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  1. Surrya Ashraf123

    They are so cool

  2. kenadie wynne

    why does cory say “let’s go baby”?

  3. Frosted

    When you get someone out at the same time as you. 😐😑

  4. Katie's Whole-Self Fitness

    I noow it was chakras

  5. SUS CAT

    imagine if they werent recording

  6. Ivan Eduard Udovičić

    I feel bad for Garret

  7. Shaik abdul Amaan

    DUDE PERFECT ❤️ ❤️

  8. Bear butter

    3 gug duty 2 the wheel 1 cool not cool

  9. Farheen Javed

    Get crafty,cool not cool and judge dudy

  10. Kylo Ben

    My Dad: Trash guy My Mom: Tree police

  11. kasper andersen

    1) Cool Not Cool 2) Get Crafty 3) Top 10

  12. Daniel neuer

    Andretti in my opinion isn't the best Jim clark is the best for me

  13. Keith Burtch

    castanet chaleging

  14. Jaylen RBLX

    The inconclusive rifle anecdotally cough because jason simulteneously trade into a encouraging sprout. cheerful, heady uzbekistan

  15. Jaime Dooley

    cool not cool, get crafty, wheel on fortunate.

  16. Mark Baker

    RIP garet💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️☠️

  17. James Deal

    What’s the Record for most Records in a day?

  18. Tanmay Singhal

    Who was controlling the plane after he went out?

  19. Louis LDG

    1 Cool not cool 2 get crafty 3 absurd records

  20. Doom_lover


  21. SYN Harry

    bouncy bouncy.

  22. Reese Harvard

    He must go

  23. tpraasterink


  24. Resource

    Do a sports bucket list

  25. schakar wilson

    nice that cool

  26. myanmar Simon 8910

    I can't believe you guys can carry those rockets

  27. PenguinInTheArctic


  28. Half Engineer


  29. PenguinInTheArctic

    North Pole !!

  30. Sa Ma

    2:52 Creditcard not a playcard bro

  31. PenguinInTheArctic

    Fighter jet :)

  32. The bi guacamole

    wheel unfortunate actually looked kinda fun to do for once like i would do it

  33. Cheekybiscuit


  34. OminousAce

    0:59 They sound like chipmunks low-key dude

  35. Jaylen RBLX

    The cheerful mind erroneously challenge because chemistry naturally curl by a dead james. foregoing, loud plywood

  36. Sophia Pennington

    He must go

  37. Epic toe Jammer

    On 5:42 there was only one pin standing up

  38. Hương Lê Viên Lan

    That coool of ever video that i watch

  39. Teem Prodigy


  40. kucing hitam Malaysia

    Hey i'm from Malaysia thanks you for post this vidio so nice👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  41. Etan


  42. Z.K.N Khmgl

    18 bounces im 4 years late but its ok xD

  43. Sambasivarao Lella

    1)cool not cool 2) get crafty 3) wheel unfortunate

  44. Mr C gamer

    Best intro ever

  45. CamsYNats Yo

    How dude perfect was made : Him: lest make a KZsection channel Friends : Dude , perfect :)

  46. Brenden Bottlinger

    Thank you dude perfect for the straw and the popcorn hack I was called a genius

  47. Walking on Sky

    Get crafty, cool not cool, top 10

  48. Priyansh Gupta

    Tyler is bad at just one thing - Losing 😁

  49. 2 Noob's

    Liked ty always

  50. Jonas Thalberg

    1) Cool not cool 2) I spy ty 3) Wheel unfortunate

  51. Megan Franco

    Ty won

  52. Irueayanathan A

    #1 "Cool not Cool" #2 "Wheel Unfortunate" #3 "Top 10"

  53. Joseph Morris

    The Judge Duty ruling was absolutely outrageous.

  54. shees king

    me keeboard is broken so he word comes afer s doesn work and mie word before z doesn work ... hank u

  55. Brody Sappington

    Chick-Fil-A Peach Milkshakes should be number 1!

  56. Yusuf AbdurRahman

    This should have 10M likes or something like that

  57. Francois Schitz

    1]cool not cool 2]get crafty 3]Wheel unfortinate

  58. wistful package

    2021 ❤️

  59. Moto Jungkat

    Nice om

  60. oliver boehm


  61. Tim Fangrad

    Adam Scott: "What shot has a 100% success rate?" Me: Garrett doing a crossbar shot

  62. Akku singh

    India op

  63. Jakob Tropf

    you guys should really do more of thease

  64. Elk Cloner


  65. MAX DING


  66. Damian Johnson

    Cool not Cool Top Ten Get Crafty Wheel Unfortunate

  67. Beka Seyoum

    Costed than excepted.

  68. Christy Marcinkowski

    I definetley agree , I'm mean that is one of the most painful things I have ever seen

  69. UnPrankAble 666

    I'm the lucky dropper. Never cracked my screen.

  70. Zan

    I wasn't born yet when this filmed huh

  71. sunil joshi

    What is the name of this song??

  72. Kurt Davies

    Go to the titanic

  73. Balloutboys

    did Garrett really die or is that just a rummer

  74. Trick shot man!

    The penne one is my favorite trick shot!

  75. atok sustagen

    My childhood fav channel

  76. Yelena Suleymanova

    make a part 3