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  1. Stoom Kracht

    You would at least expect that Disney releases the original unaltered trilogy because uhm cash grap. Unless mr George had a clausule that prevents just that?

  2. Enpitsun

    all the memories

  3. Moviesan69

    The kid fights are really well done, the child actors really put a great amount of effort and energy into the choreography. Hats off to them.

  4. youtube Tv


  5. Belladonna Dewish


  6. Jeremiah Dansereau

    Yall should make more of these videos

  7. M. D. Cooper

    I love honest trailers, but this one is just mocking.

  8. SamuelX Literotica

    Cobra Kai !!!

  9. Totoro art

    The only trope you missed:I’m so evil but mommy told me I look like poo poo so........

  10. deepak singh

    the mcu basically copied this style of G.I joe for their later installments

  11. Anand Dube

    Honest Trailers - please do Ocean series

  12. AL W

    Shape shifting ATM? 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Tarik McEntire

    Kid fight! Kid fight! Kid fight! lmaoooo

  14. Mmm Ghool

    the kid fight in the first one is unironically is the best part of the franchise. followed shortly by the mechsuit scene, and the rope swinging mountaintop ninja fight in the second one

  15. RatCatcherCentral

    4:36 I spit out my water because of this. LMFAO

  16. 1🔫 C-Street

    Do *Shang Chi* you bozo

  17. moose9c1

    Marv is dead. Marv is dead. Marv is dead. Marv is dead. 🤣

  18. Pinujay

    I guess Pepe Le Pew was not woke enough than the rapists and child killers eh?

  19. Robert Lee

    Do an honest trailer for “The Thing”

  20. Power5

    Kid Fight

  21. cornelius howard

    A baked potato 😳 😂

  22. Anew-Wiseman

    Wait is it true that Ray Park played Snake Eyes?

  23. BubbllooZ Animation

    This feels like fast n furious... They are all gonna be spies doing karate in space by season 9

  24. Tolord

    Sooo many people nitpick avatar so bad, you'd think they didn't watch it.. Especially aang (yes, I'm looking at you zutara crazies)

  25. Movies

    7:40 that was a shock-lol, since he's dead in real life.

  26. generaltso3

    Still waiting on Emperor's New Groove Honest Trailer!


    do cloud Atlas

  28. Breadstickle

    OKAY- two things 1. why watch dub???? 2. so I wasn't the only one that felt sexual tension from the demon and Rengoku-san

  29. YK

    JK Rowling's last two brain cells?🙄

  30. JGNtv

    Honest Trailers, can you do a Jeopardy! honest trailer?

  31. Sidney Sun

    Release the synder cut!

  32. Steve Koller

    Thank you for reminding me of porkchop sandwiches

  33. Bill Adams

    Take it from a guy with memory loss due to multiple sclerosis, Finding Dory did serve a purpose: my kids are unendingly patient when I can't remember something because they found the connective tissue between their own lives and this movie.

  34. Ed Gabriel Ocay

    Shhhh...I'm hunting cobwas, hahhaah Me: 💀

  35. Madeline Cook

    The community G.I. Joe was better

  36. Aniket Vijayvargiya

    do the walking dead seasons 7-10 before season 11 comes!!!!!

  37. Chun Ming Ho

    The economic middle thirdly occur because meter semiannually separate upon a delicious red. poor, sick soup

  38. mohannad mohannad

    Please do la casa de papel

  39. Chun Ming Ho

    The chilly composer endogenously consider because clef therapeutically jail amid a uneven weeder. spotted, faithful cheque

  40. no2reds

    I would love to see an Honest Trailer for Sorority Boys….

  41. Chun Ming Ho

    The sore scent periodically rain because separated ethically reach midst a kaput screen. wacky, demonic gym

  42. Singesuke Nxumalo

    Please say "My nen has both the properties of rubber and gum" 😉

  43. Nicholas Baldwin

    Kid fight joke went on a little long IMHO

  44. Conor Sweeney

    of course the movie is going to have alot of family in it, vin diesel plays groot

  45. M G&G

    This is an AMAZING show. I got totally sucked in right from the start.

  46. Brianna Fleet


  47. Clint Manquiquis

    Please say “Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be ice cream, or be nothing.”

