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  1. Integra Hellsing

    Girl are you trying to give your man a heart attack

  2. João Vitor

    Que legal um vídeo mais falido que o outro

  3. R k

    Caramba, devem estar trocando um defunto kkkkkkkk

  4. Ana Gomes

    A câmera 🤗

  5. Okgi Yuyy


  6. مزون ❤️ الرشيدي


  7. مزون ❤️ الرشيدي

    هههههههههععهه ههههههههههههههههههههههههه 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  8. Nick Blake

    Bruh there are like 7 scam comments on this vid the hell.

  9. Muskan Sharma


  10. English Aspirants


  11. Zack_shelby

    Tão real quanto nota de 3

  12. Shakhnoza Djumaniyazova


  13. Thexrold

    Queeeeeeeeee efe

  14. Shnyal Mshir


  15. Diana Maria


  16. Midhun

    Without these guys the earth is beautiful

  17. chyne

    Why is it so CRINGE when he makes that faces and says shh Julius no offense and he is not even hiding enough

  18. Rosy De La Cruz

    Ese vídeo se ve muy falso

  19. Coreyae Gregory

    That's nothin to play with yall wrong

  20. Aylen Gama


  21. Kanon Abedin


  22. Кот бутерброд

    А если бы ему кожу вырвали бы, тоже бы смеялис?

  23. Tamara Fernandes da Silva


  24. Baker Vinci

    Seriously where do you find this many “men” that don’t have real hobbies or jobs ?

  25. Jelly Artist or slickwillyt

    The cameraman:

  26. ItsBlitz

    Damn she stuck 😏