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  1. may I plea- yessir

    There s still more ending but ok

  2. Dalphine Ntow

    Me and my sis fight in real life and we good at it

  3. laura denial

    Justie is a nice guy

  4. Marykutty Alphonse


  5. Lorraine Faithfull

    How can he not see the paint? 😂

  6. Aishah Yusof

    👁👅👁...ehhh i like this it is funny and good and pretty

  7. Gt der

    Q video mas basura

  8. nay naymyowin

    Hello Adam

  9. XxAxolotl king145xX

    I luv ur vidz

  10. Fran Fran

    I’m going to pass out some day

  11. roblox dude cool roblox

    Mixed all pink purple and blue

  12. nay naymyowin

    Good job 👍

  13. Kelly plays

    wow at the beginning trailer justin sure is smarttttt! 🤣😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😜

  14. I´m Sophie

    i love their zero budget videos they make my day :)

  15. Adam Asyraf

    Lankybox is op 10M sub so op

  16. laquanda howell

    Just a nugget chicken Justin I have chicken my address is 5431

  17. Mohammed Ghanim

    Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lankybox I'm a big fan

  18. Cecilia Kadarian


  19. roblox Alex and roblox  anan

    A moment i saw henry danger I was thinking I could watch it but then when I got older I started crying because it's over

  20. Tessa Dowlat

    The dog

  21. Chika M

    I love the break in story, but what would jusqtin

  22. edison cabangon



    Lol lanky box is funny

  24. Oreo Warrior

    I love the video (:)

  25. Jennie Murphy


  26. peter lehocky

    Adam is suck

  27. bendy reacts

    2:28 he is 3:36

  28. Anonymous

    C R I N G E

  29. Srinivas Amanchi

    I am looking at the background and I am getting hungry for 🍰

  30. Jayden Heaven-Meikle

    This is one of the most cringuest things I've ever seen

  31. Sandy Russell


  32. Sandy Russell


  33. Sandy Russell


  34. Crystal Singleton

    I got the merch

  35. Sofi

    I’m an international superspy superspyyyy

  36. Sus sus sus sus susskjsjdkskskekdidjdjchdjsisjsid

    Justin: steps on a crab Also justin: AAAAAAAAAA


    and bob is dume

  38. AlexEffect


  39. shirley lagos

    I. got that game

  40. swapna ananth


  41. sheesh

    Sticky is back 😄😄😄

  42. Kiko Kiko

    I like spam

  43. Jacopo Bellissimo

    Lankbox anche ce goku

  44. Hector Chavez

    I do

  45. XY_ LEAF

    The most world record blind

  46. Bryant Hayes

    So funny not good singing

  47. Catnoir Gallardo

    It is the rocky plus in Mark

  48. Mike Ames


  49. Chloe Ziyu Eng

    happy 10B SUBS :D

  50. Peter Fidler

    What's the game called

  51. Rainbow


  52. Jery and games

    I like LANKYBOX

  53. Malene Correia


  54. Zhong Nich Sango Tiktoks

    Justin and adam always finds a way to make people's day happier, they have inspired me to start my own channel😇🙏❤️

    1. Enter Name Here

      They Are So Kind, Am I Right?


    lankyboxs videos are amazing and foxy and boxy videos to

  56. Zhong Nich Sango Tiktoks

    Justin and adam always finds a way to make people's day happier, they have inspired me to start my own channel😇🙏❤️

    1. LJ

      Me: where's Adem Justin: idk he probably go get some milkkkkkkk lol Adem: mom I want some milk Ade

    2. LJ

      Me: where's Adem Justin: lol

    3. Just A Profile


  57. Phan Chu


  58. Gamer Wolf Chels

    Wooooow love this it like its a new trend

  59. Ayan Shanbhag


  60. Rodrigo carreon

    what if there's a foxy and boxy

  61. Ayan Shanbhag

    Text by I am

  62. Ayan Shanbhag

    How to play

  63. Ayan Shanbhag

    And I didn’t understand

  64. Imey-mae Gingell


  65. Andy Bui

    I know that this voice is not real

  66. sans the skeleton

    lol this is so funny

  67. Ayan Shanbhag

    I played this game only once

  68. Beta Costa

    VOCÊ É muito MAL

  69. Nina B


  70. Marc Z


  71. Russell Bidgood


  72. Frano Leventic

    i love your vds but the obby is creepy

  73. Imey-mae Gingell

    Where is crying to get the lankybox amount of my mum and dad won't let me and together the lankybox merch and I really want to get it back on and soon enough I will get fem

  74. Nare Manulyan

    it's sooooooo funny

  75. Victor tampoy luna jr

    Pls play adop me

  76. xxninjagaming

    So cool

  77. Maks kz

    Ема көзі көрмейді екен

  78. aj vlogs lol