere or google that shit, actually google that shit fuck reading a manual. It’ll just tell the computer to turn that feature off you don’t want it on at this moment

  32. Some DUED

    THIs game is deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  33. Christian Stoykov

    Is this game crossplay

  34. Garrett Viewegh

    Who needs guns and heavy artillery when you can kill cops with gag weapons like boxing gloves, comically large spoons, flamethrowers, power saws and chainsaws?😂

  35. Buttpirates Buttpirate

    "There are other smaller tribes that aren't necessary to meet with but still worth exterminating." Instead fucking dead 😂😂

  36. Luigi/MR L Gaming

    You spent more than half the video on serious shit

  37. Amy Hoskins

    There is a other doctors curse going on right now

  38. Saddle

    Is that a draugr?

  39. CoffeeChart2966 Davis

    ok, who else uses the Ex-President perk for dodge builds?

  40. Hoax


  41. Matthew Llanes

    spam swaws, alligator

  42. Jessica Washburn

    Badger play tabs

  43. Stop Motion MX 🏍

    Thanks for reminding me how crap 2020-2021 has been badger…

  44. Boostyyy

    6:54 technically it’s a magazine tube in a shotgun so Smonk isn’t going to be murdered in Wyoming

  45. Rick Johnson

    rattle me bones

  46. Eyan Baez

    I love that the flintlock said safety off

  47. fast AiR

    why do you add so many loud annoying nosies and screams in your videos, utter shite who watches this garbage?

  48. Uridare

    i miss U. Bartlett so much

  49. Caually Awsome

    07:21 The "Screw brazil you are going to bulgaria "music starts playing

  50. Stemphy_ _

    TheRussianBadger arguing with TheRussianBadger pretending to be spiderman about the dishonest intentions of content creators when they plug their merchandise, is the most fantastic form of "pickled brain" media content that I have seen all week.

  51. Medic And Archimedes

    So in theory I could play left 4 dead 2 as myself?

  52. Jacob Gilleland

    The mocap really takes Badger’s videos a notch above everyone else

  53. Melissa the local queer

    if this doesn’t get a console release ill kill 3 children

  54. badzilla117

    Welcome to the gun gang badger! Lezzz fucking GGOOOOOOOOO

  55. demoblind


  56. Mr Facestab

    Play TF2!!

  57. A very possible Memelord

    Since Geuce couldn’t ask his question, ima ask it for him. How y’all feel about green beans?

  58. Soekij Benz

    do more enlisted

  59. david gonzalez

    You ever try out super mecha champions

  60. Medic And Archimedes

    Hahaha Meic

  61. Psycho Airsoft

    as an airsofter, that quote about sitting at our lunch table is the most accurate thing ive ever heard based on the conversations ive had with my own kind lol! XD

  62. Michael Darr


  63. Jaded Heli

    Rip in peace spooder man

  64. Iamameese Dotcom

    7:11 jetpack joyide

  65. V01D

    5:20 who's gonna tell him about the land sharks...

  66. Shawn_Wolf_2727

    You didn't shoot 10mm? Shame

  67. Jon Fowler


  68. gaming moment

    I'm gonna need the rest of that diaper tier list

  69. ass fucker the joint pounder

    Hey Badger I'm about to watch yo video in vertical mode despite that it's not intended to be viewed that way


    What's wrong with .40 S&W 🤣🤣🤣

  71. nikita kapanadze

    That roblox cap on bloodz doe

  72. Buttpirates Buttpirate

    "Stfu Leandros." I'm dead

  73. MuZiK_BoYz

    good dammit the Florida joke. That killed me 😂


    Bro Battlefield 2042 ?

  75. Stephen

    This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it - Epic.

  76. razorks

    ad personalization is on and I get webtoon gay ads even tho all I watch is twomad this and mrbeast

  77. Biologically Human

    So I just watched the whole 18 minutes commercial without skipping? How did it happen?

  78. Ya Boi Andrew

    Why is the map he on in the start 2Fort?

  79. Pramusetya Kanca

    Launch every single mortar stonk we have at Bajur and his allies!

  80. OneDumBoi!!

    Never thought I’d get such an educational experience from TheRussianBadger.