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  1. Darkz1

    The guy making the cast probably had the best day of his life

  2. Оксана Медведева


  3. S I NASIF


  4. 123rockstar2010

    The last one is such a waste of wood.

  5. Rogueobsidianx

    this caused me emotional stress please dont customize dolls like this

  6. Charles Bronson

    Have fun sharpening it Mr. artist.😏

  7. Mamatha

    Are you that much poor to do a doll into doll Mermaid

  8. •MxxnBoba•


  9. chaeryeong🖤

    Boş işler müdürü

  10. chien duong


  11. Aliosi art

    Ordinary people: okay that's just a ring Me, who watched Jujutsu Kaisen movie: Oh no.......


    완성품 이 좀....무섭다ㄷㄷ

  13. Shruthi Gowada

    Good idea

  14. Aliosi art

    R-rika chan?.....

  15. Sirojiddin KHUDOYKULOB


  16. Salima Ben


  17. Jess Lynnae

    Toy Story warned me about people like this

  18. Cris Lasmarias


  19. Rylee B

    Perfectly good waste of a good ring and my time

  20. Ахмед Омаров

    Есть мастера,которые из говна делают конфету,а есть чудилы,которые из конфеты делают говно...

  21. Thanh Nhã Nguyễn Thị


  22. basketballCD87

    So 😎

  23. AP creation & Gaming

    Cant cut it with pencil cutter😂

  24. M. Ramanil Anil

    Super nice idea but when it broke in middle of the class how can you sharp that

  25. iZzY

    Is it just me or where they trying to make it prettier or uglier because I can’t tell

  26. G_W Lavin

    Bett you can not make a pancil with erazer

  27. Arwa S.



    All of that for one ugly asf ring