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  1. Brooky Foster

    Does cooking spray not exist anymore... This is just kinda dumb...

  2. ~lazycat~

    Ah yes demons are real

  3. Carolina Cordero

    Na kaka tuwa

  4. Devon Verhagen


  5. Lifewitkhamya Gamble

    Not me seeing the Pringles can in her hair

  6. Carolina Cordero


  7. Donutplayz

    Bruh you do realize that you have a hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Jj Skyland

    It’s gonna be a crunchy sit

  9. HdRebecca Brown

    Love them

  10. ItzLuna

    Yea I wonder who wakes up with full face of makeup

  11. sd sohail

    Yo ar doing good and good luck 👍👍🤠

  12. Carolina Cordero

    Yami da cookies 🍪☕

  13. Jessica Cordima

    That looks awfully like Clay

  14. Dik nei

    If you give that to a real child it will thinks that lipstick is all edible and they will began to search for lipsticks and ended up eating it,however if they're stupid

  15. Carolina Cordero

    Hahaha. Da Sik

  16. Carolina Cordero

    Da Sik hahahaha😂😂😂😂

  17. taleyia Watkins

    Jalisa 😂😂😂😂🙄🤦🏾‍♀️😨

  18. Reshma Sayyad

    Me : bohot ache My mom : oil nam ki koi chij he bhi ya nahi😑

  19. Violet Strube

    ...chalk board...dry erase board...

  20. Radhika Nadan

    I hate guys but I'm sorry my sister loves you guys so much and she subscribed

  21. Laila Ziraoui

    What blue

  22. Evelyn Tolentino

    janine T. Bla

  23. Ana Lopez

    ah yes the magic bag with thousands and millions of m&Ms crazy that dress looks horrible hideous

  24. wulan🗿


  25. Jonatan Ancajima

    123 go yes



  27. Pattesh Pattesh

    Super 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  28. yeet fo ever.

    bra just eat something else

  29. Stephanie Taylojxbdubfr

    Even your disgusting don't you

  30. Kiara Hernandez

    Kj be i was recording a video now u ruined it me : be like then record another video 😑

  31. mewo_mewo robot

    Its literally adults acting childish

  32. Ji yeong💖

    Did she even use oil

  33. it's karen

    is sneezing embarrassing?

  34. Lyonna Parker

    Or just not be lazy and get the spoon from the kitchen

  35. Kamila Camacho

    Yo viendo que no pueden ni hacer un huevo bien

  36. Candice Harris

    So sad

  37. Aashraya Khadka

    I love good Girl

  38. Roseylilxell

    Unm has she every heard of soap and and water!?

  39. debby

    I could feel the jeniffer LOPEZ

  40. Faithie

    Cooking an egg like that could take like 30 minutes or even an hour

  41. ・{Rose Gacha}・

    I wanna die.

  42. Alexa Archaga

    How do you get that

  43. ・{Rose Gacha}・

    Only dresses? Maybe go back to the 15th century

  44. Yenni Turizo


  45. Berenice Vazquez

    U do know that u have hands right

  46. Maria Analiza Hermogino


  47. Ellanore Gnzlz


  48. I'm ARMY

    I hate friend like that😠

  49. Elizabeth Carroll

    Her ear was bleeding. What kind of Torture is this. She could’ve just put it together n her pocket

  50. John Dave Francisco

    Not pink choco lipstick vs real lipstick pink chocolate

  51. Ella Granada

    The fact that she cracked the egg first before the pan was in the burner😳😂

  52. Lori Tidwell


    1. Latisha Whitely

      What if they don’t want a boiled egg

  53. Eloah Silva


  54. Reniya Macklin

    She had all that time to make an earing but not enough time to Finish her makeup..

  55. julio abrego


  56. B.k

    The Balloon man was so clumsy

  57. Liyaana Muhammad

    This is why oil exist ma'am 🤔 👀 Like even when you don't have oil don't do dis unless you want your house to catch on fire or your to lazy to buy some oil 😑

  58. Cookie Gaming

    Egg will stick to paper lol

  59. wolf wonder 🐺

    Just use your hands dumb a

  60. Alina smiley

    Hmm I can see that being my older sister 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 nice hack

    1. Mel


  61. julio abrego

    The boy who said ahhh ahhh embarrassed me Infront of my school I hate it

  62. Sami and Dennis Gray

    Teach kids to play with pill packets disgusting

  63. The Blxck mxøn and Gøld mxøn 🌑🌕

    That’s so stupid surely you can’t smure chocolate all over your face

  64. Della Angga

    Sak mai ays is mi

  65. Soph E

    no just no you are a disgrace of life

  66. Stacie Kogut


  67. Angely Sancillena

    I thought the black thing was a mini oreo

  68. John Silva

    Ends up eating all the pills by mistake

  69. Maegan

    Until it burns

    1. Liyaana Muhammad


  70. Lily&Lulu

    Lana is my sister's name

  71. The Blxck mxøn and Gøld mxøn 🌑🌕

    Your disgusting me please stop and kids do eat like that’s if you like it or not 😩😭

  72. Ava Buffington

    I’m going to try that

  73. Suttida Sukompa


  74. Random edits 🐞

    This might be the only troom troom 5 minute craft that is actually useful

  75. Paisley 1 7 13

    Not like you can draw on the back Not at all

  76. Maria Vasquez

    What is doing She

  77. CandyFun

    Or just get a dishwasher-

    1. Liyaana Muhammad

      So true lol 👌

  78. diNg DonG

    Hgiby🤣🤣🤣🤣gdui Gjbf

  79. Jayasri Anala

    That's really fake