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  1. funtic toc

    Best smoking advert ever :)))

  2. Sinom Irneja

    lol literally a 3 page book! XD

  3. Ilya Lukyanov

    322 cases in Dota I see what you did there

  4. Gon Kong

    I came from LOL. They don't make document like this anymore. That's why I left. It's so terrible.

  5. Nirakar Giri

    By dota standards i don't call this out of the world skill but its impressive.

  6. Ponce David

    If only nigma is in TI 10 :(

  7. Amirul Hakim

    This skit is a masterpiece

  8. infinix hotnine

    I miss toby

  9. Arren G

    i remember phantom assassin with PMS 😂 ...supports literally cant right click you

  10. Robert Harvey Sarmiento

    This is the 70th time i watched this vid. And still got goosebumps whenever ceb says 'ill fuck him'giving somuch confidence to his team.

  11. Clown Bit

    "understand the game" just three words but not easy

  12. Arah Yoonseul

    I miss aui bro

  13. Arah Yoonseul

    Sumail was the topson of the past.

  14. Mond Rt

    Xiao8 322 against his team for better odds lmfao

  15. K Wong

    Just imaging if kyxy denied aegis infront OG A ton of chatwheel will say HI ti kyxy

  16. Redfly 214

    Notail literally @5:42 then saying that.... then we see them pull off IO carry

  17. Shahrukh Sheikh

    Tobiwan 🥰

  18. Mofriese

    Collapse single handedly made Rubick meta, just to counter his skewers.

  19. Ron En

    the chinese are really arrogant, also laughing and calling ceb ass for looking at his notes.,love seeing the chinese teams lose,.

  20. Jose Gabriel Y-A


  21. Pyotr Bagration

    EN commentators are cancer.

  22. viperfwarlock

    They wanted to ban Gyro then after the misclick happened, everybody wanted to own it. I wanna have these kind of teammates.

  23. Adrian Wang

    Now we just need the Mirana remodel.

  24. Radion NF

    30:10 Они не знают что здесь вард стоит)) Это паблик или Ti 10?)) Обратите внимание что делает вивер! Побегал кругами и отдался… Мог уже забрать снепку и дизраптора вообще не напрягаясь! Ну как это можно не замечать, омг. Намеренно слили…

  25. momo chiyoda

    55:25 "... if we win TI it's gonna be like a legal legal win..." 322 confirmed? lol

  26. Denver Alas

    Imagine if they also won damn, But the part where his teammates cheer him up instead of letting him down what a beautiful sight

  27. Aeron Orogan

    bring tobiwan back to ti11 we need him!!!

  28. StrJn n

    New series idea: "Before Reborn: a better game".

  29. Clifford Paalan Gomez

    Collapse x Dendi 😁🤟 ..

  30. Enaira

    for me, Tobi is the Voice of Dota2

  31. andriamirado John

    We miss Tobi

  32. Mark Cerwin Bandico


  33. G ENiG_2k

    Miposhka is now a TI champion

  34. Screw It!

    What's the music used in the video

  35. Grim

    Ahhh the forgotten items, does purchasable aegis count? 🤔

  36. Zin Min Htet

    Why Tobi was not there in TI 10?

  37. DANI Dingyang

    she is very good caster on panel

  38. kianto gaming

    I remember every time I see a tome in the courier I'd gladly take it :)

  39. Jabez Bulawan


  40. Another One

    Sene el.

  41. SoulP uzzle

    already been 6 years and we remember him


    Этот стак вп никогда аегу не поднимет


    Сэйв яйца на камеру чешет, мда

  44. そらそら-KH

    3rd game draft phase OG : **drafting** LGD :**narrating**

  45. The Xeen

    Is he icefrog?

  46. bayu Tresna

    there are two moment that related to buyback in this TI 😂

  47. Raj Malla

    from that very momment i am not OG fan but he is the best mid laner in the world. he though of something in the worst possible time. thats what makes him diferent from the rest..

  48. geloacee


  49. Glumi Daff

    А че она в конце ролика улыбаеться как идиот? Отстойный ролик...

  50. Mhon D. Sacampong

    Who's here looking for the peenoise casters. The "Lakad matataaaaag! Normalin normalin!"

  51. Afiq Haziq

    good old days

  52. recklessboi0902

    Sheever and OD Pixel is in a relationship?? I never knew until now..

  53. Ezio altair


  54. sakata gintoki

    Og are more together Lgd on the other hand is full of ego

  55. Erwin Smith

    Alliance back then: *FRIENDSHIP* Alliance now: "A hug? Nope i'll get COVID from it."

  56. Haytham Kenway

    nice i now can steal last hit and call it tp tax aah

  57. Glory To Arstotzka

    still waiting for the day they make it so you can backpack bloodstone and/or aegis

  58. vicky aseng

    1:01:07 topson : TA so funny

  59. Schizonic

    damn never knew Professor X loved dota.

  60. Sheldon Lee Nopre

    There should be a cheese trophy next TI, where losing teams are curved on it.

  61. Denis Shaknazarov

    If you didn’t hear V1lat commenting- you know nothing about commentating 😭

  62. Marshmello_Geek

    мне кажется это керри

  63. Zhang Kevin

    I miss necro book as a dazzle and beast master player

  64. Nopdanai Udomtanakulchai


  65. Zet the Arc Warden

    People always talk about OG but nobody talk about Wings which IS the best team ever

  66. Egor Chetveruhin

    1:00 someone please take Ceb's phrase out of context, it is very much needed

  67. Varia

    unbearable to watch, worse than every cartoon character

  68. Peter Joseph Tecson

    Zai musk

  69. Tram Ireb


  70. Ze ro

    Win or lose, this is still a story to tell.

  71. maddog0516

    I love how the stress of grand finals had both teams outside taking huge drags of ciggies after each game XD

  72. Ken

    ODPixel has such a gigantic forehead..

  73. Mhon D. Sacampong

    Huge respect, Owen Boss

  74. Alvian Saeful

    Make more like this, so entertaining

  75. Reilly 25

    Someone picked invoker amd was so horrible thats prolly why she has cancer

  76. Aku Bacot


  77. Justsomeguy


  78. Adlib Constitution

    11:02 fy also got 2 2nd places in TI without ever winning

  79. Ciri Разборы

    Best TI