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  1. Aleyna Koç

    Bu ne lan XD ksjksjksksjs

  2. Sandra Gonzalez

    You should let each other choose and the person with the most votes will spin the wheel

  3. Lovley Llama

    what happened to absurd records

  4. Vinicius moraes batera

    Top top

  5. Finnegan Driscoll

    yo I love your vids

  6. The Hidden Gamer

    My bday is April 29th

  7. Tameka Hill

    I'm a part of Dude perfect

  8. Sandra Gonzalez

    Dp you should let each other vote and the person with the most cost spines the wheel

  9. Seaouter4444

    Watching this in 2021

  10. Rc Queen

    10:26 me: YESSSSSS!!!! Cody is now my favorite I love star wars and hate Harry potter. Yes. Cody needs to go to disney`s Hollywood studios and go to the star wars area. He will LOVE it

  11. Tony Neufeld

    Trailer park is better

  12. Pé Thái


  13. Mediocre gaming

    Anyone else notice no vocab word this ot?


    I mean they

  15. Evelyn J

    I’m surprised I never see anyone promoting their ig account I wonder why🤔 anyways my ig is denisee_hh you can follow me or not 🤷🏽‍♀️


    Hey had to edit this You already know

  17. Austin Gonce

    Not to flex or nothing but my Birthday is may the 4

  18. Every Day Random

    Did sparky say A for effort

  19. Chris Baukus

    The displates don’t work for me

  20. Eric Tomas

    Trailer park is better

  21. John Winheld

    Wow! Coby got bullied

  22. Ben Lopez

    Fact if it is a real or fake snake A snake gose in a s if the snake is not still back away just in case

  23. jesus suarez

    yes tron

  24. Grace Kretz


  25. Liam Forman

    anyone wanna help me out and go subscribe to my channel right now for some quality content? my parents don’t believe i can make a living off of doing what i love but I wanna prove them wrong...

  26. Kind Steph


  27. Kevin Trosky

    tt man

  28. Cody Swan

    Team Cody cause my name it cody

  29. Kevin Trosky


  30. Kevin Trosky


  31. Riley Owen

    I vote trailer park!

  32. SNG EJ

    Part 2 PlEASE

  33. Levi D.

    The penalty guy, always get the penalty. Regrets what he/she says, and tries to get out of it

  34. Flickz

    Sneaky peaky

  35. SickErs Games

    Trailer park

  36. Abe Tang

    Let me just say I love licking of my fingers after I eat chips so the chip fingers product is Super Not Cool.

  37. TheWalfordBros

    The best part of the chips is licking the dust off your fingers

  38. Sexy Girls


  39. Ghostedsoulz

    How I felt when I did the big water slide when I was 6 16:20

  40. Natanael1402

    Storm glass reacts to temperature soo it’s not accurate in room temperature

  41. HazlNutt

    When this vid show up after 12 years like why

  42. ultracat love

    Sneaky peeky

  43. Milkias Senay

    Sneaky peeky

  44. Payathik Manoranjan

    22:20 Big chungus

  45. Chelsea Mills

    Sorry to say this Cory but you look like those chubby otters from animation movies 🤣

  46. ExcessiveSpider

    I think Garret's got it

  47. CyanBlast

    Trailer park

  48. Lane Miller

    Gar needs to make an omelette with the egg

  49. Nixy

    coby looks like such a nice guy with his makeup on!!

  50. Will Cat

    Trailer park is bettet

  51. BrandXYZ

    The halftime break isn’t the half way point lol

  52. Vikyath Susarla

    Ok, HE DID NOT JUST break poor Coby's items.

  53. Kevin Trosky


  54. Kevin Trosky

    tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt

  55. Emma Oliver

    Trailer park/sneak peek

  56. Ryan Christman


  57. Plasma Clan

    0:00 Gar... where's my $10? Come on, you don't want to admit you owe me. Hand it over. I'll give you my PayPal if you want

  58. Ruby Guillot

    Please bring back voice box

  59. Linda Weldon

    b u t t e r

  60. Bingus

    We need That Girl to come back

  61. Edsisters4

    south africa

  62. Roman-flash Speedy

    Lol I love ninja


    both absolutely precious and congrats owen


    owen is like my little baby cousin eathen

  65. Vincenzo Ruccolo

    Best trick shot vid by far

  66. William Johnson

    2021 gang

  67. Serena Morales

    Anyone else here 2020-2021 bc Dude Perfect is amazing? No, just me? Okay then.. 🖤🖤

  68. Alex Sho


  69. Jordan Lehew

    Who is here from 2021

  70. Brett Herald

    Stop.with the ads

  71. Flame Feary

    Chubby ty was the best chubby guy

  72. Jake Johnson

    My birthday is on may 4

  73. Shiya Green


  74. stephy hall

    Dude perfect Who do you think is gonna win T. series or PewDiePie?

  75. Mint

    Whens a new season?!

  76. William Johnson

    2021 gang I’ve watch this video like ten times and it never get old

  77. Brodytee22 001


  78. Adrian S

    Dude perfect I have a recommendation. It kind of takes away a segment when you add the sneak peek