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  1. Prakash Dsouza


  2. Claudie Hildebrantová

    IT IS fake

  3. Dev Guha


  4. parsi naresh

    That is funny

  5. Ibrahim Kune

    If u agree its fake i mean why was the phone off when he took it and why did the phone smash like that 👇

  6. Jaroslaw Piotrzkowski


  7. Osky Football

    It’s wiggle wiggle for sure

  8. Babu Pm


  9. Angelique van Helsdingen

    so silly

  10. Agueda Sanchez Escribano Vidrie

    😠😠😠😠😠🤮🤮🤮 No 😂

  11. Cristina Escobar


  12. Marie Ange Tiffany MENZOGHE ONDO

    Pure Fake🙄🤨😒

  13. Гуля Гулизада

    and you can't have half of it

  14. K-POP LOVER 💜💜

    Fake don't try it 👇

  15. Gdudhdyd Hsudjdu

    btw teacher 2+2 = 4

  16. edits for fun

    Her teacher:gives her air pods . My teacher:confiscate the damage one ,slap the hell out of our cheeks and then parents call 🤣🤣 and then we will get a beating at home . We will be dead if we use earphones in class 💀💀

  17. Aileen Auday

    I Will do IT For My frend 😂

  18. تلفزيون الآن Al Aan TV

    How are you, oh my God, it's a definite lie

  19. Karolina Groszewska

    First of all why are they learning 2+2 🤔 and what is that girl wearing.

  20. Shefali Arora

    If you agree it's fake 👇👇👇👇

  21. Robert Bagaric

    Soooooo fake

  22. Maheen Ch

    I also wanna this type of teacher 😂

  23. Mohamed Waheed


  24. Ines Sventeen

    What name song

  25. Jojo

    Sehr lieb

  26. tina mertens

    Super easy it's 10