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  1. Robert Costello

    I’m going to make a very generic, garden-variety comment. Six of one or half a dozen of the other! There’s no team in I. It’s not over till someone kills the fat lady. I’m glad they had a touchdown. And I’m positive that meal services were canceled during their abrupt stop at Denver airport. That being said, always remember to floss after eating and, shaving your genitals does not rid you of crab infestation. Please keep in mind never to buy used condoms. Last but not least, when your wife or girlfriend tells you she’s pregnant, make sure and don’t slap her, as a knee jerk reaction. I do recommend asking if it’s possible that her boyfriend got her pregnant. DNA test aren’t always the best idea to recommend, as opposed to celebrating.

  2. David Cole

    VAS Aviation & Captain Joe....KZsection's power couple of all things aviation.

  3. Jason Perry

    Nice work getting this video out so fast! One question, would engine #1 need to be at full TOGA after shutting down #2, or can a lesser setting so job given the a/c weight?

  4. Strangely Familiar

    The engine went bang! Happens more often than you know

  5. Traveler 1980

    I wonder if there was a relief pilot in the cockpit as well. Denver to Hawaii is a pretty long flight.

  6. Mason B

    Have you ever flown into Baltimore Washington international Airport ?🤔

  7. bitcodexx

    Perhaps not quite an appropriate video to use for mechandising and trade, though.

  8. Todd Cranston

    Excellent explanation!!

  9. Bernard Roman

    it would land on Elmwood street

  10. Uladzimir Darożka

    Thank you Captain Joe! I'm going to show this video for educational purposes on how to get abnormal situations under control given enough training and sticking to checklists and procedures this week (:

  11. Your Local Aircraft Mechanic

    PW engine TR's are operated by hydraulic's if I recall correctly. As such the fire most likely came from that system being damaged during the event and if I also recall correctly I believe the system is segregated from the main AC hydraulic system so even though it was leaking it would not have effected the main system (again provided I remember correctly, been a while since I've had my hands on a PW engine.)

  12. dsquiers

    Captain Joe, I'm a fairly new subscriber. Your videos have made me interested in aviation, which I previously never gave much thought to. I watched the video where you interviewed 'Kennedy Steve', so I started listening to the audios of him on KZsection. I'm wondering about the nomenclature he uses such as "Hotel", "Bravo", "Victor", "Echo", "follow the company", go down to Golf", etc. I wondering if you have video on that subject, or could do one. Thanks

  13. Oscar Z

    A 747 also lost parts of it's engine flying over the south of the Netherlands today. Happened just after take off as well. A woman on the ground got hurt.

  14. Julius

    That was a pretty convincing "Schwabenländle" :)

  15. khaled bassiouny

    Great explanation and illustration. Well done everybody.

  16. Roger Sheth

    I love your videos. Your insights are wonderful for an aviation enthusenist like me.

  17. John Randall Banks

    Thank you so much. I was looking forward to someone, like you, explaining this. Amazing job by the pilots. Having flown overseas numerous times in my life I can imagine that they were lucky that the engine didn't blow up even more and that the cowl fell to the ground. I suspect that there was a decent chance that part of the broken blades could've pierced the plane, causing a major disaster over a neighborhood.

  18. norbert1636

    Great job, as for UEE as good as An-124 last year and SWY 737 where unfortunetaly one person died. This reminds me of the accident where in one of older 747 version number 3 had UEE and destroyed no 4. Can fully loaded jumbo with either pax or cargo return on 2 engines? I mean in one piece. I think it must be near impossible perform overweight landing with 2 engines

  19. HexerPsy

    Seeing the wealth of information out there and the method of analysis... as well as the consideration of crew and passenger reponses online... Its great to see the culture among pilots. However somewhere the feeling creeps that... if the analysis is wrong, doesnt that hurt the industry?

  20. Lee YH

    Thanks to all aviation industry who make air travel safe

  21. Kotapis

    Thank you for a great analysis and explanation! I was so happy to see you uploading this, that's when I knew I would get a great overview of the accident ☺️

  22. Missy Marie2

    Holy cow can you imagine sitting in that seat viewing the engine falling apart?!! I probably would’ve been barfing to no end.

  23. spagbowl

    Brilliant explanation after all the confusion! Well done love your videos so much too!

  24. Leo

    I don't know how long of a practice I'd need to go through before I can handle this sort of thing at this level of calm, but I'm sure my life isn't long enough

  25. LMD Productions

    Great explanation but is nobody going to talk about the MASSIVE color grading...?

