This channel is all about hunting / culling feral wild pigs/ hogs in Australia. I hunt them using a variety of firearms as well as modes of transport like quads, kayaks, on foot etc.

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  1. Timothy Lear

    Brought back Sweet Sweet Memories, I think we need more Kayak action .....Cheers Stu😎👍

  2. Dennis Wraight

    Hell of a life you lead cobber 😂😂

  3. Vladimir Kim

    I thought the salt water crocodile gonna get it first

  4. Raban BF

    just out of interest, what sort of kayak is that? i quite like it and am in the market for a new one.

    1. Hunting with Stu

      It is a white water kayak made by Australis named a Bass Kayak

  5. daleep k Kaul

    Idiot.... taking the life of an innocent thirsty animal. Shameful.

  6. shadab Ali Bahadur

    Nice Shot

    1. Hunting with Stu

      Thanks mate

  7. chris

    Are you the kayaking instructor from Wednesday or have I got the wrong channel

    1. Hunting with Stu

      That is me mate

  8. Jagged Lines

    I applaud you for getting rid of all that vermin, Stu. Well done mate. As you say Feral cats are a real problem. If it was legal, I would cull all those bleeding hearts out there who say " the poor cat" They need to harden up and get a life. Keep up the good work mate. Well done.

    1. Hunting with Stu

      Thanks mate

  9. Ben Turner

    What do you do with the pigs

    1. Hunting with Stu

      We normally leave them mate as we are there to thin out numbers

  10. Carl Goss

    each to their own and personally i prefer my klarus torches

  11. Nabin Tudu

    Hr see

  12. bigboars1out

    Love it mate, best part about hunting them is the ones that want to turn n have a go, head on stuff 👌👌 love it .

    1. bigboars1out

      @Hunting with Stu that’s for sure, no matter who you are , seeing a pig just makes you want to get it haha hunted by many now days

    2. Hunting with Stu

      They are a great game animal hey mate

  13. Guillermo Paez Treviño

    Excelente disparo!!

    1. Hunting with Stu

      Thanks mate

    2. Guillermo Paez Treviño


  14. Ronivaldo Brito Maciel


  15. Some Random Bald Guy

    Don't worry, pigs. *I'll be back.*

  16. Ryan Crowley

    i can't believe how they can eat a 3in nitro mag buckshot and run off its crazy how tough they are

    1. Hunting with Stu

      Tough as 10 tough things mate

  17. Jny Angel

    Fun stuff 😅

  18. Turbo Life

    Great stuff and service to the planet respect 🙏🏼

    1. Hunting with Stu

      Thanks mate

  19. Miguel Peraza

    Willing 2 bet you are the happiest mate with a 30-30 and that long range scoped rifle 😄

    1. Hunting with Stu

      Correct mate

  20. Jean Miranda Passos

    Quando eu crescer quero atirar desse jeito.......

    1. Hunting with Stu

      Good stuff mate

  21. Winn Dixie


  22. Building memories from the ground up.

    Not allowed to used semi-auto?

    1. Building memories from the ground up.

      Ah ok. Wasn’t sure what your law states.

    2. Hunting with Stu

      I could apply for it but I am just a recreational shooter

  23. John King

    Loved the 🌆🌇 sunset !! +30 pigs that didn't make it !! Bacon and 🥚 eggs for breakfast 🍳 tomorrow !!

  24. brian walsh

    Yeah brian here I’m in south Australia

  25. willieboy

    yeh my desk is in that general direction.... yeh those pigs showed up at my rotten desk in the billabong applying for PTSD and disability benefits. now im swamped and have no time for board meetings ..... sheeeesh

  26. Miguel Peraza

    Oy mate you're an incredible hunta 👏do you save your shells to reload?

    1. Hunting with Stu

      Thanks mate yes I try to save all my cases when I shoot as I do reload

  27. George Smith

    Nice! 👍👍👍👊😎

  28. Kiwizz 21

    Getting a little bit carried away with these shorts mate ?!?

    1. Hunting with Stu

      LOL they are too easy to upload and they allow me to look back on old clips.