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  1. Pathan Khadarkhan

    How to purchase

  2. Charley Daniels

    Dont feed China

  3. anthony williams

    Snap on or mac tools extractors both very good

  4. Maximiliano Ceballos

    Si, para eso te compras una llave de amoladora y listo.

  5. Isreal Perez

    What's the name of the drill bit that you're using

  6. Matt Simpson

    Stupid and a waste of time

  7. Manish Sahani

    where can i buy this brother??

  8. Юрий павлов

    это под каждую гайку, свой размер надо?

    1. tools4You


  9. Emma playz


    1. My Motorcycle


    2. tools4You


  10. Dang DSP

    Name a music please

    1. Dang DSP

      Thx bro

    2. tools4You

      Horned Flute Chill

  11. rerere

    Nice music

    1. tools4You

      Name:Horned Flute Chill

  12. Invisibl9

    вот это п*здешь, выбить не получилось, а струбциной лягко.

  13. shekhar96 gunti

    I want this how can buy

    1. tools4You

      I will find the right online store for you

  14. Fu ck

    use a facking gas tourch cutters

  15. Ollie Brett

    Just as good as snap on

    1. tools4You


  16. Фантомас

    а как биту доставать?

    1. Фантомас

      @tools4You это гаджет с обратной резьбой.

    2. tools4You


  17. Patrick Paganucci

    What's that kit

    1. tools4You

      Dedicated broken wire extraction kit

  18. Kamil Shah

    Full video

    1. tools4You


  19. lmao this isn't a name

    instead of breaking the bolt you can just turn it

    1. tools4You

      Maybe, but there were no better tools at the time

  20. Dave's Stuff

    What a nut and not the one in the video

  21. Ollie Brett

    Just as good as snap on

    1. tools4You


  22. Sergey Losev

    Капни масло чуть-чуть. А с утра? Открути.

    1. tools4You


  23. Иван Григорьев

    а если керамическая?!

    1. tools4You

      there will be another way

  24. S McDonald

    And a right pita getting the "easy out" out the rusted Allen/Torx bolt unless you've got a bench and/or vice or VERY strong hands to hold it with moles.

    1. S McDonald

      @tools4You As i said not if you've got a bench and or vice or good hand tools. Wheel nuts are hellish

    2. tools4You

      it's not hard to take it out

  25. Gareth Locke

    So precise what a load of crap

  26. Акбар Тугулов


    1. tools4You


  27. rahulkatiyar746

    where to buy

    1. tools4You

      I will find a suitable online store address for you


    Fez fez e ñ fez nada. O parafuso já estava quebrado

    1. tools4You

      Are you sure?

  29. Orang Kidul

    wow sangat buruk

    1. tools4You

      What's wrong?

  30. Murtaza Tahzeeb

    How to buy

    1. tools4You

      I will find the right online store for you