  26. Johnny Knoxville

    Captain Joe is my favorite German.

  27. Kristy Skirt

    So far Capt Joe Juan Brown and AgentJayZ, give very very good review of this. PS Bob Hoover "Never turn into a dead engine".

  28. TCM_Tatra

    I've readed several articles in 2 different languages , they made so much drama out of it. I guess that for a passenger is not pleasant to see the engine disintegrating and burning , but you(the pilots) are professionals , so you know what to do in this kind of situations. Actually , there is one more plane who had an engine failure today , in Netherlands. A 747 Cargo who took off from Maastricht. From what media said , parts from that engine has hit and old woman.

  29. The Radio Guy Online

    This is just my opinion as a aircraft engineer. By the look at the damage the broken fan blade was injested into engine and severed a fuel line right next to the combustion chamber so evan when they shut down the engine the amount of heat generated from the chamber, if fuel was still reaching that area it would ignite. That's why there was still fire after it got shut down. Great work by the crew who landed the aircraft. Great video Joe

  30. AcheForWake

    Absolutely great video and insight, pilots are truly amazing.

  31. The Aviation Channel

    *I was expecting First officer Joe and his cameraman to take a month to edit and upload this video. I guess i was wrong* 😄👍🏾

  32. El Chentazo

    I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!! 😅😅😅 As soon as i saw it all over so ial media i came looking in captain joe’s channel!!😅😅

  33. 77thTrombone

    13:36 .... and the purser had to issue a work order to reupholster 75% of the seats in economy.

  34. Brett Frazier

    What happened to the souls on board? Question why eve ask how many souls on board if they could easily get the paperwork I would assume?

  35. Roadking911

    Reading checklist and wing falls off. Could have made it if it weren’t for those darn checklists. 😂😂 I know I know joke told to me by an old pilot buddy. Actually it was because of a slow reading co/ pilot. Luckily none of the shrapnel pierced the fuselage.

  36. d3Rm0Nk

    HAJ DOES do pretty rapid runway inspections every once in a while ... and if you ask really nice (and are female) the marshallers might actually take you for a ride

  37. Native Afro-Ευrasion

    12:11 why do you say "wunderbar" instead of "wonderfull"?

    1. Uladzimir Darożka

      why not? (:

  38. Vishal K Sahoo

    hey...what happened to the 747 cargo that also had an engine failure that day(LGT 5504)

  39. dsquiers

    Superb explanation and video.

  40. Dr_b_

    Superb analysis and walk through of this

  41. C. Fazz

    Thank you for video, so cool seeing what goes on when in an emergency, enjoyed yet again.

  42. Thegamer2000

    this is the only time clapping when you land is acceptable

  43. True Hoffman

    Thank you so much for this video

  44. John Mallah

    Thanks for the breakdown, God bless.

  45. Kyler Mcnabb

    Who pays for all the damage to the houses? Is it United airlines? Or your insurance

  46. Robert Steich

    You’re statement at 15:29 scares the heck out of me. Meaning why even bring it up? To me, as well as you, it’s common sense to have two people in the cockpit. Are there talks about removing a pilot or something?

  47. Mike Levy

    Here are my thoughts, from an enthusiast but someone that's never taken the controls of a real plane. 1: ATC was VERY organized and responsive to the needs of this A/C. The controller(s) also speaking in calm voices, helping to calm nerves of the pilots. 2: Those pilots did a GREAT job getting the situation handled and making a landing that would rival any normal landing in terms of softness. 3: Overweight landing? Maybe, maybe not. On the one hand, this is a (relatively) short flight for a 777 so there was likely a less-than-maximum fuel load, possibly to the point that the plane took off at or only slightly over MLW. If they were above the MLW, I can see a couple reasons they wouldn't dump (we heard no request for vectors to a dump hold) - they had a serious case of "get on the ground itis" as a result of the failed engine, or the fire on the wing would be counter to the idea of dumping fuel out that tip of the wing.

  48. Sergio Hernández Furió

    Great explanation😉

  49. Kryn Sporry

    Nice description of events, looking forward to the report on the incident. Should be an interesting read. Quick question on what was said in that last minute of the video: you mention that this is the reason why a two pilot crew is necessary for safe handling of this situation. Interestingly, EASA has recently announced that they will allow new aircraft to be developed for single pilot operations. This aligns with bids I have personally been involved in with several aircraft manufacturers. Could you explain how an aircraft with a single pilot can allow for safe operations? What aspects in your opinion, should be addressed to make this feasible?

