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  1. Dennis G

    Let’s go Buffalo! Ave Maria!

  2. jEDAKISS999

    they never show the plays that they talk about.?

  3. Sean Carrington

    If the Nets are really serious about winning a championship, what they need is someone who can guard Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Identify the best player in the league to handle that task and that's who they should trade Kyrie for.

  4. kev hollywoodgamer

    When u guys look at clips you should show us them too. I love seeing MR TOM BRADY THE G.O.A.T

  5. waymond williams

    Every team Kyrie has been it's been the same thing I hope the NBA cease that

  6. Just a statistic

    Simmons is going to cost other players leverage with new a CBA agreement. Unprofessional divas that can't man up to their end of signed business contracts are and should change the way owners offer supermax and large contracts. Owners need to be able to protect their businesses from girly men that can't take the heat and man up to agreements they sign. If I was an owner I'd insist on big changes going forward. Ben Simmons should either have to pay back half of already earned royalties, or sit out of the NBA until the remainder of his contract is over before he's allowed to play again. Stop rewarding spoiled brats with 100's of millions of dollars to play a dumb game and they can't even do that without crying about it. GTFOH

  7. Gambler Life  T.V

    Lamar Jackson is awesome

  8. Uncle Ben

    Kyrie did not want Harden there..so is salty with management!!

  9. chicken 009

    They talk about same teams

  10. DA Nko

    But I don’t believe Caleb Williams wouldve got them to 5-0 just because he looked good in one game 🤨

    1. Jay

      Rattler didn’t get them to 5-0

  11. Noel Rayos

    Kyria is an amazing player. Sadly, a science - hating knucklehead. He thinks he's talented enough to force teams to hire him in spite of his ignorance. I want to have enough faith in the world to hope he's never proven right.

  12. James Smith

    Wade Bosch kyrie Davis stop it sharp

  13. Mvrco

    LeShannon Sharpe 😂😂😂

  14. Fun stuff

    all ur friends have been vacs and playing and u like crying no in the corner lol!

  15. Mvrco

    Greatest pg…? No but greatest shooter…yes!

  16. Edward Rivers

    A man whose worth over 75 million has backed himself into a corner you can't make this stuff up😂😂😂😂

  17. Chin Chukwu

    the nets aren't winning a title without kyrie. period.

  18. Chris_ sales

    27:20 because the footballs have magnets in them clown

  19. Caleb Robirds

    Let's not make nascar ghetto and say we did

  20. Ben L

    I think KD is a great basketball player. The biggest difference between him and Lebron is Lebron seem to be smart in making his choices. KD seem to always make the wrong one. All except going to GSW to win 2. Then he made the mistake of leaving. So yeah, i think KD has made too many mistakes in his career. His talent is top class tho. His latest one has to be going to the Nets with Kyrie lol. Could have teamed up with someone way better and win titles.

  21. TheBman

    Johnny Manziel is a far better QB and has a much higher ceiling then Collin Caprenick

  22. Devon Reaws

    now your thinking..you knew..this whole time..you knew that bad things happening to other ppl would effect you...

  23. Kevin V

    I'm a Lakers fan, but they're not winning no championship and I feel this is the end for LBJ when it comes to winning a chip. I get the same feeling that the 2011-2012 lakers gave me, the end of a run for an all time great.

  24. flip

    fury on hgh u will see

  25. flip

    yall clowns

  26. Brian YM1

    What happened to AD man

  27. Mike K

    Lol I love that when Shannon displays normal human objectivity Skip is so lost like "what is this unexplainable behavior"

  28. Soowon Lee

    I'm a Steph fan but the criticism about him is valid. For him to make the greatest of all-time player list he needs better post-season numbers.

  29. Unity

    I agree with kyrie stand your ground , its more to life than entertaining white zaddys be at peace kyrie an do you stay strong brotha, an dont let none of these devils change your mind ...!

  30. M. Garrette

    Carson Wentz Syndrome??


    Now Matthew stafford is Shannon’s “Guy” lmaoooooooooo

  32. Jamaal Pina

    I love how Shannon is humble but unapologetic about being rich because he earned it all.

  33. Reza Nabavi

    whatever team signs him, they deserve what they get

  34. Jah TV

    Melo Russ getting there ring

  35. Jah TV

    I’d rather have deandre Jordan as well

  36. MrYUNGT92

    The media and the world need to stop trying to make this man out as a villain…it’s not like the situation is “aye the team wants us all to play in these shoes or you won’t be able to play”…it’s legitimately “get this vaccine…we don’t care how you feel about it…either get this shot or you’re gone”…it’s funny how the world was up in arms when ole girl told them “shut up and dribble” and yet the Nets (at least right now) want their players to “shut up and dribble”…ironic huh 🤔

  37. Shyra Mecole

    Kyrie still has to be vaccinated to play in Philly, so all the other issues don't ever matter because if he's going to get vaccinated to play in Philly, he would've got it to play in Brooklyn.

