Blue Origin was founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos with the vision to enable a future where millions of people are living and working in space to benefit Earth. Blue believes we must protect Earth by moving heavy industries that stress our planet into space, and enable humanity to access space to expand, explore, and find new energy and material resources. Then we can see a dynamic and abundant future for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. There is no plan B for Earth.

To enable this future, we must build a road to space to lower the cost of getting there. Blue is working on this today by developing operationally reusable launch vehicles that are safe, reliable and highly available. Every launch vehicle is designed for human spaceflight from the beginning and able to ferry payloads to space. Join the mission to build a road to space - step by step ferociously. #GradatimFerociter

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    Jeff Who ?

  2. jefferi chang

    When businessman run a space company you get Blue Origin, when engineers run a space company you get SpaceX.

  3. David Harrison

    “The space coast of Florida…where the history of human space flight started.” **laughs in Baikonur**

  4. paul f

    Is that New Glenn flight hardware or a pathfinder ?

    1. paul f

      @Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah that's going ferociously slowly.

    2. Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah

      The latter

  5. Prasanna Vaseeharan

    Well in Sri lanika we are building a road to become the Lebanon

  6. Pritesh V

    When you order the most expensive thing from Amazon and its CEO himself visits you for service and feedback..

  7. Pritesh V

    Stop calling them Astronauts

  8. Pritesh V

    Elon: They're Astro-NOT

  9. Pritesh V

    When you order the most expensive thing from Amazon and its CEO himself visits you for customer feedback..

  10. steve mak

    Umm, Mr. Bruno is still holding on line 2...

  11. JPD

    William Shatner who is an atheist just proves to us what the Bible says about atheists. There are no atheists they all know there is a God they only suppress it. He says in 0:03 "Weightlessness oh Jesus" and 0:18 "Oh my God". Unfortunately, he use His name as a cuss word instead of giving Him reverence for the beauty of His creation when he was looking at it through the window. What he should have said while turning around toward the camera "Oh I'm in awe of what I see. People, there's definitely a God. I admire His creation and now I will worship the Creator. And you flat earthers out there the earth is a globe and not flat. I can attest to that now. Believe me and listen to Captain James T. Kirk because Scotty beamed me up into space and now I see the truth and now I'm a believer."

  12. Sergeant Gamez

    Yay finally some cargo for starship to carry 🤣🤣🤣🤣 just kidding!!

  13. Juke Highwalker

    Fuck Amazon!!!

  14. A H

    I really hope Blue Origin do something big so all those trash talker shut the fuck up. For real, Elon fans are so toxic and shitty

  15. 🟢 Iván Berni 🟢⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Watch your dicks, SpaceX fanboys are everywhere, legends say they can suck it in less than a millisecond.

    1. 🟢 Iván Berni 🟢⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      @Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah yeah, they as well.

    2. Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah

      Or the people concerned with Blue Origin slow pace & recent actions

  16. Shane

    Sry brah, that road has been paved for a bit now. Update your Google maps.

  17. TruthandjusticeXXL

    BULLSHIT! At an altitude of 100 km there is for very sure no weightlessness!

  18. karthik T

    Oh oh.... I can't believe this...oh....

  19. Joanne Cantuba

    hahahaha enybouddy els ??? en spacex??? starship

  20. 5 From away

    Hi sir 😊 mr Jeff bezos 💩🚽💩🇸🇦💩💩💩💩💩💩🚽💩🇦🇪💩🚽💩😑😑😑😑

  21. TruthandjusticeXXL

    Actronauts on wires!

  22. TruthandjusticeXXL

    In 100 km altitude there is no Weightlessness!

  23. TruthandjusticeXXL


  24. Chyza

    I don't know why everybody is getting so excited, it's just more of the non-functional mock-up that was already leaked like a year ago, it's not even a manufacturing pathfinder, it's nothing.

  25. FridayGood


  26. FridayGood

    i was so excited when i first heard about this

  27. izoyt

    is there one complete single footage from inside of cabin from lift-up till touch down (and few minutes after)? that landing seems very hard, would like to see how 90year manage that..

  28. Tibor Tarcsay

    Captain Kirk has finally climbed the proverbial mountain!

  29. FridayGood

    his reaction was so emotional

  30. Manas Hejmadi

    0:35 Starbase Boca Chica, TX has entered the chat

  31. Bionic

    At this point they need to rename it old Glenn

  32. Thaiworldnews

    Pointless shit for the ego of the super rich.

  33. SpaceX Thai-FC

    Sue Origin

  34. thegodtroynaar

    oo comments I luv them

  35. Bearable Pain

    It was fake. Shatner truly is an Astro-Not.

  36. Brad West

    He's the best looking 90 year old guy I've ever seen. #goals

  37. D Mas

    This was a very smart business plan to send folks to space and back.

  38. Berfunkle

    SpaceX needs the competition. That's the only way we will see true innovation in space travel. Good luck Blue Origin.

    1. Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah

      Many aren't sure if Blue will be the suited competition

  39. MarxAviano

    That they created this resort and fine dining experience around the "training" tells you everything you need to know about this charade.

