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  1. Einar Lotric

    It can also shatter now its hardened steel. And you quenched it twice which increases risk of delaminations causing structural weak points, so yes that can be dangerous. 💯😎👍🏼

  2. Mike Eilbes

    Why not just use a carbide or diamond blade? I just use grinder cutoff wheels to scrap compressors, low volume

  3. F A

    do you realize you might put someone in danger by copying this [email protected] ?

  4. pizza Dude

    You want to have the torch ring wider than the blade so you only get just barely past the teeth red hot also even heating is pretty important.

  5. کامروا نیک


  6. Allen Martin

    Gene pool eliminator

  7. Marty

    The coldsaw is already hardened, why not just get it properly sharpened

  8. Evgeniy Blinov

    И пилу повело....

  9. mohamadhosein mohamadinesab

    دمت گرم

  10. C0_ody

    How to ruin perfectly good heat treatment.

  11. Evann Niesen

    I like this

  12. Van Mann

    Necessity has always been the mother of invention, and Frank Zappa was actually the brains behind The Mothers of Invention. Its a curious thing…the human mind.🤔

  13. Николай МАКСИМОВ

    Слишком быстро снял ролик

  14. I20Coyote

    Showing off something you'd only do if absolutely necessary, takes skill so thats impressive but other than that it's pointless

  15. fred briggs

    Abysmally stupid

  16. No one

    You know I'd normally be concerned but I dont think u got that hard enough to quench he even ruined the original heat treat

  17. Kevin Tucker

    The blade is steel, not iron. It is iron and carbon alloy. Otherwise Iron does not harden with heat and quench.

  18. fish oil

    shit job of heat treating and all that to do what a few minutes with an angle grinder would do?

  19. shane clark

    I'm a licensed HVAC technician and that's the most awesome 👍😎👋 thing that I have seen on here yet. It's incredibly hard to get a clean cut around a compressor. I'll definitely use this trick 🤣😉

    1. shane clark

      I'll skip the harding of the blade as it was already hardened from the manufacturer already

  20. Munteanu Vlad


  21. Kopcap Kopcapov

    а простая "болгарка" нет..., не помогает?

  22. Axander Buenaventura

    Muy buen video,Saludos desde Argentina

  23. Amit J

    Do not mess around with gas welding tips, redrilling can cause tip to heat up and melt causing a backfire in welding torch.

  24. Koldo Sodupe

    Wow!!!..I couldn't do that if I tried!!!!

  25. Ali Imran

    Very good Bhai sahab

  26. Cj Senanayake

    Good job.

  27. Justin Woodruff

    Yo who the fuck is liking these how to die videos

  28. code2010 man

    Congratulations to all the people on the last short that said he created a very brittle blade that will break and cause shrapnel. You were right 👏👍

  29. torboli giorgio

    Dove abiti? Tuo tel? Grazie ciao.

  30. Vlad

    For this, induction heating of the edge of the disk is usually used.