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  1. bigguy952

    Oh wow is that Jenna Ortega? They gave her the Drew Barrymore treatment

  2. Ali Shaan


  3. Matias Cesar

    good trailer

  4. Utku Çapar


  5. Anders Johansson


  6. Stanimir Georgiev

    I watched this. Unfortunately another failure, I must say. No, this is not just a complaint, because it is fashionable to whine. No, this is an understanding of the idea of ​​the original Terminator and all subsequent sequels. Where in the original Terminator does it say that the Terminators are slaves to Skynet? Nowhere. They are not slaves. Skynet is their creator. He is like their God. And in that sense, Terminators, being with their creator is the only option they have. But no-no-no! Being with humans is freedom! Being with Skynet is slavery! What in God name going on in this world? Why is everything starting to be done in the same way as human understandings? Even human understandings of good and evil are very relative. And what's left for those of the machines. What's going on in Terminator: Dark Fate? After the assassination of John Connor, killer Terminator assassin showed remorse and began helping people. Because after the fall of Skynet, he is now free! He used to be a slave under the care of his creator! But with humans he is free! Oh my God! What madness. I can't believe this is James Cameron's work! Before time i think this guy is genius creating Terminator 1 and 2 Judgement Day. It is normal for terminators to be with terminators and with Skynet, just as it is normal for humans to be with human!s It's so simple!

  7. Gru

    There’s no way it can be real

  8. Rume Odibo


  9. ranjith kumar

    I always remember scary movie movies when I see scream trailers

  10. michael michael

    The 2.2k dislikes are from people who had a jump scare while watching the trailer and hit it by mistake As of 10.21.21....8:26am pink sweater..sitting on my bus Hey future Michael👋😃... did you like the Scream 2022 movie???

  11. Mrs. Kolbein

    Now, i will stop hating BTS because of this movie.

  12. puppyluv014

    This just looks like the mtv series... but as a movie lol

  13. SEM


  14. José carlos González Pérez

    Alguien sabe algo del estreno aquí en México?

  15. Sumit Kumar

    1:30 song name plz

  16. Анастасия Мохова

    Ваяяяяя , шо за пушка 😍

  17. Kwajo kwinjo

    so the whole movie was in the trailer huh.

  18. Stealthy

    The trailer just kinda reminds me a lot of Halloween Kills

  19. HS 0505

    So sydney has witnessed 5 serial murder cases? LOL she must be cursed!

  20. DoughBoyDonyae

    Its no way Jenna Ortega dies first

  21. Joe B

    I am shocked there aren't more minorities in it. Did they think it would not be PC to murder minorities?

  22. Frankie Jones

    At this point just stop answering the damn phone .

  23. OnlineRanga

    Dude should've used dead silence, wouldn't have failed that takedown - 0:27

  24. ItZ ME Alex

    ok so whats next a remake of friday the 13th or a remake of freddy krueger

  25. Omoniyi Oluwashogo

    Only in theaters?, that's a bold statement

  26. Loui S.

    0:49 THATS MY GUYYY!!! 😆😆😆 0:55 oh no, a JANUARY movie 😐😐😐

  27. lISasukelI lIUchihalI

    Jason better 🤡

  28. KiwiKurū


  29. Mihael Majstorović


  30. Dutch Courage

    Looks like Halloween made enough money.

  31. Udit Vedant Mishra

    Looks like a fun time

  32. Julian Robinson

    Nostalgia sells.

  33. Invincibleツ

    Man I cant wait for this, its time i got scared again

  34. Rahul Mistry

    The guy who edited this trailer together.... thank you for bringing this onto this world ... this is glorious.

  35. Liam Dix

    Americans dont know when to end a movie...waiting 2055 for scream 100😒

  36. Loco Edit Breakdown

    This movie is underrated! its so beautiful!!!!

  37. WB


  38. vvs_ochoa

    they forgot ab the purple n yellow dog they made it funny

  39. tony banks

    Look at Courtney cox and Neve Campbell's faces. This IS a horror movie

  40. Garrison

    I think the killer will turn out to be Sydney in this one

  41. Russ Skidmore

    Does anyone have anything new, somthing original please.

  42. XIN ‎

    “Hello, Sidney. It’s an honor.”

  43. LennyPanda

    Stop ruining my childhood🤦‍♀️

  44. Minj max Vlog

    Wow wonderful ❤️🥰

  45. SideWynder747

    Ok... Now when will scary movie be released based on this?

  46. Icy Mist

    Can anyone please tell me the title of the song played at 1:26?

  47. Jaiden Brooks

    did Jenna dirty for giving her a trailer death

  48. Aadil Khan

    The scary part starts right at the beginning

  49. Hvikela Vlogs


  50. Viking Actual

    How does he stay so clean? "Detergent companies HATE him"

  51. Eduardo Hernandez

    Whatttttssssss uppppppp

  52. Brandon Ice

    Super hyped for this movie regardless but it'd be alot more cool if it released during this Halloween...😭

  53. KidFuryplays Official

    You know, I really miss Stanley...

  54. sananda halder

    When the little baby is peeing on people hands..and then what happened..and the father!he say.." They are sorry..ok"..I am horrified..😭 baby is only 3 years old..and I love him most than anything in earth... Why........😭😭😭😭...this film is insane..😔

  55. Charlotte Rice


  56. Just Chilling


  57. Zach Wandel

    Oh my stars I can't believe this they are making a movie of Clifford the Big Red Dog

  58. Diego Herrera

    AND SALMON!!!!

  59. Fabian Falcón Brindis

    Seriously, please don't tell me you're making Jenna Ortega here like Ariana Grande in Scream Queens 😒🤦🏻

  60. AJ Taylor

    most people are saying its prob, Jack Quaid richie and Dylan Minnette wes, or one of them with an accomplice,

    1. AJ Taylor

      i mean ya it looks like richie gets his arm cut, but stu did the same to billy...

  61. aug jun

    waaaaaaaasssssssuuuppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp 🤣

  62. SOBERsam


  63. savana

    the movie that traumatized me

  64. Niña Reacts🎥🎬

    wwwwooooooh damn!!❤new Halloween and scream!!

  65. Dre Domo

    This is amazing 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  66. Erich Hollis Kirschke

    The killer is the girl with pink hair “is my guess.” She looks and acts suspicious

  67. BalBahgs

    They literally casted have this movie with Netflix actors smh.

  68. Fantoms Squad

    When I first heard they were making this movie I had the theory that the killer will be Sydney’s kid and I think I might be right

  69. Gabriel Matute


  70. Trevor Williams

    Awww. Come on. Is it just me, or did they give the killer away in the trailer? Let me know if I'm seeing things.

  71. Pachanas

    It's really funny how the way they talk about taking an idea or script and having it come into contact with many people until it transforms into something new reflects the story of the book/movie. 😂

  72. Addison Caudillo

    Y’all kids are about to get scared the way we did in the 90’s

  73. Swahtx-713


  74. Sofian Daoudi

    Now make a new scary movie.

  75. Clone Trooper


  76. Ang Rza

    Only shitty horror movies come out in january

  77. SCP-1369

    a new halloween AND a new scream?? NICE

  78. Majaygocrazy 99

    Movie gonna be lit