  50. Mohammad N

    Thank you Joe for this video today and the great explanation. Furthermore you uploaded this video just 2 days after the incident. 👍

  51. Ban Nsabin

    Someone is getting fired for sure. Check the damn blades

    1. HeyListen!

      They are sub-surface cracks. You can't see them. Only after so many hours of flight it gives up and comes off.

  52. RogueGhost24

    Glad you brought up landing weight. They didn't dump the fuel so it probably was overweight.

  53. Nesdel Rojas

    Thanks Capi Joe for the explanation.

  54. Marin3r

    Our Robot overlords disagree with you Joe!

  55. Екатерина Паштетова

    0:54 vom.gen.in

  56. JJ Smallpiece

    Should have bought RR engines, not cheap American P&W motors.

  57. Bianca Moureau

    Love this analysis!! I wonder why they didn’t do a fuel dump!?

  58. Andy Clegg

    Pilot's before profit! I know it's not a exact comparison but look at the slow erosion of staff on transport. 1st it was bus conductors, then they are trying to get rid of guards off trains and now the rumours are of a single pilot commercial aircraft. I would not feel comfortable. Anyone who is in the driving seat of any vehicle that has passengers has a huge responsibility on their shoulders and this shows that when the workload on those shoulders is at an appropriate level by the right number of staff and training or the amount of hours or whatever it leads to those people performing at their absolute best.

  59. Reuben Newell

    How did you get these atc to pilot voice recordings so quickly after the incident?

  60. wkdravenna

    These are the same steps I use when I make a phone call with my ex girlfriends.

  61. Ruben Echevarria

    Is he German?

  62. Yahron Mills

    It would be very difficult, but with someone with a calm and clear voice (coaching the entire process) I would consider doing it. Given enough time to familiarize myself with the cockpit layout. I think I could do it.

  63. cmfrancis1

    This happened right over my neighborhood but I missed the whole thing getting lunch.

  64. Gumball Watterson

    The overweight checklist must've been performed because of the weight of the pilot's balls of steel.

  65. J

    Fantastic job CJ is N1 again Thanks for sharing Best regards from Madrid 🇪🇸

  66. Vincent Chen

    3 words. Professional Professional Professional.

  67. Nancy Offenhiser

    Thank you so much for an excellent video. Terrific pilots, It also says a lot as well for Sr. Flight Attendants preparing the passengers.

  68. Robert

    vid start 00:30 end 16:00

  69. One happy kitten 001

    Loving the consistency of videos!

  70. Imad Bouhh

    On the same day in The Netherlands almost the same happened, Coincedence or is it because of the covid pandamic that planes fatigue faster because of flying less often?

  71. Strawberry J

    if I was sat at that window and saw that enginge blow OMGGG id be panicking

  72. Sur Prize

    1:30 he said "mahalo," the word in Hawaii for "thank you," not "so long."

  73. FrostySumo

    More of these you did a great job. Between you and Mentour we got some good pilot incident analysis. I also like blancolirio for more in-depth NTSB report analysis. Of course VASaviation is great for real time events. It's amazing how fast he gets those videos out

  74. Yash Mehta

    I did a simulator install at the united airlines training center for a 777-300. I was bloody impressed with the calm and composed nature of the pilots flying and doing the acceptance with me. We had practiced every single engine failures available on the simulator and ran through the ECLs. One of the chief pilots even let me fly the scenario Right seat and we did a scenario just like this ... Engine severe damage after takeoff. First hand experience .. the GE-90 engine are monstrous. But the 777 is such a sweet airplane it is so forgiving (to a degree). The TAC kicks in and controls the heading. Speaking of the left turn they did, it would have been very hard for the pilots to control the heading and attitude in the turn had the done a right hand pattern. Really good piloting by the pilots there

  75. Ron McEwen

    Your videos are always great. I like them before I watch them just so I don't forget to.

  76. TheGreatestMatt #1

    United 328 is really getting fame on every aviation channel😂

  77. William Martinez

    0:51 vom.lol

  78. Machine Killer

    Early for once! And might I say elegantly done.

  79. Dalitso Zulu

    Am so glad the engine explosion did not damage or comprise the wing integrity. Excellent work from the pilots and crew. They dealt with the situation very calmly and professionally.

  80. Robotic Brain

    I wonder how the engine cowling got completely shredded by this event... Isn't it supposed to keep the shrapnel inside of the engine to prevent further damage to the plane?