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  1. game good mood

    स ही है

  2. 𝑩𝑶𝑴𝑩 ٱلمۘصمۘمۘ𖥇

    Today we took a class and the teacher told us this magnet

  3. 푸른하늘

    피난건가요???ㅠ 불쌍하네요 치료해주려는건지요

  4. Zabi Ullah

    How they will separate after that

  5. finster444k

    WTF, did Aqua man just jump in the water to help an alligator ?

  6. alessandra basileo


  7. Николай Григорьев

    Когда накопил, в копилке монет, за всю свою жизнь. Не ходя на свидании не евший школьном, университском, шараговском, и на рабочем столовой. Теперь, не знаешь как сдать, эти монеты в банк на подмену бумажных денег, или на карту.

  8. Amsa B



    Just a hangover

  10. Nur die SGE

    And ?


    Dùng nam châm điện

  12. farheen jannat


  13. Hard Mcshaft

    Looked like that lady got the camera ready when he got in the water.. She be like this looks bad gonna get some likes for this one

  14. LTA

    Don't worry, it's an alligator not a croc

  15. 힘센잉어


  16. Nayaz

    Itna bada magnet

  17. Sergio Bu

    около 300кг поднял,Я работаю с магнитом на тонну,при том что в 10 раз меньше

  18. Brain Scott

    Mariah Carey's CD copies of "Glitter"....

  19. Nick Jofre

    Se que existían pero es la primera ves que las veo en la vida real

  20. Little Spooky

    It has to be 1000 or nothing

  21. Наталья Рахмеева

    Слава Богу за таких людей!

  22. Mangus Khan

    Ok now imagine magnet fishing with that

  23. Arturo Soto

    N this is how earth was formed

  24. Sarah B

    Poor sheep in a muddy looking pen and if you were a proper farmer you will know exactly what to do to help the animal give birth and why do you drag the newborn away so the mother looked really confused where the baby was and the mother needs to instinctively start to clean the baby up but you've been farmer would no that right!!

  25. Wayne

    wow that's so cool

  26. Kyle Botha

    Not my dabloons🤥

  27. Роскомнадзор Кун

    Пираты Карибского моря в XXI веке

  28. Khush naseeb ummati

    Its magnetic reaction

  29. Gunawan Fivers

    ke kenyangan itu buaya jd susah mau gerak2