3 Aussie mates who love doing fun stuff #44Club

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  1. Rprabhakar Rao


  2. Pelin BACAK

    Mu z2h 4n sryagg 3

  3. GamerGirl 2

    *9:16* Almost like a solar eclipse

  4. Janice Lindstrom

    I’m from s$&*@#$ #$#$4 🇺🇸🇨🇱

  5. Janice Lindstrom

    118.5 kg

  6. FeenGamer

    6:00 I live in the netherlands

  7. مهبد مهدوی


  8. Neto Gameplays

    F for respect tô rexy

  9. Anumta Ansari

    Good man

  10. spybotist

    These guys got Flies buzzing around in their heads.

  11. Wendy Brea


  12. Shyni Chithra

    So this is the new game

  13. Bass

    Imagine what a pistol shot can do

  14. Klay Son

    You didn’t put it in slowmo

  15. Klasky Csupo

    it will shatter

  16. Vilma Cândido

    O vermelho e brabo

  17. Klasky Csupo

    make first how many giant bubbles should stop the hand

  18. nawaf ksa

    Guys you’re crazy

  19. MrNobody

    No.... This can't be.... NOOOO YOU BROKE THE NOKIA!?!?! BUT HOW

  20. Андрей Вышегородцев

    А зачем такие шарики выпускают? Для детей крупновато вроде

  21. PHOENIX edits

    hr has gaming ch hoooo ok

  22. Winforworkgroups

    Dankpods would not approve of this video! R.I.P. -some old fiat niki

  23. Tegan Storrie

    So uh where can I meet that axe

  24. Harvie Edwards


  25. Kristine Watterson

    That was so cool

  26. Ahmed Kandel


  27. Remya Biju


  28. Arun

    I think you could have magnified the focal point even more by using a smaller magnifier glass

  29. Donald Suhartanto

    3:49 Dude! thank you for counting down in my language, 4:02 it's Indonesian :)