  38. Karon Williams

    A blessed day to you brother and sisters! 🙂 (We are all called to be family in Christ! 🙂) Family, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD DIED FOR OUR SINS, HE WAS BURIED, AND ROSE AGAIN THE THIRD DAY! 🙂💯🔥 Jesus(the SON OF GOD) LOVES US ALL.💯🙂 Peace and love to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus! 🙂

  39. Dee

    Another overreaction thread from these WWE level analysts. Good job!

  40. Michael

    Skip: By his standards, that will work. LeBron shot 2/5, aka *40%* from 3. From ANYONE'S standards, that'll work.

  41. Rob Gelfand

    Lebron plays in a soft NBA. Bird played in a much more physical NBA and would be even more dominant today. Then there is the one thing that separates Bird from the rest. Bird would tell the other team what the play was and where he was going to shoot from at the biggest times in a game and they could not stop him. Show me where Lebron did that. As a pure shooter - Bird was much better than Lebron, just look at where Bird made most of his shots from vs where Lebron did. How many 3 pt contests did Lebron win? As for free throw shooting - Lebron isn't even close to Bird. As for pure hustle and determination - there is no comparison as Bird abused his body time and time again.

  42. WHDAWG#1

    Spencer Rattler was the Heisman favorite and the projected 1st pick in the draft by a lot of people. Look where we are now

  43. John Ofori

    I have a question for the 1.3k people who didn't like this video....who the f*ck asked y'all mudafukas to watch this video?

  44. Madam -

    Hate how Jenny always tries to add her opinion at the end but it’s just the most obvious things ever

  45. Marquis TM

    I paused at 6:51 so idk what skip says but it’s wild that so far 2/3 have bashed kyrie about mental health. Unc brought up mood swings and Chris talking about mental health days

  46. Fateen Da great

    Yall saying they sacrificing. It's not a sacrifice if you pro vaccine. Also looking like why kyrie don't bow down why his team not backing him. How can unvaccinated players from away teams play their ? It's about control and he ain't bowing down.

  47. ed mandell

    Year 19.. You know LeBron didn't even bother to go to college right? He got 2 -4 extra years in the NBA skipping college.

  48. June Mclane

    The Sacramento Kings will shock a team this year.

  49. Gordon McGowan

    Great video 📹

  50. Nate

    I think the media judges LeBron-led teams to the extreme too often. Every loss is taken as if the sky is falling.

  51. ODB

    Dropped 30 and lost 😞 curry dropped 41

  52. It's All About The Franklyn's

    I feel like kyrie is tryna be Jordan when he retired to go play baseball 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Jose Lopez

    I never see Rus fitting in . Let's see of they can build some chemistry by the halfway point in the season

  54. Fret Collector

    The Cowboys are also undefeated when Dak takes a knee in the 4th. Correlation is not always causation

    1. Fret Collector

      @Aubrey Durham yeah exactly I'm making fun of the media saying "Cowboys are undefeated when they run more than pass"

    2. Aubrey Durham

      Wouldn’t that be every team or QB? Lol. If they running the clock that means they won

  55. prodigalSon

    Harden is NOT better than Anthony Davis! Shannon I don't know what you smoking on but PLEASE stop smoking that STUFF. ✌️

  56. Cornpops Razor

    This team is going to get crushed by good teams ....and get crushed early.

  57. Cornpops Razor

    .....and they lost.

  58. DocSteelhammer

    Respect this honest man,God knows I love people like him,would drink a bear with him and talk about stuff

  59. Reginald Smith

    Water Pistol Pete Jr

  60. Livvi

    Lil Wayne mentality: white kids like rap Racism does not exist

  61. Monkieeeeeee

    To be fair, Steph has unanimous MVP, and before KD made GSW a super team, Curry already had 2 titles under his belt, and in terms of a pure shooter, he’s the greatest of all time With this resume, Steph is surely top 20 all time Top 15 is tough. Top 10 = MJ, Magic, KAJ, Lebron, Wilt, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, Kobe, Shaq, Hakeem, those are already 10 names Now we have to give Bill Russel a spot, Big O, the Logo man, KD, and dont forget that Dirk led his team to beat Lebron + DWade + Bosh that 1 championship is insanely valuable We already have 15, and you can make arguments for Steph to beat one of those guys, but that’s a debate, not a consensus, it is objectively tough to fight for those spots, Steph has shown his greatness for sure, but this is an extremely competitive list, ALL of those guys are ultimate competitors of all time, with no disrespect to Steph, we also have to be fair, and not disrespect other guys who have played the game You can argue Steph to be top 15, but top 20 you don’t have to argue, he is surely top 20 all time no matter how you slice it. He had unanimous MPV + 4 tiles (2 of the 4 are before a KD super team), that enough for top 20 without a doubt

  62. Greg1979

    my Boys you hate them you love it, jejejejej

  63. Colin M

    Love the banter between these two. Highly enjoyable