Blue Origin was founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos with the vision to enable a future where millions of people are living and working in space to benefit Earth. Blue believes we must protect Earth by moving heavy industries that stress our planet into space, and enable humanity to access space to expand, explore, and find new energy and material resources. Then we can see a dynamic and abundant future for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. There is no plan B for Earth.

To enable this future, we must build a road to space to lower the cost of getting there. Blue is working on this today by developing operationally reusable launch vehicles that are safe, reliable and highly available. Every launch vehicle is designed for human spaceflight from the beginning and able to ferry payloads to space. Join the mission to build a road to space - step by step ferociously. #GradatimFerociter

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  1. ambkumar

    To be precise... actual flight starts at 💖💖 1:41:38

  2. MAX

    Actually it's not first human flight 🙃

  3. crishantha costa

    Homeless people. how many in us. Visit any city. So be like china. First eliminate poverty. Then if you can compete with china..

  4. Delikan Zorbey Gokyildiz

    Fake space.. barely

  5. Manuel M Carlo

    2021 and blue orgin organised prof, camera crew and helicopter ,drones, newest technic and no CAMERA INSIDE ??? That is weird ?

  6. Manuel M Carlo

    This camera zoom is amazing which brand camera is this 🙉

  7. Seth Jansson

    I suspect that title is a The Right Stuff reference...

  8. Pedder Griffin

    Blezos is amazing.

  9. Bianca O.

    Love Jeff, He is 1 of 1. Motivational

  10. MrYo888779

    Our vision : more profits but in space

  11. Ozjazz

    👎 "First Human Flight", I know what they intend this to mean, but that title is a slap in the face of all aeronautics and astronautics 👎

  12. Ozjazz

    This lady, obnoxious much? 🤦‍♀️ How did Fox News get their anchor on this?

  13. Philip Mangiovillano


  14. Kevin H

    Did you see anyone actually get in the damn thing? Or out? I didn't. No internal cameras? BS nobody was in the flying dildo...

  15. Dohn Joe

    I am not impressed at all. This brings nothing to humanity. It is a new Bezos business. Money as usual. Thumbs down.

  16. Lee

    So they can film a man on the moon in 1969 but they can't put a webcam in this? Maybe bezos isn't a prime member so couldn't one get one in time

  17. -

    ummm liberals are NOT!!! humans there 👉🏼💩👍🏼

  18. Space

  19. James F Carlton

    *I’ve got my “Dad’s SpitFire Wings,” now that’s something.*

    1. James F Carlton

      *I’m not even subscribed to this channel so why did I get a notification on this channel’s video❓*

  20. donvincenzoo

    LOOOOOOOOOL / i prefer SPCE


    If I know I’m going to die very soon, I wouldn’t mind getting shot up into deep space and never coming back. It would be the greatest death experience. Just cruising for a month or two or maybe a year into space in one of these capsules until it runs out of life support or natural death.

  22. Circle Nine

    But not one camera from inside out in space

  23. Shamdy Crook

    Hits the ground “at 1-2mph” lol not so much. More like a bad car wreck.

  24. Rick Laming

    Did she really complain about the ride? I just read an article with her complaining about it not being long or high enough to satisfy her... No good deed goes unpunished, if she really did complain that's kind of gross and I bet Jeff regrets taking her.

  25. Renato

    I suppose most of cabling and gadgets in the capsule are Amazon Basics , right? lol

  26. Justcallme Cross

    Did he really just ask him to open the trunks for him I would have been like no open it yourself are you stupid ⁉️

  27. David Sandoval Ríos

    POV: You are Jeff Bezos

  28. Andrea Petrovska

    What a kind loving invite❤🚀👏🙂🌍 Good Luck Jeff & Mark🍀

  29. Matt

    I wouldn't fly on this contraption. Not because it doesn't look safe, but because "clearly" there is no in-flight meal service. If I'm going to spend all that money to go in to space, I expect a first class meal and beverage service.

  30. silentmarcus

    That's not space imho and they did absolutely nothing except sit in a chair and go along for the ride, whatever ....

  31. Stick Mann

    The only reason I like BO is because they use mph and ft

  32. Suzane Vieira

    Poor woman who feel ☹️ (min 2:03)

  33. jofan jack

    like human lol because money

  34. Rusty Co.



    Ah yes, that shape. Natural Aero Dynamics.

  36. cash

    To all the losers and haters, have a nice day!

