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  1. O P


  2. Rahul kuldeep

    😍😍😍😍 better than steph curry 😁😘

  3. Blair Anonymous

    Avocado pant

  4. pablo munsil

    What a fucking legend !!

  5. Jayke Keola

    Defying gravity?

  6. Elston Kamaka

    Amazing POV !

  7. Jebrone Kitty

    Hitting the bat like that is illegal

  8. Monu


  9. Moonlight Stark

    A girl behind was shock 😂🤣

  10. Monu


  11. Saurabh Jadhav

    She has achieved so much that she published a research paper

  12. Daniel Jones


  13. Diver Diver

    What a load of shite

  14. Excellent Ngwa

    Humanity behaves good sometimes ...

  15. John Doe


  16. ZIQO

    Never grow up 😂

  17. Aaron Billington

    Professional swing ball

  18. ブラック魔王とケンケン


  19. Dee Dee

    Ping pong met tether ball, I see.

  20. ·˚ ༘ ┊͙⟆𝜏ᎯᖇᎯ - !

    "Ek wak shah eh ah sheh ah houp, AH!. Aye bro, TRAIN ME, TRAIN MEE!"

  21. Kimmy Oofs

    I would watch it

  22. Iurie Potinga


  23. Davey J

    Grant looked back like" watchout" lol

  24. Md. Jubayar


  25. Theo

    Genius move. Respect

  26. Monkey King

    now all he needs is a basketball rim at the end of the mattress and a ball. beat show on earth.

  27. Wanda Muhamad Ramadhan

    I think it is gwara gwara

  28. Andrew George Comeau

    I knew where he was going ,but it still git me. I heard that thump about IDK 12 times b4 I could stop laughing. lol

  29. PhytonG 1642

    I had one, but now we live on different region

  30. srinivas prasanth

    Oh man!! This is really fantastic 🤣.I would like to play

  31. conover1978

    HOLY SHIT!! The next happy glimore

  32. Арди Флей


  33. Mighty Healthy

    I remember flag football in 3rd grade

  34. CallMehToxicXS

    *guy in blue sweater looking possessed when jumping over the can* Me: *WHEEZE*

  35. LDW 3131

    Never underestimate ur opponent even if ur bigger 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🙏

  36. Elaine Tafili

    I love this.

  37. conover1978


  38. MEH

    the dude mugging him : *PULLS OUT GUN

  39. LDW 3131

    This is what never giving up looks like 🤣💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💯💯💯💯🌟⭐️✅

  40. Aj

    Wait Kobe was left handed lol 😂

  41. Akshay7 Mane7

    John cena has .. massive impact on every late 90 s and early 2000 s kids just feel good to be John cena ...

  42. Арди Флей


  43. Beh Zhe

    This deserve 10million likes tbh cuz this is a impossible thing

  44. Joe Winter

    If the physicality you have to be at already to even attempt shit like this is just crazy kudos to him the shit is insane

  45. 06 Claudia Sekar XI MIPA 1

    I just did that with my knee .... Let's just say it worked, but your soul Will go to hell and then back to earth. So do not try it 😀👍🏻

  46. Nihar Sultana


  47. Len Di Filippi

    It’s really the little things.

  48. Nicole

    Pake sharingan lebih nyaman keknya

  49. CallMehToxicXS

    *possessed quadra spin* Me: *WHEEZING*

  50. 13guQYdj7fd9wkCFQ4DFqUTTr4qyVrh6TN

    Fake ass weights. I’d still smash that tho.

  51. Kasui Bakugou

    Remember hitting a 90 *yea* *me* *neither*

  52. Obito Uchiha

    That's was fun🔥🔥

  53. 그걸왜빠니보틀


  54. Landon Cube

    Ngl it's scary when you run too fast for your own legs

  55. Frank Meoño


  56. blaine kingi

    Just hit the thing down for fcuk sakes!

  57. Madd RedMoxxii

    He had to prove be could of made in colly

  58. Spuriously_



    The music is WHY I mute the music

  60. orange po

    Haha i bet this is engineering class?

  61. Major Tarot

    What did that guy do to the rear windshield? Genuinely curious

  62. Trophics

    All the talent in the world just to get shot by some dumb bum

  63. Арди Флей


  64. AOF

    When you're extra short, but have to find away to use the machine

  65. Nooo Name

    Even got their own referee

  66. Cristian Munoz

    Are people really wearing a mask while playing a sport? Man we can't get any more dumb can we?

  67. Арди Флей


  68. Catastrophe Girl

    That's some Kuroko no Basket there

  69. gideon arhinful

    His crush was watching....

  70. Push Mak B

    No, I do not!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  71. Bhavya Trehan

    So idk why but the music they palyed after was the kind of music used in Indian marriages and the way they were all standing on the truck is very common in india, I feel like they're all going to an Indian wedding

  72. Trasey Marriott

    Wow 👀👍that was Amazing, love it 🔥

  73. Hunter

    You did brick though, god just didn't feel like calling you out on it today.

  74. crancpiti


  75. KDoggg2017

    She killed it. Let the haters hate. 😌

  76. zayzay bascomb

    Nigga slapped it and wam bam fixed finger ma’am

  77. Ethan Gardner

    Love the art dude! Clip them nails tho ;)

  78. Lifeizrigged


  79. Арди Флей