  40. bayboat65

    Shatner: There are no words to describe this. Girl: HOLY HELL!

  41. Nick S

    So many years and youre not orbital???? New glenn is smoke and mirrors

  42. Monkey Chunks

    Is this a joke? The minute there’s negative press about treatment of staff they release this car crash. And all it does is show how bad they actually are and how much money and time has been invested in something that is still way off. The engines don’t even work yet as ula Vulcan is being continually delayed because of them.

  43. The Bard

    Are they trying to see how many times they can say astronaut in the stream? Lol

  44. Vicente Studer

    i wonder why they cutted the part where Jeff cutted Shatner?

  45. xXxSnoopdawgxXx

    “More payload into space than anyone else” Starship- “hold my beer”

  46. oreste bertoli rossel

    Mi parte sana escucha lo extraordinario en lo q expresan estas personas y asi lo siento yo esta emocion; mi parte insana del pensamiento los escucha como porno masivo

  47. M V

    Amazing how far has CGI has advanced in the making of videos

  48. Hashashin

    What is shown @2:25:40 ? Why does that look like the view of the catwalk they took to get on? Did the Rocket leave Earth? Or was it all done in post?

  49. March_Of_The_Titans Book

    where are tory's engines?

  50. Ruben Suarez

    Mr. Shatner, for those who are really star trek fans you'll always be our captain Kirk, it's a shame George Takei ( Mr. Zulu ) thinks you were unfit (called you a guinea pig) George should appreciate you more for giving him the chance of his life to be part of star trek..... used to like Mr. Zulu ,now I believe he's jealous of all your accomplishments. I'm Surely not George Takei's fan anymore...Captain Kirk you're the best!!

  51. Oliver Ford

    Imagine if they'd started work on reusable rockets in 1972 instead of wasting 40 years on the Shuttle dead end. You and I could be travelling to space today

  52. Timo clark

    Vulcan is still wondering where it's engines are

  53. Oliver Ford

    O'Neill Cylinders are the hardest thing to do, but the most rewarding if they can be done. Mars' gravity will be unpleasant for humans and make us weak

  54. Erik J

    Good looking rocket

  55. Ken W.

    Those that do not like this by giving it a thumbs down are the type of people that if asked to rate themselves, they would give themselves a thumbs down. ALSO THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS RATING THIS VIDEO SINCE THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT GREATNESS IS.

  56. DarqeDestroyer

    More of this and less lawsuits please. I mean, come on, let's have that road to space! Instead of paying a bunch of lawyers to sue SpaceX, just get New Glenn done!

  57. Ken W.

    744 thumbs down ... Hmmmm... those that dont like this great video are obviously jealous, upset or have no business watching this video since they do not APPRECIATE GREAT EVENTS! Its crazy to not like this video!

  58. Ken W.

    The capsule must have a shock absorption system when it touches down. Amazing technology.

  59. Ken W.

    It would be nice if Blue Origin would of had a video of the entire mission . Blue Origin is Awesome with the work they are doing .

  60. gloryship

    Never been done before? Falcon 9?

  61. Alexander0

    Bezos like "Wait a minute with your stupid emotions old man, I need champagne right now."

  62. Atomic Boy

    It would be nice if the passengers could see the parachutes on descent, not to see if they are open but because it is such a cool view as everyone who has been under a canopy knows.

  63. Phillip James

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this Is my favourite rocket on the Citadel

  64. Undying Legends

    will this take you another 12 years to complete it ??????????????????????

  65. DerpyDoom

    Didn't know grown toys could fly until now.

  66. Pratwurscht Gulasch

    i had to turn down the volume a little bit, wouldn't want the neighbors hearing this

  67. Wedge W

    I detest fanboyism when what space travel needs is more providers, not fewer. Go Blue!

    1. mycroft16

      @Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah As well as their lack of actions in other ways.

    2. Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah

      More like people who are concerned about Blue's recent actions

  68. JK

    Dear engineers of blue origin we love and respect your hard work. Dear blue origin management... Go fuck yourselves

  69. zulay huie

    you're building a road to space, but you need an engine that works.

  70. Ken W.

    Coolest thing I have ever seen!

  71. Victoria T

    At around 0.15 is that a shooting star or a satellite to the right of the screen?

  72. Scott Ledford

    Shut your eyes and it listen to what sounds like a Shatner porno, lol.

    1. pumelo1

      Its better than Porno!

  73. Claudio T. Crameri

    Thank you Jeff Bezos for inviting one of my childhood heroes into space <3 Best of luck for the future of Blue Origin !!!

  74. Starlight

    depuis beaucoup d année vous nous avez fait rêver avec vos série et film sur star trek maintenant vous avez été dans l espace bravo Mr Shatner

  75. Space OdJobs

    The only problem I have with Blue Origin are their half-ass management team. Their engineers, however, are among some of the most talented individuals on the planet, who deserves more screen-time talking about the awesome hardware that they are building and not being censored or dragged under the mud.

  76. Nick S

    Why is it so delayed and over budget???

    1. Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah

      Laziness, and old space techniques