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  1. TENが


  2. Tips mencuci tanpa menggunakan diterjen

    Like to me

  3. Tips mencuci tanpa menggunakan diterjen

  4. Casey Gilmer

    Nice way to burn ur drill out 😝


    1 batery for each screw nut... 🤣😂

  6. 溫子弘


  7. Colin Stace

    No wd-40 in chinaland ? 🤣🤣

  8. Nikolas Kasprzak

    Gotta use Milwaukee next time 😂

  9. Красное Дерево

    И выкинуть эту хром ванадий головку после такого.

  10. Адико Темиров

    Что это

  11. Lenin Reyes

    Fuck china

  12. CrabmanSteve

    That's a cool welder, its manufactured in West Taiwan right?

  13. Tips mencuci tanpa menggunakan diterjen

  14. Evan Darrah

    How is this creative, diy, or even you making anything

  15. Kreizy Mankey


  16. Benn Joan

    Where to find this welder

  17. ザキザキ太郎

    its not makita

  18. socrazybmx

    Sandals? Check! Working in the ground? Check! Using dirty old tools to make nonsense content? Check! 3rd world uselessness checklist is complete.

  19. Leonidas1901

    Why wasting the beer?

  20. Махлие Бахадиржон Кизи

    Где можно купить

  21. Anh Tiến Nguyễn

    Giá bán bao nhiêu vậy bạn

  22. Фёдор Миронов


  23. Bob Ong

    Whats the difference covid guy?

  24. D R

    lol.... 1 battery recharge per bolt

  25. RED

    Нахуй болт сорвал, ремонтник хуев, заставь дурака богу молиться

  26. Eric Akiyoshi

    Is it me or the ending sounded like the mission impossible theme song 🤣

  27. Cristian Dior

    Да что это за монстр блять?:|

  28. Hunter David

    There Safety glasses are literally 😑

  29. Alex B

    Ну и дерьмо

  30. Pablo Torres

    , donde la puedo comprar???

  31. #RideLife

    Nice welding with no masks on.

  32. aaron peterson

    Trash channel. DIY my big white nose

  33. Diablo Flare

    Next time put the damn WD 40!

  34. yukka

    Yadong 🍆

  35. Tyler Knight

    Should've used a Milwaukee

  36. Anifestor X

    Опять китайцы велосепед придумали

  37. Andres Osorio Castillo

    Mejor una llave neumatica mucho lo fuerza

  38. Sean

    I see why you have a bigger battery than everyone else's efficient gun lmao

  39. sageminentjunky 51

    wtf? what is diy about this. maybe diy the hard way. and what the hell is 666Vf. what kinda weird ass Chinese volt rating is that?

  40. Jack Mears

    I’d you’re spinning it that much with nothing turning you’re just gonna destroy your tools

  41. Julian Gamez

    Idk how this is diy

  42. Oscar Chan

    What's the point to show off those cheap ass china tools I don't get it

  43. Артем Луспарян

    Хоть бы ВДшки налил.

  44. Carlo Gonzales

    Demonic voltage 666v niyahahah!!

  45. Pool shoes and random screws

    Step one but a Milwaukee

  46. Pongkols TV

    the plug are not plug-in in the socket whats wrong with you guys fooling around somebody

  47. Matt Unger

    PB Blaster is your friend.

  48. Beginner Baits

    "Tell me you've never used tools in your life without telling me you've never used tools in your life"

    1. Joseph Fraser

      Took the words right out of my mouth

  49. Joshua Phillips

    Bro needs a Milwaukee 1/2 battery impact

  50. Dave's Stuff

    If you don't mind a horrible weld them yes.

  51. Crispy Videos

    So useful!

  52. Pawdre

    Milwaukee would’ve made quick work of that

  53. GraceEngineering

    If you're gonna make a video about welding, you should bring someone in who knows how to weld.

  54. Rony Brea

    F steps get a Milwaukee m series and braap braap that bad boy

  55. GraceEngineering

    What changed?

  56. G.T.I

    Por eso se madrear más rápidos los destornilladores inalámbrico ya que antes por lo menos haber cepillado la poca cuerda de cada birlo y aplicar WD

  57. Kórben Káirans

    There is no diy's at all. Screw you.

  58. Buckaroo

    Battery say 666 tho

  59. Mario Cruz

    Esto es forzar la herramienta y acortarle la vida de utilidad porque no ponerle un poco de aflojatodo es un líquido que usamos en México o w40

  60. xAFBx Moto

    Ever heard of PB blaster?

  61. Ankh en Aton

    Use Coke!

  62. Ramiro Rocha

    Made in china

  63. Antonio Antonio


  64. Wecco Araújo

    Cada parafuso é uma bateria kkkk 😂

  65. StrawberryJam Skye

    Can we get this garbage click farm content back to Facebook please

  66. Mike Victor

    WD-40 🤷‍♂️

  67. Hurricane Nate

    Where the hell can I buy that battery?

  68. Adam Evans

    Nice safety protection bet that's 3 sets of eyes fucked cause if those two dont have any safety gear on at all I bet the camera man didn't either.

  69. Josh swimmerly

    You will have to have sixteen batteries on standby to finish though. They're are easier ways of doing this.

  70. Josh swimmerly

    I can't take anyone serious when their doing work in fucking sandals. Come on

  71. 満月ポン


  72. emanuel reese

    Next time use DEWALT

  73. drake weber

    With the chromiess

  74. Delbert

    Well gotta take a break now. Battery gotta recharge 🤣🤣