  37. Oort Cloud

    Interesting that the exhaust seems to partition fuel-rich and oxygen-rich in a weird way, wonder why that is?

  38. Tasunke Witka

    Yea, we need to tap into the Solar System's resources (asteroids/ moons) in order to reach our best Earth.

  39. advncedbionics

    Congratulation !

  40. David Dave

    CGI 🤭🤭🤭🤭😂🇺🇸

  41. David Dave

    FAKE CGI haha. Where’s the camera after a sole minutes

  42. Brabusrocket800

    To all the people with the jokes about this-it sucks to be poor, doesn't it? :D


    Why pay £28m when you can just pay £250K later? You must be really rich to spend £28m on a 10 minute experience!

  44. God's Grace

    Boy satan has really done a job on us humans...smh

  45. Greg Bolls

    You title this first humans in flight that's incorrect they're not the first humans to go into space. You should have been titled Blue origin first human flight

    1. wuoi zuiu

      They cannot even go beyond Low Earth Orbit, but are all going to "space"

  46. Tandri chen

    And 22 july 2021 first time launch with human

  47. Andrea Petrovska

    Well done Jeff, Mark, Wally & Oliver 🌎💙💙💙💙🌍

  48. Andrea Petrovska

    Congratulation Jeff, Mark, Wally & Oliver🌍♥️🦋👏📚✌👍💯🙂

  49. AuroraMills

    Where are you Jules Bergman? We need you now more than ever!

  50. Daniel Zabala Mesa

    To much money for rockets, but not enough for good cameras...

  51. Daniel Zabala Mesa

    CGI dildo? come on...

  52. Daniel Zabala Mesa

    A quién le importa la impresionante vista desde el espacio, mejor juguemos con pelotas que flotan, wiiii

  53. Kangaroo Caught

    What a pointless exercise.

  54. Bug Honey

    Gee, I wonder if my penis joke will stand out amogst thousands of other ones!

  55. Francis Boutin

    Please!! Select a flat earther and send him on your next flight to put the “ debate” to rest. Please, put them in their places.

  56. slatibaadfast

    They spent how long in 'space'? 90 seconds or so? Over 2 hours of bozos wanking and telling everyone how he rips off the IRS and his employees. What a moron. Oh and if you stand outside, jump as high as you can. You are technically 'in space'

  57. 23 saneyH

    Did anyone notice how much there is going on in space

  58. Permanent Waves

    The landing of the booster was the coolest part . It resembled an old scifi movie . Looks like it touched down softer than the capsule .

    1. cash

      Yes, just like an old sci fi movie. You can actually see the booster adjusting its position to remain upright coming down. During this video, the announcer mentioned the capsule has sensors that detect ground at six feet, which triggers a puff of air to soften the landing more.

  59. Who's a good Dogue

    All that money spent, and the ship looks like it was designed by Mel Brooks or Woody Allen - it looks like a giant rocket powered dildo.

  60. soiung toiue

    Yeah, they "jumped" 😂

  61. the punt✔️

    Vergin galactic is better than this 🙄🙄

  62. nuvi

    It is 2021 Jeff!

  63. ZokStar1

    @1;41:51 ANYONE CARE TO EXPLAIN HOW THIS SHOT WAS CAPTURE. Seemed like a stationary craft filmed it looking down and then panning all the way up as the Rocket passed it. ANYONE?

    1. ZokStar1

      And before anyone tries to claim it is a drone. STOP...You can clearly see no props as it pans all the way up.


    Ill be honest, this space tourism flight r wildly overrated. You just go up until u see blackness like the night sky.

  65. Balasubramanian Narasimmalu

    Too much money for 10 minutes of flight. What is the use of it. You cannot even finish eating your meal.

  66. Mein kampf

    1:48:44 when i had too much taco bell

  67. Lee C.

    I think i'm on the wrong site ... this isn't the 'rocket ship' i was expecting

  68. pankaj universe best videos

    My Mom want to go space or mars ,how possible

    1. pankaj universe best videos

      My Mom & me want to go space or mars is biggest dream,how possible,

  69. Shiro Lee

    So amazing!!!

  70. Lucas Lima Prates


  71. uowebfoot

    Call me a buzz kill or whatever not trying to be one. Considering we had the first American go to space 60 years ago is it REALLY that big of deal? Come on.

  72. Pranjali Gupta

    Congratulations 👏 from India🇮🇳🇮🇳