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  1. xItzWint3r

    Maybe they will update all of the biome

  2. suisaid

    4:12 Conspiranoic minecraft lore theorists, its your time to rise.

  3. Aung Adaum

    I should have been desert update

  4. Aaron

    Swamp biome would just become the best biome out of all of them

  5. Ian pierre

    Brasil: eu aq br tentando assitir o jazz e o cara do mine traduzindo por cima dele USA: me brazilian trying watch jazzghost and the mc dude translating over it

  6. emilquino12+1

    I think that the 1.19 will feel almost like a modpack with all the new mobs and biomes

  7. zura azila

    I vote Allay give me Allay!!!

  8. Rezidentialz


  9. Sangeeta Pashwan

    iron golem

  10. Jocelyn Johnson

    I think the allay

  11. IHaveAFace

    i swear the background music is similar to A Cyber World from Deltarune

  12. ZTL Game Channel

    add new creeper farms for bedrock edition fast and easy

  13. Mr. Death

    Bruh the stage.

  14. esterlina Perulu


  15. Dante , Pug

    No glare 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. Fin LanD2

    notch’s still here

  17. Wesley Zhao

    i go to sleep last night so i missed the live show:(

  18. deez nut

    Oh boy I can't wait to eat frogs

  19. ZakieXD

    Wow update so cool

  20. Ginger Morris


  21. Jason Bourne The CIA Agent

    Geez that’s even too scary for me lol. But I absolutely love the scary feel.

  22. Gina Jason

    whene is this update coming

  23. Irezktel

    Finally a boat with a chest thank you Mojang!

  24. Sion vlogs English

    I really love this mojang I'm❤️❤️❤️❤️ I really like Minecraft wow

  25. Rjay Cuanan

    i vote allay :D

  26. Chí Hải Nguyễn

    Allay is winner😀😀

  27. dianomo

    So cool!!

  28. Jazzling

    the mob vote proves how toxic any community can be why do people not understand the concept of just voting for what you like

  29. Muliati Ismail


  30. Lani Reroma


  31. Pasta Badger

    Im confused, is the deep dark, warden, and castle being added in 1.18, or is it 1.19?

  32. Mr Kkllcool

    The boat in chest look cool i like it to adventure with that

  33. Winston Zaraspe

    Holy guacamole this update blew me away

  34. NoOnes Home87

    Just bring an iron golem and you'll be safe

  35. Timesphere 5

    They are just fueling Game theory's idea of the ancient civilization of builders

  36. D4V1D STAR

    For minecraft, make the villager split up so he can keep his breath and can't steal the villager's food and harvest again!! Make the bedrock and pocket the same as the Java edition

  37. your daily dose of memes

    this well be useful for farming

  38. Devyn Castellanos

    Man i really appreciate you guys doing these updates for us thanks these sre really worth it😌😌😌

  39. Thorquill should be a thing


  40. Litty Savior

    Me, a bedrock player, realizing the glare didn't win and will have to eternally suffer with mob spawning

  41. Yudha-


  42. Mech

    Yay the vote isn't rigged

  43. T animates

    Love it and when it comes out it will be 11th years of minecraft cant wait

  44. Sapa.nihSafa27


  45. Buttermati0ns

    warden's creep factor is more than i thought



  47. Mohd Syahid

    Dream fault he just dont want iceloger distrub he speedrun to be

  48. Keith Da Nther

    Da First Thing Im Gonna Do Is To Find A Frog then Make A wunderschönen Garden!

  49. bill bill

    i cant wait ;(


    Noooo glare :( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢

  51. King _Storm20

    Can’t wait to see it guys thank you for the updates

  52. Muscular Lenny Face

    WoW, this update is amazing-

  53. Gsonツ (simp del dinero 💵)

    Genial premios dobles

  54. Steakfilly

    We were so close and yet so far

  55. Sonic

    22:03 is there lava frog?

  56. bigchungus

    mojang if you ever add that boat with chest it would make sense for it to mover a little slower than the original

  57. awesome Destroyer

    I hated this I really wanted coper golem so mogang plz ad the coper golem to the next minecraft vote I am depressed. 🤧😥😭😢


    Copper gulu

  59. The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!


  60. OOF


  61. Alvin to

    Plot Twist The Update in 2023 was Mesa Update

  62. Siddhanty


  63. Fladi_369

    I love the new swamps



  65. MAXSTEEL_4014

    I hope i watched the live but ts 11pm here when this live priemered Sorry mojang but the live is cool :)

  66. Ryan102

    I can’t wait for this to come out!

  67. Fun Gamer

    Im gonna have a heart attack with tha shreek

  68. Im InnerBlue

    If only they support mods.

  69. Arc Gaming

    Fireflies are so cool!

  70. Carlitos maz nah

    32:58 me alegra que bobi alla participado en esta minecraft live aqui todos los españolees! 👇

  71. micoalbayalde


  72. Gion Park

    Swamp expert

  73. Sonara

    they didnt use stairs with signs as the sofas

  74. YeEeEE

    Oh very cool!!

  75. Sam-_-

    I wanted the copper golem:'( but I'm fine with it😭😭I hope they add the copper golem in the future like the frogs that I voted but didn't win😍✨

  76. doge


  77. We Are Family Gaming

    I have a question can you please update the jungle tumbles it’s been a while they’re pretty plain I mean they have one trap and then you’ve got the treasure I mean you can even just go with AT&T and then let’s like diamonds and normally you need to get to why 11 so you might want to make a couple more traps or at least make it a lot bigger

  78. TheThad

    Too bad all the hermits already made mountains xD

  79. ItsUnpug