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  1. Don Morton

    The version of this song featuring John Carpenter is phenomenal

  2. sasidharrao karanam

    Where is Jimmy Fallon show recorded, in NYC?

  3. Just Send TV

    *not gonna lie... i think it's pretty confirming that only tom holland will be the spiderman*

  4. 0lbase

    Rest in peace Chadwick bossman😪✊🏿

  5. Anurag Saini

    He is clearly on a Non-disclose agreement, otherwise, he so wants to talk about it.

  6. emacicc

    Lolz,jeez doctor on the upper west side should be a series!

  7. Moon Kat


  8. Deborah Wilbur

    Hassan’s mind is incredible … Patriot Act was the best

  9. Moza alshamsi

    i am dying

  10. Penny Lane

    Can we give it up for quest's whistling?

  11. davester grey

    I like his character as Ray Krock on The founder

  12. Angel Doerue

    I want to met her🥲

  13. Jaimin Sharma

    I thought onlyfans was like personalized pornhub? Wasn't it? Everything is explicit there right?

  14. St. Cedric

    KIM K: Only if u give us mcflurry with extra oreo HAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. Raynard Tjokro

    He's speaking the truth guys. I'm Jon Watts and they're not in the film. Kevin Feige is not holding a gun to my head. There is no spider-verse. You're living in a fucking dream world.

  16. bayonetta cereza

    Tyson never realized he played this game in a incorrect way

  17. Kai Jun Wong

    Wakanda forever <3

  18. properties03

    Beto is an idiot so is this idiot impersonating him

  19. Jenna Bacon

    The 2018 Jimmy and BTS video is the reason I'm army 😫💜

  20. This Guy

    It's weird to call an adult man "Jimmy".

  21. lam thanh tram


  22. X S

    Remains Sitters K Lye Blind Trans Chorde..8X--Uska Wahin Morta Rah

  23. X S

    Remains Sitters K Lye Blind Trans Chorde..8X--Uska Wahin Morta Rah

  24. Fatih Taşkaya

    I know him from Watchmen and Tell Me A Story. He also voices Superman in the animated Harley Quinn show. He's a great actor.

  25. Sai Krishna Koka


  26. Mahi Agarwal

    Imagine she performing this at award shows😍

  27. einsteinium 99

    Such a great story teller

  28. Morgan

    D.O. are great doctors!


    Lisa yyds!

  30. Giovanna Alonso Rua

    actually great advices!!

  31. einsteinium 99

    The energy this man brings with him it's so good , like I can keep listening and giggling to what he says. Indeed one of the funniest

  32. Stephanie Crawford

    WHAT? John Oliver might have received his MD at Johns Hopkins or Oxford but if you received a D.O. it was from Harvard or Yale. All top notch. I really hope I didn't accidentally put anyone down... just trying to say don't put yourself down when you're really great

  33. aaa

    Greek Gods reminds me of Jason Mamoa

  34. Y E.

    After that beautiful story Jimmy goes , let’s talk about your show … damn Jimmy …

  35. JD Savage

    Ok..ok...we got this...😂🤣😂🤣

  36. ARMY #armyskookie

    ItS faKeNess AlL FAKEnEss was hilarious

  37. Johann Thomas

    He was a Hoteye, but now he is Hawkeye

  38. SM-1

    4:53 had me dying 😂

  39. Pennapa Srisuwan

    smart, smooth, strong, swag and so cute

  40. Anand kumar Ravulapally

    OKAY 😭ITS REAL I SEE IT NOW OMG ITS REAL ITS REAL GUYS ONCE CHECK THE PERSON WALKING BEHIND THERE BEHIND TAEHYUNG 1:16 I'm scared all are saying it's a former employee who died there but idk but the way that person walked exactly like a ghost. Watch it in slow speed

  41. Taqveem Khalid

    damn! that was a good copy. When I first saw this KZsection had auto-played it and I thought it was the original playing! I had to double take and realised it was a copy!

  42. Darren Khosasi 2021

    Can't we have a younger actor for Evan Hansen?



  44. DM2

    Fun to hear the 90s dj mixes 😁😄 in 2021 with new stuff

  45. H

    By any chance Do Camila and Lily share any type of far cousin bond or what🤨.Damn....they look like twins or the same person.😃

  46. Nova Herijgens

    He is like: Why tf ya'll laughing?

  47. vokasi mid

    Love him in Watchmen

  48. Diana

    His voice is so angelic but can we also talk about his nails 😍

  49. GameFawx

    That "toy" goes for roughly $500 on Ebay, give or take. Wow! Keep you toys people. You never know what they might be worth in 20+ years

  50. Kit Melton

    It’s not even funny how accurate her britney was

  51. Blynky Land

    Oh, I get it. He's making fun of white people dancing. Hah. Hah. 🙃

  52. WanDeebOfficial

    Harry Potter looks like Hairy Potter now.

  53. Pol Hernandez

    LALISA 최고

  54. Aishwary Gupta


  55. Vu Vung

    When i first watch this i cried😭 cause their voice touched my heart😭😭😭

  56. megac

    it was so hilarious oh my and i think the pronunciation wasn't that difficult

  57. sokitjamz87

    This audience is delusional to cheer for Robert Frances O'Rourke, running for TX governor. Like trained seals...

  58. Kirstena

    absolutely delighted to see this on major US tv

  59. Anubhav Banerjee

    Andrew Laughs, thinking what exactly to say and panicking inside, then he tells he hasnt see the photo, that is the only sensible thing to him off the fly , but then realized he could remove the suspicion of the leakand claims it to be a photoshop and ends up regretting saying that later

  60. alida flus

    Imagine Garfield on set, it would feel so nostalgic for him.

  61. Kyle Saenz

    Mcconnell looks like dana carvey dressed as a turtle in the master of disguise


    এতো মিথ্যা কথা বলে লাভ নাই।

  63. Dino Rosie

    Rosé said that she likes this outfit the most. I also think that's true.🖤✨

  64. Sanjeev Phanse

    Real Desi girl. Like in the movie

  65. 10/1

  66. Suchada Nunoi

    สุดยอด อลังการมาก สุดปัง

  67. Douglas Turn

    Him. And everyone else. Including me.

  68. Taline Kevranian

    What I would give to hear Jeremy Jordan sing suddenly Seymour 🤧

  69. Armida Gonzales

    her danse is sooo esay

  70. Leslie Marie

    Loved him on the movie You again 🤍

  71. That_one_nub


  72. Alexandra

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis what a duo they are very smart

  73. diana aqila

    our queen

  74. Alexandra

    Elle's joy is infectious!

  75. diana aqila