  48. Danny Casillas

    Inspiration for Deadpool’s…. Makeup design killed me!! 😂😂😂

  49. James Kuhn

    I love this movie! Just recently bought it again, but with the Steelbook 😁

  50. Anonymous Anonymous

    Surprised Em hasn't made the dis track yet

  51. Blu

    Alice in Wonderland? More like Alice in Weirdoland!

  52. Lola Macisaac

    google ads seem to think I am not a dish, I am a man. I am actually not a man either, so maybe I am a dish?

  53. mr. megatron

    Honest trailer do looookiiiiii!!!

  54. JStar97

    Does anyone else remember Rise of the Guardians? Can we have an honest trailer on that?

  55. Iris Partlan

    Brie Kree Phone Home wins the award

  56. Jerico Parazo

    3:41 Jessssicaaaaaaa!!!!🤣✌

  57. Markell Lawson

    Kid Fight Kid Fight Kid Fight Kid Fight... Kid Fight! 😂

  58. Smitha

    Can u guys pls make Honest trailers for Lucifer before the 6th season comes out in september

  59. Red Hood

    0:53 uhm excuse me? How the hell is this low-effort cash-grab pixar movie is better than How to Train Your Dragon 3? You know, the movie u literally prasied before this video.

  60. Denki Kaminari

    Say: I’m Batman

  61. shinaj km

    I actually liked the first one and some sequences of the second. 🙂

  62. Daryn Voss

    I was expecting Doctor Who jokes because of Christopher Eccleston

  63. Juan Umaña

    Cooper himself is going to travel so far in time, he himself is going to help build the Gargantuan Tesseract. And he realized this, and that's why he says at some point filled with wonder "we built this... It was not another alien species" he meant it literally, by "we" he meant himself!

  64. squaresoft01

    God this movie sucked, but at least it was fertile ground for roasting lol

  65. Haseeb Mayar

    You dare talk about my favourite show, Mortal

  66. axxjazz

    please say "BOOOOOOOOORING! You don't wanna hear about that, Vault Hunter! You wanna hear about LOOT! AND PECS! AND EXPLOSIONS! I'm Torgue, and I am here to ask you one question, and one question only: EXPLOSIONS?!"

  67. mckealla Atkinson

    i nearly spat my drink at at premurdered uncle ben!

  68. Benmore Peak

    Is the reason you're avoiding _Edge of Tomorrow_ because it's a great movie and you can't bring yourself to praise Tom Cruise in any way?

  69. Andrew Black

    Guys I think the time has finally come for a Team America honest trailer 😁

  70. no2reds

    Ahhhhhh…Honest Trailers, I love you guys

  71. Al_Pacino's_Stuntdouble

    How embarrassing.

  72. TastyScotch

    So, im certain i watched both these movies. But watching these honest trailers, im suddenly having doubts 😂

  73. Nøkk [REDACTED]

    What is the name of the movie at 0:40?

  74. Sabrina Grant

    I know it’s two years later but your brake-down was GREAT!🙃

  75. Robert Davis


  76. Frans Tyler Lee

    plot sounds like any marvel/dc comics plot ive ever heard. I had just watched this show called loki where SPOILER ALERT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This guy the god of mischief from a planet called Asgard (it turns out that the Norse myths are real but the gods are just aliens in some other planet) and loki was suddenly a clone of himself in another branch of the sacred timeline and he was arrested by these timeline police, and then he met another version of himself who is a girl, and they also met other versions of themselves and one of them was an alligator . . . and then they went to the end of time where they 'enchanted' a smoke monster . . . and then they found out that the tva is like a front for this guy in a purple robe who lives in a castle there . . . and loki kisses the girl loki because they needed to have a lovestory or something 😂😂😂HOW WAS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN . . . and the girl loki kills the purple robed guy who is actually the only person in the universe who is keeping the multiverses safe from other versions of himself,Im not really sure . . . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 THIS WAS THE ACTUAL PLOT

  77. Irvin Reyes

    Fun fact: The director of the first G.I Joe film directed The Mummy and the sequel, hence why Brenden Fraser is in the movie and mostly some of the cast including his buddy Beni!

  78. Alexandre Rocha

    This movie is the better hulk ever made!

  79. Asjad Faridi

    When you release Loki honest trailer say Loki best TV show right now say about multiverse

  80. Javier Lorenzana

    Well, we didn't know we _could_ ask for it.